All the Duels – The sport in the sauce two and a half! – Toys … basic!

Sport in a sauce two and a half !

All the Duels - The sport in the sauce two and a half! - Toys ... basic!

No murderous bridle, no superfluous weight, no fear of putting the handle in the corner … These days, these two little sporty 250ccs are a real breath of fresh air. Let’s go for a fun face to face !

Toys … basic !

While their presentation is flattering, the equipment and practicalities of our two thin blades are quite rudimentary. Their dashboards are the perfect illustration.

All analog, that of the Ninja is unworthy of the aggressive look of the little green. It is frankly outdated with its roller trips. It still has a tachometer and an engine temperature gauge.

You have to do without this information on the tiny digital window of the WR. If its dashboard is more modern than that of the Kawa, it is however very poor in information. You have to make do with an odometer, two trips and a clock. The tachometer is sorely lacking.

Fortunately, the two machines inform, by an orange light, of the passage on the reserve, which occurs very early on the Yamaha … but we will come back to this later !

For machines that can be used on a daily basis, our two motorcycles offer little practicality, especially the supermoto.

Not too far, not too long, not too busy

Impossible to carry any anti-theft device on board, difficult to attach luggage to the thin and short saddle, little room for the passenger, small tank … the Yamaha cannot deny its origins as an enduro rider !

It is better on the Ninja which allows you to slide a chain or a small U under its passenger seat if you remove the tool kit.

It also offers two small hooks which, together with the passenger footrests, allow a bag to be secured correctly, but at the risk of scratching the sides. The protection is quite fair considering the performance of the machine.

Both bikes skip the handy headlight call button and offer mirrors that are equally inefficient. The pilot sees little more than his elbows. It will also be necessary to do without a central stand on our 250.

Our two 250s offer a fairly limited capacity for the duo due to their modest power but above all to their fairly basic comfort. We will only take a passenger to make a canvas or a terrace! In addition, the breath of their engines makes them feast on small winding roads but undergo major motorway stages. It’s not in their nature anyway.

This is especially true on the WR 250 X which offers a really ridiculous range because of its very small 7.6 liter tank. For playful use, you can go into reserve from 110-120 km !

It’s much better on the Ninja which, with its 17-liter tank and reasonable fuel consumption of 4.6 l / 100 km, allows for stages over 300 km..

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