BMW F 650 ST 1997


Ousted by the F 650 GS, the F 650 remains a friendly urban mono to use. Its engine, manufactured by Rotax, is a close cousin to that of the Aprilia Pegaso, but here equipped with a 4-valve cylinder head (5 on the Italian). The ST differs from the GS by more road equipment: 18 “front wheel instead of 19, rear suspension with reduced travel, retouched fairing and barely modified dashboard. Comfort is present, the seat soft but the shock absorber shows a certain hardness. Damaging on degraded roads. Protection is just right at high speed; high bubble recommended if you want to cut the road. The F does not only rely on its prestigious manufacturer to please – the machine is easy to handle, is efficient, manoeuvrable and pleasant on a daily basis..

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      • Max speed:
        approx. 175 km / h
      • Acceleration
        0 to 100: 6.20 s
      • Consumption
        medium: 3.80 l

      The technical aspect

      BMW F 650 ST 1997

      • Frame
      • Frame: single double steel cradle
      • Tank: 17.5 liters
      • Seat height: 785 mm
      • Length: 2,160 mm
      • Width: 880 mm
      • Height: 1220 mm
      • Wheelbase: 1,465 mm
      • Dry weight: 176 kg
      • Weight in running order: 191 kg
      • Train before
      • Telehydraulic fork Ø 41 mm, deb: 170 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 300 mm, 2 piston caliper
      • Front wheel:

        – 18

      BMW F 650 ST 1997 technical

      • Transmission
      • 5-speed gearbox
      • Secondary chain transmission
      • Rear axle
      • Mono-shock absorber, deb: 120 mm
      • 1 disc Ø 240 mm, 1 piston caliper
      • Rear wheel:

        – 17

      • Motor
      • Single cylinder
        in line
        , 4 stroke
      • Cooling: Liquid cooling
      • carburetor ø 33 mm
      • 2 ACT
      • 4 valves per cylinder
      • 652 cc
        (100 x 83 mm)
      • 48
        at 6500 rpm
      • 5.70 mkg
        at 5,200 rpm
      • Weight ratio /
        : 3.67
        kg / hp
      • Compression: 9.7: 1
      • Crit’air:
      • Clampable motorcycle at 34 hp for the old A MTT1 license – not guaranteed for the A2 license

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


      BMW F 650 ST 1997

      BMW F 650 ST 1997

      BMW F 650 ST 1997

      BMW F 650 ST 1997

      BMW F 650 ST 1997

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