All Tests – X-Max Trial – Evolis 125: Maximization! – Increased comfort and rigor

X-Max / Evolis 125 test: Maximization !

All Tests - X-Max Trial - Evolis 125: Max-imisation! - Increased comfort and rigor

In the wake of the X-Max 400i launched in spring 2013, Yamaha is upgrading its 125/250 cc scooters and their MBK Skycruiser equivalents, renamed Evolis. MNC took the measure of these X-Max and Evolis 125 during their Parisian presentation. First try.

Comfort and rigor on the rise

With a rewarding size although just as content as the previous model, the new X-Max / Evolis 125 is easily understood. From the outset, we appreciate the slightly raised driving position and increased hand protection..

The new two-seater saddle offers a comfortable seat and sufficient space for the driver and his passenger, but remains a large hair in its front part, preventing users of less than 1.75 m from placing both feet flat on the ground. The passenger has large grab handles – refined on this new model – and well-positioned retractable footrests.

Contact, starter: the Xmax / Evolis 125 shines with great discretion in terms of its exhaust sound. We find in fact the previous single-cylinder 4-stroke Minarelli unit with single overhead camshaft, four-valve cylinder head, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection..

The same as before, therefore, with its 14 horsepower at 9000 rpm. But with only 70 kilometers on the clock, the model tested by MNC was far from being run-in: difficult to correctly gauge its true level of mechanical performance in these conditions….

However, the machine takes off with flexibility as soon as the throttle is opened and then responds frankly to the slightest request from the accelerator. Well installed, the driver can have his feet in two ways: forward on the rising part of the apron or more conventionally on the main step.

After only a few kilometers on the cobblestones of Paris, this new Xmax / Evolis 125 seems significantly more comfortable than its predecessor, certainly thanks to its modified suspension setting at the rear shock absorber assembly..

A small jump on the old X-Max 125 which accompanies us confirms without possible dispute this gain in comfort. It is also found to be just as agile and easy to handle in the sequences as its predecessor, taking advantage of a good distribution of masses, as well as a precise front axle and easy to register on the angle..

Neither too lively nor drooping, the steering also has the advantage of offering an excellent turning radius which makes it possible to get out of city congestion effortlessly..

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