Autumn trip 2006 with the endurance test machines


Autumn trip 2006 with the endurance test machines

Autumn trip 2006 with the long-term test machines

Lenka’s smile

There was a need for clarification. Where did the EU money actually go? What is the secret of the bohemian garlic soup? Is the Czech Republic a motorcycle El Dorado? And above all: Will Matthe see Lenka’s smile again?

His eyes get this 1000-kilometer view, racing somewhere over the horizon. He sighs and says: “Guys, I would give anything to see that smile again.” Matthias “Matthe” Osterloh, in real life with a Ducati 916, is a guest driver at MOTORRAD and with this sentence involuntarily has the goal of this year’s autumn drive determined. The 38-year-old took a break during a summer tour in Rokytnice, Czech Republic, and was charmed by a waitress with an indescribable smile. “In addition, the streets there are paved with the best quality and wind through the landscape as if you were squeezing out a tube of mustard …”
Monday, September 25, 2006: Six men, highly motivated and saddled on MOTORRAD endurance test machines, leave the Stuttgart haze and turn onto the autobahn. The group’s travel speed fluctuates between 120 and 160 km / h. Overtaking maneuvers can be completed quickly, sometimes even in lockstep. And that although the six motorcycles are anything but close together in terms of performance.
For the high-flyer Kawasaki ZZR 1400, for example, the manufacturer promises a fat 200 hp with fully used Ram Air-
Effect, i.e. when the wind pressure above 250 km / h presses additional oxygen into the throat. Below this speed it should be 190 hp. Drastic contrast: the little sister ER-6f with 72 horses. But the comparatively modest power catapults the 204 kilogram machine to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and drives it up to almost 200 despite the large Givi suitcase. Commuting? Nothing. The driver, MOTORRAD employee Christof Henco, is not only surprised at the performance. Its long legs nestle nicely against the beams of the two-cylinder. While also BMW F 800 S, Triumph Daytona 675 and Honda CBF 1000 the Autobahn-
rasping kilometers like nothing, you have to worry about Rainer Froberg, the driver of the brand new Suzuki M 1800 R..
New? Yes, just retracted, the Powercruiser is, so to speak, on a young long-distance flight. The first specimen, which was supposed to cover the distance of 50,000 kilometers, flew over a two-meter-high hedge after braking incorrectly with subsequent use of a curb as a ramp, hit the front garden of a row house and left a crater. The earthworks for a planned swimming pool could be saved. The M 1800 R was scrap metal, luckily nothing happened to the driver. However, since MOTORRAD is very interested in how the 1800 V2, which rotates relatively high at 6200 rpm, performs over the endurance test distance, a 2007 model was ordered without further ado. Exactly on that-
sem sits Rainer. He has strapped his thick packing roll onto the pillion seat, which he leans against and can easily handle 180 km / h.
The evening had long since thrown its cloth over Karlovy Vary when the test team checked into the hotel. Matthe and MOTORRAD test driver Georg Jelicic, both Czech experts, swear by the local beer: it should be tasty without causing headaches. In Gesel-
liger lap, the driving comfort is about
discussed the 500 kilometers unwound. The undercarriages didn‘t have a bad floor-
put away attacks. Complaints from the drivers: Matthe, 1.92 meters, complains about the tight knee angle on the ZZR 1400, Chris tingles on the ER-6f at 130 km / h (6300 rpm) and the author pinches his hands Glutes, because the BMW seat is a bit too soft. MOTORRAD graphic designer Gerd Mayer, 31, whistles happily and orders another round of beer ?? You didn’t need to stop because of him, because the CBF is an all-round carefree package on which you can easily go around the globe. Rainer does not have this wish, but is full of praise for the M 1800 R: wide, comfortable saddle, plenty of pulling power. Georg feels strong pressure on his wrists on the Daytona 675 and demands speeds of more than 160 km / h. Then the wind carries the upper body and the wrists are relieved.
However, this is over for the time being. The second day of driving is all about Czech country roads, a maximum of 90 km / h is allowed. The troop rolls forward
East towards Chomutov. On roads, drawn as if with a ruler, characterized by constant ups and downs. Countless trucks have deep gullies with their twin tires
pressed into the tar. The ER-6f and CBF, with their comparatively narrow 160 rear tires, are least impressed by this. Change lanes without restlessness. F 800 S, Daytona and ZZR fidget briefly when driven over, while Rainer almost hits the other side of the street. As standard, the M 1800 R has the largest tires ever to go into series production: a 240 mm slipper rolls at the rear. And he takes every survey that arises as an opportunity to falsify the course of the 348-kilogram chunk.
Apart from that, there is plenty of time to think about such connection stages. For example via the entries
in the logbooks. In the BMW, for example, the poorly shifting transmission is repeatedly criticized. One tester even predicts that the gear box will burst before the mileage of 20,000. Currently there are around 16,000. Bet who-
accepted. In fact, the six gears often only lock reluctantly. There is also a strange noise during the warm start. Activate the electric starter, and a small Bavarian brownie in the 800 cast housing appears to be swinging a bucket of nails in time with the piston strokes. And load changes are accompanied by light, metallic impacts. Probably all no reason to have bad sleep: maybe big tolerances or typical life-
Statements of the auxiliary connecting rod that the designers ordered the parallel twin to dampen vibrations. We will see. The 800 has more than 30,000 kilometers to teach doubters better. Bayern have it particularly well with the LED brake light
meant that literally blinds those driving behind at night.
In the Kawasaki ZZR 1400, the remark “weak start-up below 6500 rpm” runs like a red thread through the book. A clear case of misperception, because 90 Nm and 35 hp are already available at 3000 rpm. The wrong one
The impression arises from the fact that the perceived power does not increase linearly, but the four-cylinder at 6000 tours tenses the muscles as if you were to tip a glass of gasoline into a tea light.
Real problems did not arise on the 13,000 kilometers that have been unwound so far. Two colleagues were unsettled by a slight rattle when idling, and many wanted more accessories for the Brenner, which is touring as a sports tourer, in particular a main stand and more luggage hooks. Driver Matthe is uncertain about the hard gear changes when changing gears. And finally, three entries deal with commuting at speeds between 200 and 300 km / h. Cause: incorrect tire pressure. For the world’s most powerful sports motorcycle, Kawasaki specifies 2.9 bar at the front and rear. This is unusual for a front tire, so it’s easy to make a mistake.
Lunch break. Central question: Does Lenka still work in the restaurant at all? After all, Matthes’ visit was three months ago. After the second
Apple spritzer, however, has forgotten the topic. Because the autumn exit is like
Always a community experience where the journey is the goal.
And as you drive on, it winds as a small, curvy band of tar through a hilly landscape, which above all makes Christof grin on his face. The ER-6f is in its element. Despite suitcases, it is agile, ultra-handy. There
the standard shock absorber responds hard and passes unpleasant blows on to the driver, MOTORRAD has it against a fully adjustable copy from WP
Suspension (phone 09401/521225). A 499 euro investment that is worthwhile: the ER floats like a litter over bumps or orange-skinned tar, conveys good feedback and comfort. Otherwise, the inexpensive entry-level Kawa has so far sneaked through the everyday test operation without any notable defects. The lowest consumption of just 3.2 liters of normal gasoline per 100 kilometers is noted by a colleague who also drove the 650 on Czech country roads. Noticeable: the reserve light shines so much that it dazzles the driver in the dark. In general, the lively two-cylinder accumulates
almost all pilots plus points. His shortcoming:
Vibrations. They make the cladding roar and annoy, especially at speeds over 6000 rpm. But pure driving: with the ER-6f there is always a feeling of spring. Even in the fall.
Almost as easy as the small Kawa sweeps the 1000 Honda through the maze of streets. Gerd smiles every time his colleagues browse through the logbooks. His is in fact almost virgin. Over a distance of around 20,000 kilometers, the CBF performed ?? currently with 4350 copies (as of September 1, 2006) in second place among new registrations ?? their service so inconspicuously that no comment was required. No technical defect. No fall over. So a bike that makes everyone happy? Gerd nods. At least those who love it simple and straightforward. Get up, everything in place, none
Peculiarities, enough steam in all situations and so undemanding that the five-hundredweight lump can still casually turn the corner even with almost worn tires. The processing, however, could be better.
The night falls like an ear-
cowardly, we rest in Rychnov, barely 25 kilometers from the destination as the crow flies. Quiet, Matthe. There must be tension. Today we have at least clarified where some of the EU money has gone. Many marketplaces are a feast for the eyes. The same goes for most roads. No bitumen smear, hardly any pothole slopes. Even small connecting stretches are re-tarred or at least repaired.
The following day, Georg takes the lead with the Daytona. The destination is close to the Polish border. Here the tar ribbons are wildly curved and as smooth as baby skin. By the way: Georg has not even given his 675 out of hand since the tour began. The reason is simple: those who measure less than 1.75 meters, do not carry an excessively pronounced middle ring with them and also do sports-
motorcycles can win something that already has the first seat contact on the
Daytona just a feeling: coming home.
Almost everything fits. Sporty drivers perceive the Triumph as a piece of the puzzle that complements their own body. How did a colleague write so beautifully? “The Daytona is
one of the most sensual motorcycles in recent years. Wonderful to look at, the martial roar from the airbox is an adrenaline rush, the engine is addictive and the chassis is a precision weapon. «The highly acclaimed work of art even works without any problems in everyday life. However, you sit extremely bent forward? higher handlebar stubs could ab-
create help. And inexperienced people are quickly overwhelmed by the brakes: the stoppers react with a crystal-clear pressure point and grip enormously. A class for
yourself: the three-cylinder. There is never even the slightest feeling of being on the move with a small displacement. The 123 hp super sports car shines with perfection
ter throttle response and absolutely homogeneous power delivery. In addition, the day turns-
tona always on the ideal line around the corner. Heart, what do you want more?
It’s dark along the Polish border. The road is shaded by deciduous trees that gradually take on the color of autumn and create a tunnel across the road. A tunnel that is briefly illuminated. Because Rainer on the M 1800 R leaves a shower of sparks. But although the Suzuki touches down early, it is also a firework of pleasure. Because the 125 hp are as hell fun. On the one hand, the engine convinces with bangs in every situation, on the other hand it has
Suzuki gifted sound engineers. And they did a brilliant job. The short-stroke V2 thuds with a heavy bass and already produces more than honorable torque at 1800 rpm with 100 Nm. Biggest bonus: Together with the wheelbase of 1710 millimeters, lots of chrome and the great sound, the bike is the most noticeable.
First entry in the logbook of the first copy, which has since been destroyed: “I was photographed by four Turks at the traffic light. That has never happened to me.”
Apart from a slight loss of cooling water, which was forgotten when a hose clamp was tightened, there were no complaints over a distance of 10610 kilometers. Perhaps…
but there was something else: a colleague wanted to test his partner for hardness before
he made her a marriage proposal. He threw two saddlebags over the Suzi, put his 1.78-meter-tall girlfriend on the pillion seat and reeled 2800 kilometers. Since then both have been wearing a ring on their fingers. Ultimately, the question remains: Was your girlfriend so tough or is the passenger seat so comfortable? Probably both are a bit right. It must be love.
Yes, love. Exactly at 11:31 a.m.
six motorcycles stand ticking ahead
the Pension Rampusak in Rokytnice. The associated drivers are from a
a charming smile. Lenka serves garlic soup, Matthe is beaming ?? the trip was worth it. The crew would love to stay here.
The ?? reluctant ?? On the way back, the last impressions of the autumn trip 2006 come to light: Even the seat of the ER-6f is too soft and uncomfortable in the long run. The BMW goes out a few times before traffic lights, the suitcases of the Honda and the Kawasaki prove to be absolutely waterproof. Matthe wants to learn Czech, and Christof ponders: “Do you remember the brown-haired one?
Service from the restaurant in Kruco-
vice? I don’t want to get it out of my head.

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Autumn trip 2006 with the endurance test machines

Autumn trip 2006 with the long-term test machines
Lenka’s smile

Endurance test ?? what for?

Modern motorcycles are getting more and more elaborate-
more sophisticated. But are they also more reliable? Not necessarily, as the endurance test shows.

There were times when engines collapsed several times during a MOTORCYCLE endurance test. Twenty years ago, some drivers were happy when their machine could last 20,000 kilometers without a major engine overhaul. Such massive damage is the absolute exception today, the wear and tear of the mechanical parts inside the engine has been greatly reduced thanks to advanced coatings and further developed materials. But the price of elaborate technology and hectic model changes are sometimes unproven and immature components, so that even the most modern and expensive machines often have defects and damage. And the increasingly complex electronic components are another source of error.
Endurance tests, which only MOTORRAD carries out to this extent and with such thoroughness, relentlessly reveal these weak points. There have recently been burst engines, defective transmissions, broken rear axle drives and a whole host of minor incidents that are regularly reported.
Due to the various deficiencies that occurred, MOTORRAD increased its long-term test fleet again last year. Besides the six machines,
Those who were on the autumn trip to the Czech Republic, there are other candidates who had to stay at home for various reasons. For example the three machines that have just or soon reached the end of the 50,000-kilometer distance: the BMW K 1200 S (final report in MOTORRAD 24/2006), the Triumph Sprint ST and the Buell Lightning XB12S.
The Hyosung GT 125 R (5900 kilometers) runs flawlessly again after its engine failure at 3000 kilometers, but was not allowed to go along for a very banal reason: It is simply too slow for the travel speed, especially on the motorway. The long-term test scooter Vespa GTS 250 (5100 kilometers) didn’t even have to be discussed, because it has been waiting for a simple end for weeks-
puff seal. Maybe it will work out next year, because the autumn trip with endurance test machines takes place on a regular basis. gt

Travel destination Czech Republic

Travel destination Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has around 10.2 million inhabitants, joined NATO on March 12, 1999 and has been an EU member since May 1, 2004. The currency is still the kroon (exchange rate: 28 CZK = 1 euro). A valid identity card is sufficient for entry and for a stay of up to three months. Since July 1, 2006, all vehicles must have their lights on. The 0.0 alcohol limit applies. The maximum speeds are 130 km / h on the motorway, 90 km / h outside and
50 km / h allowed within built-up areas. Motorcycles are exempt from the vignette requirement on the motorway. Due to the exchange rate, the Czech Republic is cheap as a travel destination: the liter of gasoline costs around-
Calculated one euro, the half between 60 and 80 cents, for a good dinner ten euros, for a double room in a middle class hotel around 40 euros. Heavenly curves are not only offered by the Bohemian Forest and the Giant-
mountains. Due to the ski resorts, the roads here are in pristine condition, especially along the Polish border.

BMW F 800 S.

Water-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine, 85 HP at 8000 rpm, 86 Nm
at 5800 rpm, weight 209 kg, payload 196 kg, toothed belt, price 8902 euros

From the logbook: Even at kilometers-
stood 7947, but also died on the Czech tour
Engine cuts out a few times for no apparent reason. Criticized
especially the sluggish gearshift, loud noises
out of the drive train and a slight tendency to pendulum at higher speeds. Another noticeable feature: both when starting
as well as in push mode, the motor rattles loudly.

Honda CBF 1000

Water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, 98 hp at 8000 rpm, 93 Nm at
6500 rpm, weight 252 kg, payload 193 kg, chain drive, price 8690 euros

From the logbook: The CBF is annoying with vibra-
functions over the entire speed range and especially with
high speeds. The processing is in need of improvement?
especially the paint could be of higher quality.
The suitcases are painted? scratches are programmed.
The brake, which always works reliably, earns much praise
SECTION ?? it is foolproof to use and very effective.

Kawasaki ER-6f

Water-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine, 72 hp at 8500 rpm, 66 Nm at
7000 rpm, weight 204 kg, payload 180 kg, chain drive, price 7195 euros

From the logbook: It ran after a cold night
Engine several times briefly on only one cylinder. In addition, a screw on the upper triple clamp had vibrated loose. The ignition lock sometimes got stuck, the key could not be inserted ?? a few
Drops of multi-purpose oil could eliminate the problem. The assembled, waterproof Givi cases earn a lot of praise ?? the straight line of the
little Kawa remained very stable.

Kawasaki ZZR 1400

Water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, 190 hp at 9500 rpm, 154 Nm at
7500 rpm, weight 260 kg, payload 175 kg, chain drive, price 13,395 euros

From the logbook: high beam switches on
temporarily by itself (878 km). The ignition lock was hooked
extreme and had to be lubricated; from the gearbox
increased running noises are located (11564 km). Farther
are the hard shifts when engaging the gears as well
criticized the poor possibility of luggage storage.

Suzuki Intruder M 1800 R

Water-cooled V-two-cylinder engine, 125 HP at 6200 rpm, 160 Nm at
3200 rpm, weight 348 kg, payload 217 kg, cardan drive, price 12990 euros

From the logbooks: The loss of cooling water
at mileage 5760 this was remedied by changing the hose clamps. Justified question: How can the high weight be explained despite so much use of plastic? The turnaround continues to be too big-
Kreis, the high consumption with brisk driving style and the poor paint quality criticized. Luggage can almost not be stored at all. Some drivers refer to the pressure point of the front brake as
too spongy, the rear suspension as much too hard.

Triumph Daytona 675

Water-cooled three-cylinder in-line engine, 123 hp at 12500 rpm, 72 Nm at
11750 rpm, weight 190 kg, payload 191 kg, chain drive, price 10150 euros

From the logbook: right, front indicator with
temporary failure (2801 km). O-ring on the dipstick leaking
(5386 km). Chirping noise from the vacuum valve of the fuel pump when the engine is switched off? Deficiency disappears by itself. Right rearview mirror broken off when driving on very wavy surface. Some drivers want higher handlebar stubs, almost all are from
bassy, ​​snappy intake noise from the airbox. First
Entry of a completely hardened tester: intoxicatingly handy.

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