All the Duels – 2013 BMW C 650 GT Vs Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive: the drivers are nice! – C650 GT: feedback and BMW responses

2013 BMW C 650 GT Vs Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive: The Roads Are Nice !

All the Duels - 2013 BMW C 650 GT Vs Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive: the drivers are nice! - C650 GT: feedback and BMW responses

The Suzuki Burgman 650 had reigned without competition for ten years in the GT maxiscooter market, but the arrival of the BMW C 650 GT forced the Japanese manufacturer to review its flagship. What about today ? Big GT scooters face to face.

C650 GT: feedback and BMW responses

After a year of marketing, the feedback from our own testers, confirmed by several corroborating sources, shows that some BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT sold since mid-2012 have encountered some problems such as the engine that grazes and knocks more only due at start-up (perhaps premature aging of the variator and clutch, on a model with only 2,000 km on the clock), very fragile and poorly adjusted fuel flap cover, poor quality of the storage compartments, recalcitrant central stand or electric motor of the soft bubble.

Some sources have also told us about problems with the commodos and concerns with the automatic parking brake, which would loosen over time..

BMW Motorrad’s responses

When questioned by Site, BMW Motorrad France and the BMW Motorrad technical department assured us that "As part of the continuous quality control of our scooters, the incidents you mention are taken into account. Anyway, if any cases were to appear on customers’ vehicles started up, they would be immediately dealt with by our dealers under the warranty..

BMW answered us on each problem mentioned by specifying its approach to solve it: all elements which show that the German manufacturer takes into account the feedback from its network, its customers and the specialized press. BMW is working hard to eradicate what can be considered youthful flaws: its premium brand status depends on it !

Tired clutch

"In isolated cases, there may have been an escape of grease as a result of a leaking seal. As a result, the clutch function was disturbed. We have since replaced the seals. In production, the defect has been eliminated".

Poorly adjusted fuel door

"The adjustments of the fuel door have been optimized. If the problem occurs, it will be resolved under warranty".

Rear crankcase oil leak

"We have optimized the assembly process since fall 2012. The problem is solved. In the event of persistent seepage, the seal must be replaced under the warranty..

Windscreen electric motor

"This case is not listed but for information, this electric motor is not a fast motor even in a perfect working condition. However, an engine may fail given the complexity of the systems involved in automating the bubble. It would then be immediately replaced under the warranty.

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