All Tests – Triumph Speed ​​Triple 2011 Test: the King is back! – … and a completely redesigned Speed!

Triumph Speed ​​Triple 2011 test: the King is back !

All Tests - Triumph Speed ​​Triple 2011 Test: the King is back! - ... and a completely redesigned Speed!

As soon as it was unveiled at the Cologne Motor Show, as soon as it was tested in Spain: Triumph invited the international press to a first take-up of its latest Speed ​​Triple, on track and on the road. And the novelty 2011 did not disappoint us: try !

…and a completely redesigned Speed !

The Speed ​​Triple has never been known for its lightness and the 214 kg of its 2011 version are unlikely to be a game-changer. Moving the English roadster with the engine off requires some experience and / or an adequate physique.

But from the first turns, we realize that the "new" Speed ​​innovates in terms of dynamic behavior: the pilot placed much further forward has no trouble swinging the monster on the angle. Better, the motorcycle does not inevitably pull towards the rope – or in the grass! – once launched and remains particularly neutral.

The work done by the Triumph teams in terms of handling and agility is perfectly evident. These advances in these two areas should allow the Speed ​​to compete without any apprehension against the very latest maxi-roadsters, whether Japanese or Italian. !

The neutrality of the front axle is also very appreciable when taking the brakes on the angle. On the road, the bike’s reactions are quickly assimilated and you can increase the pace without taking the risk of being scared in the event of untimely braking in front of a sneaky bend….

In addition, with the arrival of the ABS version scheduled for December in France, the Speed ​​Triple is finally giving itself the means to fight against a competition equipped with this remarkable system for some time..

"We did not need very extensive market research to realize that ABS sales are constantly increasing, especially in large cities. In Paris for example, we are counting on one in two sales"Says Jean-Luc Mars, CEO of Triumph France, interviewed by Site

As the very first models that left the factory last week were ABS-free, we unfortunately haven’t been able to test it yet. It will therefore be necessary to go over the back of the Speed ​​Triple during a next comparative test to check its proper functioning: not easy the life of the editor. !

Chicane, medium curves, breaks and incredible banked or downhill turns: the new Speed ​​has played with all types of turns on the Spanish track, aided by its original tire mounting (Metzeler K3 Interact). For the occasion, the English mechanics had all the same taken the care to tighten the hydraulics of the suspensions..

In standard setting, the fork and the shock absorber would indeed have had difficulty absorbing the violent loads and the incessant changes of attitude. On the road, on the other hand, the Speed ​​Triple tuned as it left the factory have proven to be quite suitable for arson..

The road trip also allowed us to appreciate the excellent work of the mirrors: stable, they offer a clear view of what is happening far behind. However, the ride was not long enough to attest to the progress made in terms of comfort. The side stand, meanwhile, is still irritating, because it is hidden under the footrest and the selector…

Ground clearance, which can be damaged on the track, poses no problem on open roads. You have to be damn motivated – or mindless! – to rub the footrests on the ring road or at the crossroads in front of his favorite bar !

The desire to play the Chaz Davies – Daytona 675 driver in the Mondial Supersport – is nevertheless great! The rider is less "embedded" on board than it was on the old model. Deeper saddle, more flared tank, closer handlebars: everything is calculated to offer the rider both good mobility and good positioning.

With such a base, the English would not have a lot of work to do to put out a very good hypersport (not necessarily a "Superbike" in the "competitive" sense of the term): a nice fairing, a few additional small horses and the replacement of the Daytona 955i would be born…

Because in addition to its Speed ​​Triple and its Tiger 800, Triumph foresees the arrival in 2011 of a fourth novelty … We dare not believe it … And we can not believe it in fact, because the next return of a 1000 sports car in the Hinckley catalog would have certainly already caused "leaks" or led to a clever teasing…

However, "the English are currently working on many projects for 2012 and beyond, as the brand is in full development and remains on the lookout in all segments of motorcycles over 500 cc", confirms Jean-Luc Mars … Wait and see: stay tuned !

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