All the Duels – Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash! – Anti-conformism as a marketing law

Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash !

All the Duels - Harley-Davidson 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton: the Anglo-Saxons clash! - Anti-conformism as a marketing law

Post-modern bobber or neo-retro cafe-racer? While riding on such motorcycles, one is sure not to come across the same one on every street corner. But it comes at a price: that of exclusivity. Two Free Electron Test: Harley 48 Vs Triumph Thruxton.

Anti-conformism as a marketing law

After presenting its new Dyna Wide Glide, Touring Electra Glide Ultra Limited, Softail Fat Boy Special, XR1200X and CVO (read) last summer, Harley-Davidson unveiled a last novelty at the end of January 2010: the Forty-Eight (read). And the least we can say is that the US manufacturer was not reluctant to design this "last but not least" machine 2010.

Taking the Sportster 1200 as a base, the Milwaukee firm has designed a real production bobber: an astonishing choice since this style of motorcycle is usually the result of post-purchase customization … often heavy and expensive. !

The 48 is therefore good news for fans of the genre who don’t want to break the bank. But you also have to know where you put your feet: on this Forty-Eight, the designers have won over the engineers. Understand by this that the look continues to take precedence over the function in its specifications.

Tell Papa, what is a "bobber" ?

Usually from Custom bikes, bobbers do not share their culture of shiny chrome or accessorization to the extreme. On the contrary, the "bob" wants to be as stripped down as possible while approaching as much as possible from a "raw foundry" aesthetic.

Although the term "Bobber" does not have an official generic definition (this style has developed considerably over time according to the inspiration of its creators), one can however try to draw up a list of essential characteristics: two small wheels with very thick tubes, a good big twin, a handlebar, a saddle and a small tank. To make his Forty-Eight usable on the road, Harley naturally had to add fenders, mirrors and indicators, but the spirit is respected..

The transgenerational cafe-racer

On the look side, the Triumph Thruxton has nothing to envy the Harley: its little old-fashioned sporty face is simply irresistible! Yet released six years ago already (read), the English has lost none of its timeless charm and attracts nostalgic sixties as well as trendy thirty-somethings..

From the previous version of the Bonneville, the Thruxton is of course distinguished by the very distinctive position that it imposes on its pilot with its rear controls. That said, she has put a little water in her wine since 2004 by swapping her bracelets for a very curved handlebar but placed higher. Suddenly, the position is quite nice and not at all uncomfortable, even in town.

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