All Tests – When BMW finally launches its little roadster! – … And let’s roll on hail!

When BMW finally launches its little roadster !

All Tests - When BMW finally launches its little roadster! - ... And let's roll on hail!

Since the discontinuation of the R 850 R, the range of BMW Motorrad had no small roadster. An absence that was particularly felt in France, where this type of motorcycle represents the highest volumes of sales. Direction Nice… under the rain !

… And let’s roll on the hail !

The first – good! – impression concerning the saddle is confirmed over the kilometers: it allows to wedge perfectly with each acceleration. Because despite the wet surface, the pace picks up as we approach the pretty backcountry roads !

The engine resumes without batting an eyelid from 2,000 rpm and gently pulls up to 5,000 rpm. It is flexible enough to stay in 3rd, or even 4th on a winding course. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the angles taken are minimal…

They even become strictly prohibited when it comes to driving under and over several millimeters of hail … The weather rotten – even worse than that encountered during the test of the K1300, which Behème therefore reserves for its S 1000 RR ?! – will at least have made it possible to check the engine-transmission approval.

Likewise, whatever the condition of the road, the brakes can be brutal: the ABS – yes, provided you have taken it as an option – watch and intervene, if necessary, very discreetly..

On more open roads, we also appreciate the stability of the bike: the cycle part is simple, as we have seen, but is effective! On the motorway, the fast curves do not scare the F 800 R which reaches 130 km / h slightly above 5,000 rpm.

At this speed, we already cling to the handlebars quite a bit, because the "nose screen" influences the aesthetics much more than the comfort of the roadster – and roadsters in general..

A little higher in the towers, the happy vibrations of the twin end up becoming a little too noticeable at the level of the feet and the crotch. Of course, we will have taken care to drop two or even three gears so as not to exceed 130 km / h…

We note in passing that the R pulls a bit shorter than the S and ST on the last three reports, but only F 800 specialists will know how to feel it..

The most sensitive will therefore avoid staying too long at around 5500 rpm. Fortunately, during acceleration, the inconvenience is mitigated by the arrival of power: the F 800 R truly lives only from 5,000 rpm.

Compared to the S and ST, the roadster benefits from two additional horsepower: at 8,000 rpm, 87 horsepower pulls the motorcycle and its rider. Once again, we congratulate BMW on the soundtrack: it makes the thrust sensational, which would not have been the case without.

Bikers who have not ridden a motorbike for a long time will find it well worth it! On the other hand, we will allow the confirmed rider, once off the bike, to be choosy: "87 horses in the end, it’s not that much"…

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