Belgian Ardennes: Police hunt down noisy sinners

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Belgian Ardennes: Police hunt down noisy sinners


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Belgian Ardennes: Police hunt down noisy sinners

Police controls in the Belgian Ardennes
Police chase noisy sinners

The police in the Belgian region of Liège are stepping up controls on motorcyclists. Noise sinners are particularly targeted by law enforcement officers.

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As reported by the Belgian media, the Stavelot-Malmedy police have been carrying out more traffic controls especially for motorcyclists since June. Stavelot-Malmedy is located in the Liège region, west of the German-Belgian border, roughly at the level of the southern Eifel. This region is also home to the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

In the recent past, there have been increasing complaints from residents about motorbikes that are too loud, and they have also complained about the excessively high speeds being driven. Some routes have therefore already been closed to motorcyclists.

Whoever manipulates remains standing

Now the police are trying to get a handle on what is happening through more controls. The specially trained emergency services pay particular attention to the exhaust systems. In the event of suspicion, the noise level is measured on site. If manipulations are discovered, the affected machines are shut down immediately. Minor violations will result in a fine. Last weekend, four motorcycles were taken out of circulation during these controls: two athletes and two choppers.

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The topic of motorcycle noise is currently a concern of many countries in Europe. The complaints about loud motorcycles are increasing and the authorities are cracking down on them. Nevertheless, numerous unintelligent people are still driving through traffic with manipulated exhaust systems.

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