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Along the B 27

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Along the B 27

Along the B 27
Eggs over the country

A lot has come together in the past few years. A few kilometers on Route 66, a few sections on the Panamericana and even a section along the Silk Road. Now it was the turn of the B 27. A trip from Stuttgart to Gottingen.

Michael Schroder


The Stuttgart Pragsattel. Mega intersection, bottleneck, permanent construction site, endless traffic jam every day. Me on the Harley in the middle of it all, the B 27 out of town under the wide tires, diesel soot on my face. Nothing works at the moment. Which is because the heart of the Swabians beats deep down in a cauldron. And because of this topography, it is connected to the rest of the world by too few roads. Whoever wants to get in or out of there needs time. Much time. And if you don’t despair here, you won’t lose your nerve in Cairo, Manhattan or Mexico City. Guaranteed.

Photographer Hardy doesn’t mind the eye of the needle. From his perspective, the Harley does well in a traffic jam. The first pictures are already in the box. He seems satisfied. In fact, it was his idea to simply examine a country road from A to Z. No museums, no castles, no viewpoints. But petrol stations, chip stalls, parking lots. See what happens on the roadside. It is up to me that we opted for the 27 between Stuttgart and Gottingen. For years I commuted from the university town of Lower Saxony to the Swabian metropolis. Because of love. At some point I was with every gas station attendant, with every racing line and – because of the bratwurst – a regular guest at the Rhon service station. At that time, I had made up my mind to stroll through the Swabian-Bavarian-Hessian-Lower Saxony province on the 27 instead of the miserable highway boom, especially since this street leads from door to door, so to speak. I don’t know why it never happened.

Along the B 27


Along the B27 – MOTORRAD 5/2004

Finally a little speed. The B 27 winds completely unspectacularly from the outskirts of Stuttgart, divides Ludwigsburg, swings towards Heilbronn, past unadorned small industries, bare fields and pastures. The first rays of the sun hit the asphalt. “A year of work, then it goes like schnitzel!” Two Turks, around their mid-twenties, cowboy boots, open shirt, sunglasses, cigarette casually in the corner of their mouth, let their gaze wander devotedly over the completely scratched body of an Opel Manta. The B-version from the eighties in bright yellow, pimped up with wide slippers, spoilers, an air scoop on the hood and – quasi a matter of honor – lowered. A real relic from the time of the Manta films that lingers in the yard of a used car dealer in Heilbronn is guaranteed to be clinically dead for a long time. Yours “Cali”, As the two almost affectionately call their black Opel Calibra, they have also rebuilt, they say: widened body, mighty inclined tires, rock-hard chassis, mega-sharp camshaft and mega exhaust pipe. Heavy basses boom from the Opel, chanting. “It easily pulls away every 3!” We’re moving away too.

Along the B 27 (2)

Along the B 27


Along the B 27 – MOTORRAD 6/2004

Bad Wimpfen. Pure Middle Ages. Although not directly on the B 27, we risk a look in search of breakfast, stopping under a neon sign that gives off milky white light. “Berger kiosk”. An open sliding window in an inconspicuous, slightly crumbling facade, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches between magazines, wood carvings and gifts, an extremely friendly smile. “No, I really can’t think of any other work.” Owner Monika Berger hands the next customer an unsolicited Bild newspaper and a packet of Camel Light. She knows her regular customers. money? “You can rely on him, he comes every morning and pays later.” The kiosk has been in the family for 45 years and has long been an institution in the small town. Watchdog Klaus barks in a tour.

Along the B 27


Along the B 27 – MOTORRAD 6/2004

Vineyards and the Neckar take the 27 in their pincers. Long curves. The first kilometers that are really fun. The V-Rod turns out to be a hot iron, burns a medium-sized hole in my aged Belstaff pants at the height of the manifold while driving. At Mosbach, the main road turns its back on the river. It goes uphill through the foothills of the Odenwald towards Wurzburg. 90 pretty lonely kilometers through surprisingly barren land. Half-timbered villages, which in these higher elevations brace themselves like small fortresses against wind and weather and occasionally against modernity: There are still mom and pop shops, and posters everywhere announce the heavy rock band Bonfire – these are the guys with them Permed 80s hairstyles – as the top act of Walldurner Rocknacht. Traffic in Buchen and Tauberbischofsheim at best. Otherwise free travel. In between a break, a conversation somewhere on the side of the road. Thomas Marold and his colleagues from the road construction department go into raptures when they see the V-Rod, they just think the planer is far too expensive. Your job: mending holes in the tar. In fact, the B 27 partially mutates into a weather-beaten rumble route. I feel it in the cross.

Along the B 27 (information)

The federal road 27 winds through several federal states from Blumberg in the Black Forest to Blankenburg in the eastern Harz. However, in some sections this road is not very fun to drive? to the right and left of it are guaranteed to be much more attractive routes in the Black and Odenwald, in the Rhon, in the Hessian Bergland or in the Harz Mountains. If you are looking for interesting side trips and routes or would like to put together a great curve route yourself, we recommend the MOTORRAD tour planner 2004/2005: either accept one of the 555 tour suggestions or enter your own desired route on the screen, calculate it and include all the information as Have the road book and / or map printed out. Can be ordered as CD or DVD for 39.95 euros (plus 2.35 euros shipping costs) by calling 0711 / 182-2424 or at Addresses: Berger Kiosk, Corneliastrabe 12, Bad Wimpfen; Zweiradhaus Ulf Schulbe, Eschweger Landstrabe 5a, Bad Sooden-Allendorf, phone 05652/95580. The Retzbach am Main winegrowers’ association arranges private rooms from 15 euros, phone 09364/4097. For schnapps fans: For music fans: (compliments for this site) and

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