All the Duels – Another idea of ​​the roadster – In town: striking differences

Another idea of ​​the roadster

All the Duels - Another idea of ​​the roadster - In town: striking differences

Very similar in their design and philosophy, are the Aprilia Shiver 750 and the Ducati Monster 796 so much on the test? This is what Site invites you to discover by comparing these two Italian motorcycles: 100% Italian duel !

In the city: striking differences

When taking the clutch lever, the Ducati marks a new point thanks to its APTC device which considerably reduces the effort required compared to ordinary systems. For its part, the Shiver requires more grip and will tire its user faster, especially in town..

We also quickly notice differences between the behavior of the two Italian front gears: that of Bologna is light and neutral while that of Noale is heavier and slightly falling. The feeling of dealing with a small motorcycle on the one hand and a large motorcycle on the other is confirmed.

From the first meters, we integrate the fact that the Ducati is a real little sportswoman while the Aprilia is more versatile: speed bumps and other obstacles in the streets are much better absorbed by the Shiver..

Similarly, the V-Twin "750" is more flexible and accepts to resume from 2000 rev / min on the first reports, it is necessary to maintain the L-Twin "796" 1000 revs higher not to be too shaken. at the go-around.

The Shiver also has the "tri-map" system allowing you to vary the character of its engine: in R mode its reactions are "Reassuring" – even "Laughable" -, they become more "Tonic" in T mode and end up by be almost too "Dry" in S mode.

In town, we will favor the T mode which combines both softness in the pick-ups and vigor in the revving. The S mode of the Shiver will delight lovers of stronger sensations with its more lively reactions, but much less its passenger who fortunately has a good seat and especially a very good support thanks to the handles, absent on the 796.

On the Ducati, in duo as in solo, the urban courses are necessarily more agitated. The agility of the motorcycle, combined with the tone of its engine, encourages more to follow the couriers and even the calmest will find it difficult to evolve without any jerk.

Balls of nerves … even nerves in a ball

The 803 cc twin – yes, the "796" – requires careful handling with the clutch. We will therefore switch to the 14 pinion from the first service! In addition, the suspensions erase cobblestones or potholes less well and the injection is a little less soft than on the Aprilia.

Nevertheless, at constant speed, the Bolognese engine is more regular and pleasant than that of Noale, which shifts its user slightly back and forth: the Shiver is hesitant to stick to a specific speed and can end up irritating the most delicate..

Side mirrors, Aprilia is doing the best with higher mirrors and especially better adjusted. Even raised to the maximum, those of the Ducati – these are the mirrors which pivot within their case – offer a too low sight which requires the pilot to lower the head. Too far apart, the mirrors of the 796 will limit progress between the lines more than those of the Shiver.

In addition, the Monster 796 gearbox gave us some false dead spots. Its engine even suddenly cut off during simple stops at the stop sign or at traffic lights … enough to lose face in front of the cafe terraces !

Overall more comfortable, more flexible and softer, the Shiver however lacks lightness and maneuverability to really beat the 796 in urban areas. But once out of town, will the 95 horses of the Aprilia be able to outrun the 87 horses of the Ducati? On the way !

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