All the Duels – Head to head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: a look into the retro – Old with new

Head-to-head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: a retro look

All Duels - Head to head GT 1000 vs Bonneville: a look into the retro - Old with new

Against the tide of current roadsters always more sharp and efficient, the Ducati GT1000 Touring and the Triumph Bonneville, our heroines of the day, offer an offbeat approach to motorcycles by drawing on the past to make us dream today !

Old with new

Despite their retro inspiration, our two machines fortunately benefit from quality standards well of our time: both by their finish and the quality of the materials, these two European motorcycles are rewarding and pleasing to the eye..

At first glance, the difference in size is impressive. While the Italian imposes by its massive silhouette, the English on the contrary seems very small. Seeing them parked next to each other, it is impossible to imagine for a second that only 127 cc separate these two motorcycles … and especially that the Triumph is in fact 15 kg heavier than the Ducati !

If this new Bonneville 2009 seems so light, it is because its dimensions have been revised downwards: firstly, its saddle height, already very reasonable, has been further reduced by 35 mm. Thus, with a seat which now culminates at 740 mm, the English becomes really accessible to everyone, including the smallest young ladies..

Miss Bonnie 2009

The wheelbase has also been shortened by 46mm, as has the angle and the tail of the fork. The front wheel, which goes from 19 to 17 inches in diameter, further refines the line of the bike. Finally, the spoked wheels give way to aluminum rims that save 4 kg on the unsprung weight..

In total, the Triumph loses 8.5 kg on the scale. It also undergoes some aesthetic modifications, by abandoning its "sausage" type exhausts for more sporty "megaphones" pots. Already pretty pretty, Miss Bonnie comes back to us even more cute, a fortiori decked out in her very pretty accessories !

Unfortunately, Triumph did not seek to improve the practical aspects of its classic: the saddle still does not remove to house a lock, the fuel cap still does not lock, the steering lock is still done on the column steering wheel with a different key from the ignition, there is still no tool kit, etc..

In short, everything is done so that the owner can draw from the long list of optional accessories … Marketing, when you have us! Likewise, you have to do without the tachometer or opt for the Bonneville SE charged 700 € more. For € 9,090, the latter informs the engine speed and has brushed aluminum engine casings as well as chrome tank logos..

Stylistic tribute

The Ducati GT 1000 is very different from its English competitor. First, it is much more massive. This feeling is all the more reinforced by this Touring version equipped with its large windshield which makes it look like old police motorcycles….

This heavier design arouses less immediate sympathy than that of the Bonneville, but it still has its fans. In addition, the quality is at the rendezvous, as evidenced in particular by this magnificent front fender not in plastic, but in good old heavy chrome. !

This Ducati is not either a Monster 1000 simply revamped "Seventies": it offers a geometry of its own. However, the GT 1000 also has all the attributes of recent motorcycles of the brand: two front brake discs, large inverted fork, braided hoses and large tires. !

The Italian is also more practical than its competitor, in particular with its large luggage rack. Its saddle pulls out to reveal a small space for a disc lock and tool kit. In addition, the instrumentation with white background is quite classy although not very readable while driving….

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