Bikecare Waterproof in the test

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Bikecare Waterproof in the test
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Bikecare Waterproof in the test

Bikecare Waterproof in the test
Comparative test impregnation agent (MOTORRAD 15/2017)

8th place: a mixed performance. The Polo house-brand product keeps water off satisfactorily, but weakens in the case of (oil) contamination. Commendable: the absence of residues.

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Filling quantity: 250 ml in a spray can Price: 8.99 euros (bought at Polo, Leinfelden-Echterdingen), corresponds to 35.96 euros / liter

Provider: Polo, Tel. 0 21 65/8 44 02 00,

Measured values ​​of the Bikecare Waterproof

Dry matter: 2.53%

Output after 10 seconds: 6.88 g

Contact angle polyester / polyacrylate: 145.6 / 144.5 degrees

Using the Bikecare Waterproof

Manufacturer’s instructions: spray briefly from a distance of 25 cm and allow to dry for 30 minutes, economical use recommended

Practice: strong fogging, high pressure point

Impregnation performance of the Bikecare Waterproof

Spray test Cordura: ten passes (average value 83 points), on polyacrylate ten passes (average value 76 points)

Dirt repellency: none of four oils passed

The Bikecare Waterproof is free of residues

very good on Cordura, good on leather

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