Bimota HB4 Limited Edition Moto2


Bimota HB4 Limited Edition Moto2

Limited Edition Moto2 Bimota HB4

Beautiful racing motorcycle from Bimota

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In keeping with the tradition of the luxury forge from Rimini, Bimota installs a third-party engine – and it becomes a fantastic Grand Prix racer.

Bimota – this name has a very special sound. Cult, style, craftsmanship and a good deal of Italian idealism resonate in it. Since 1972, when Messrs Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini put their know-how together in addition to their initials, the brand has stood for exclusive chassis and expensive motorcycle dreams. In 2010, the luxury manufacturer turned back to the big sports world, which it had stayed away from for decades. The -Moto2 class – for Bimota a real step forward. Because as a specialized chassis builder, the engines have always been supplied by other manufacturers. Why not put the Honda 600 standard engine in a carefully made Bimota around it and revive the HB abbreviation, as was the case with the last Honda Bimota (built until 1985: the HB3 with 1100 engine). This is how the Honda-Bimota conglomerate in a tubular space and milled aluminum plates with an elaborately welded aluminum swingarm became the HB4.

The 2010 premiere season with the HB4 was not particularly successful, with the best driver Rattapark Wilairot finishing 22nd overall. But the young Thai man was able to demonstrate that the motorcycle can do something with a fourth place at the GP in Assen.

Even when walking around the beauty of the Adriatic, the viewer is immediately struck by the rigorous sportiness. Narrow shapes, functional sobriety, exclusive racing parts such as the gas-damped Paioli fork or the Ohlins TTX shock absorber, carbon everywhere, top Brembo stoppers and magnesium wheels from OZ. Everything is perfect. You have to sit on it, feel everything with your hands. This is a man’s toy, no doubt about it. And look at this exhaust, what roaring bags made of titanium! Driving – wow, that’s it! Whom at the sight
Such a beauty queen doesn’t feel like she should feel the pulse – he probably doesn’t have one anymore. HB4 is even for sale. Motorrad Hertrampf ( offers the dry 135 kilogram racer exclusively. But be careful: now there is really a risk of a heart attack. The Moto2 Bimota with a tuned CBR 600 engine, traction and launch control, data recording with various sensors, kit wiring harness, MoTec ECU and many more exclusive parts costs a mere 169,000 euros. What a consolation that the VAT is already included and that even two race track days with instruction and the necessary service are free for a year. But even this bimota will remain a dream for most of us. But what a one!

Technical specifications

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 103 kW (140 PS), torque: k. A., 599 cm3, bore / stroke 67.0 / 42.5 mm, compression ratio not specified A., ignition / injection system, 40mm throttle bodies, multi-plate oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, HRC kit wiring harness

landing gear
Tubular steel frame with milled aluminum plates, steering head angle: 66.5 degrees adjustable, caster: k. A., wheelbase: 1460 mm. Upside-down fork, Ø fork inner tube: 43 mm. Central spring strut directly hinged, fully adjustable.

Front / rear suspension travel
125/120 mm wheels and brakes Magnesium forged wheels, 3.75 x 17"/6.00 x 17", Front tires: 125/80 ZR 17, rear: 195/65 ZR 17. Tires: Dunlop Moto2. 300 mm double disc brake with Brembo P4.34 / 38 monoblock, 218 mm single disc with Brembo P2.30 caliper Rear wheel power in last gear k. A. Maximum speed k. A..

169,000 euros

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