Background to the Moto2-Aus for Kiefer

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Background to the Moto2-Aus for Kiefer

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Background to the Moto2-Aus for Kiefer

Surprising Moto2-Aus for Kiefer
No starting places for the Motorcycle World Championship 2020

At the MotoGP in Brno (Czech Republic) at the beginning of August, it became known that the traditional German motorsport team Kiefer Racing will not be able to start for the 2020 season.

Dina Dervisevic


Jochen Kiefer had not yet submitted the application for the 2020 season when the message reached him that he could cancel his plans for the next year. “One-driver teams are a thorn in the side of Dorna,” Kiefer had known for a long time. You want to push the small teams out of the World Cup. Fewer teams mean lower costs – from Dorna’s point of view. The starting positions in Moto2 are therefore to be reduced from 31 to only 28 next year.

The exclusion of Kiefer Racing does not lead to fewer starting positions, because the previous starting position should go to the Petronas team. This strategy expands the already great dominance of the Spanish and Italian racing teams even further. Not only does Jochen Kiefer’s team perceive this as an affront, other teams also express concerns about Dorna’s approach. Peter Ottl, who runs a Moto3 team together with Max Biaggi, said the following to “The big ones with a lot of money displace the small teams. If it actually happens that way, then that’s not okay. “

Excellent development work among the offspring

The Kiefer team could have proven the financing for a second motorcycle and a second driver for Moto2 2020, reports The team is one of the most successful private racing teams of the last ten years and stands for excellent development work among the youngsters. But that’s not what Dorna seems to be interested in, which also meets with incomprehension among German motorcycle world championship fans. They started an online petition “For the maintenance of the traditional Kiefer Racing team in Moto2“. And Jochen Kiefer is combative: “We’re not going to give up so quickly so that important people in Germany may take notice and rethink this decision together with those responsible for the World Cup.”

It would be a major blow, especially for the young Germans, if Kiefer Racing did not get a starting place in Moto2. The racing team had big plans for the current driver Lukas Tulovic (19 years old): For the 2021 season they had their sights on the world title. And possibly the second driver on the list, Jonas Folger, who wants to go back to the World Championship after his burn-out.

2011 world title with Bradl

Background to the Moto2-Aus for Kiefer


Stefan Bradl won the Moto2 world title with the Kiefer team in 2011. Back then, Stefan and Jochen Kiefer (back from right) ran the racing team together.

With Stefan Bradl, Kiefer Racing last won the world championship in 2011, the team has a total of two titles, 13 world championship victories and 15 years in the motorcycle world championship circus, whereby Kiefer can look back on 30 years of motorsport “Made in Germany”. Until the Grand Prix in Malaysia 2017, Jochen Kiefer led the team together with his brother Stefan. He died of a heart attack at the age of 51 during the Sepang Grand Prix. “Because of my brother’s blow of fate, we were on the verge of leaving. But we said we would carry on. And unfortunately that has only been extended to two years. “

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