All the Duels – Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash! – Charms and constraints from another era

Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash !

All the Duels - Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash! - Charms and constraints from another era

Post-modern bobber or neo-retro cafe-racer? While riding on such motorcycles, one is sure not to come across the same one on every street corner. But it comes at a price: that of exclusivity. Two Free Electron Test: Harley 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton.

Charms and constraints from another era

If for you, a motorcycle must indicate the time, be equipped with ABS and provide information on the remaining range, go your way! Our two machines of the day are rustic, even in the most total destitution … to play it "old school" thoroughly !

We note for example, that they both rest on spoked rims and that they are braked by a single front brake disc. Likewise, their tanks are particularly "welcoming" since their caps do not lock….

As for the retro, those of the English are pushed back to the end of the handlebars while those of the American take an original place: under the handlebars! But in both cases, you’ll have to take your eyes off the road to see what’s going on behind.

Long live selfishness

At least, our two machines announce the color: they are not intended for the ride for two! The Thruxton comes standard with an almost single-seater saddle that evokes old racing motorcycles. By removing the seat cowl, however, it is possible to take a passenger for recovery, because the motorcycle is still equipped with passenger footrests..

On the bobber, none of that: the Harley Forty-Eight comes with a simple saddle for the rider, and that’s it! It will be necessary to use the manufacturer’s accessories catalog to equip the machine for the duo, to the detriment of its sleek line.

False pretenses

When you park the two motorcycles next to each other, it is absolutely impossible to imagine that the Harley cube 337 cc more than the Triumph: the American seems so low and so thin compared to the English that you have the impression of seeing a 500 next to a 900 !

The technical sheet confirms this feeling: the Harley is 10 cm longer, but above all its saddle is 11 cm lower! Ditto on the scale, since it is hard to believe that the Forty-Eight can accuse 30 kilos more in running order than its competitor … But as usual with Harley, the metal and the chrome are more present than plastic … and that’s good !

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