BMW F 750 GS

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BMW F 750 GS
Stefan Baldauf


BMW F 750 GS

BMW F 750 GS for 2018
New BMW middle class

In full regalia, the BMW F 750 GS recently completed a photo shoot for advertising shots and cut a really good figure in the process. The little sister of the F 800 GS has grown quite big.

Stefan Kaschel

October 18, 2017

It is a turning point, but one that has washed itself. Those familiar with the F series will not recognize “their” GS, not even by name. “F 750” is emblazoned in large letters and numbers on the new tank’s tank. It used to be called “F 700”. Is the displacement for the BMW F 750 GS actually grown?

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BMW F 750 GS

BMW F 750 GS for 2018
New BMW middle class

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Yes, it is, but whoever taps the three-quarter liter is guaranteed to be wrong. Why? Because the 700 predecessor was already misleading and in reality had almost 800 cubic meters instead of 700. One can assume that this neat understatement will continue and that the new one has saddled up in this regard. With a displacement somewhere between 850 and 900 cubic is to be expected. Both for the new BMW F 750 GS and for its big sister, the F 850 ​​GS, because in terms of displacement and cylinders, the two had long been identical twins.

Motor will sound like V2

It will stay that way and also means that the F 750 engine will no longer sound like a boxer, but rather like a V2 in the future. This is due to the 270-degree crank pin offset, which is particularly popular with in-line twin cylinders such as the new F, and the resulting firing order. The performance of the new BMW F 750 GS (F 700 GS: 75 PS) should level off at around 85 PS and thus still leave room for improvement – for the big sister who has to compete with Africa Twin and Co..

The new BMW F 750 GS, on the other hand, has hardly any direct competition. Suzuki V-Strom 650 and the new Kawasaki Versys 650 maybe, which with around 70 hp are much weaker than the new one from Munich. Other noticeable innovations in the F series: The tank has slipped forward and is no longer refueled from the side, but conventionally from above. The secondary drive (chain) is now on the left, the exhaust on the right. And perhaps the most decisive change: Instead of the previous tubular space frame, the new F 750 GS relies on a cast aluminum bridge frame. Everything is new!

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