BMW K model, new, for 2005: technology

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BMW K model, new, for 2005: technology


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BMW K model, new, for 2005: technology

BMW K model, new, for 2005: technology
The revealing

Michael Pfeiffer


Bayern have always been
good for surprises. While well-known manufacturers enter their streets-
The Munich-based company began to achieve great success with the F 650 series. And while all the other motorcycle manufacturers are still grappling with the disadvantages of a telescopic fork, BMW introduced the Telelever, a new front wheel suspension system, the undisputed advantages of which make chassis designers think. The Weibblauen were pioneers in ABS, catalytic converter technology and cardan drives with torque support and convinced their customers with them as early as the late 1980s
Arguments, while the competition practiced faster, stronger, easier.
It stayed that way to this day. Now everything will be different. The new K-BMW not only reveals sensational technology, it is also faster, stronger and lighter. Much stronger and faster than any BMW before her.

The concept

The new K becomes a powerful sports tourer like a Honda CBR 1100 XX or even a Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa. The four-cylinder in-line installed across the direction of travel-
it is designed for displacements from 1000 to 1300 cm3, the sports tourer from Munich will probably make its debut with 1200 or 1300 cm3. A whopping 160 to 170 hp should satisfy even the most power-hungry contemporaries.
Blessed with a top speed of 285 km / h and brilliant pulling power, the new BMW no longer has to hide from anyone. Very important: it has a cardan drive. Nevertheless, the weight should remain below the magical 250 kilogram limit with a full tank, and that with the main stand.
Typically BMW: The cladding developed in the wind tunnel creates optimal wind-
offer protection, the driver and passenger will be accommodated extremely comfortably. A four-in-one exhaust system now relocated to the right emphasizes the sporty note. In terms of safety and the environment, a new ABS system and mo-
the concept of the most modern exhaust technology. Of course, the sports tourer is only the beginning of a new model series. Everything is conceivable right up to the spectacular naked bike.

Revolutionary chassis

The world has never seen anything like this in large-scale production! BMW shows that the
Telelever was just the first step in a new technology. Now the engineers are igniting the next level with a consistently designed package of double longitudinal control arm front suspension, single-sided swing arm with cardan drive and flat, almost horizontally guided bridge frame. So can a ge-
Achieve a low overall height and a low center of gravity, a much shorter wheelbase than the current K and a stiffer front wheel position. The rear suspension finally works with a progressive lever system.
The front suspension sets standards. Two triangular trailing arms guide a fork, the shape of which is ideally adapted to the loads that occur (bending moment curve). The two ball heads, which connect the fork to the trailing arms, form the steering axis. A scissor joint with two triangular links transfers the steering forces. It compensates for the compression and rebound movements of the front wheel. A vertical strut supports the lower trailing arm against the frame.
What advantages does this system, which was shown by the Englishman Norman Hossack in the 1980s, offer? Compared to the telescopic fork, it allows a more compact frame structure, since the conventional control head is omitted, in which the telescopic fork has a large lever arm
extreme bending moments act on the frame. An auxiliary construction only takes on the storage of the handlebar. The two trailing arms transfer the forces directly into the chassis. Another advantage: better responsiveness of the wheel guidance, as there is no sliding friction between the standpipes and immersion tubes of a telescopic fork. Also important: brake nicks-
the same for optimal ABS use and
almost constant conditions of the chassis geometry over the entire Ein-
spring movement of the front wheel.
Overall, the double trailing arm front suspension is even better than the Telelever. That is dragging? with all advantages ?? also have a design disadvantage around it. During rebound, the caster is reduced, the steering axle is steeper, which can lead to instabilities at high speeds. Not an issue for boxers and tourers, but rather problematic for an ultra-fast motorcycle.
The new single-arm rear swing arm is progressively based on the
Lever system acting on the suspension strut on the frame. The short engine
with superimposed gear shafts created the space for it. The moment of the cardan drive is now supported by a strut above the rocker. As with the R 1200 GS recently shown in MOTORRAD 19/2003, the fulcrum of the Hin is located-
rear axle gearbox below the cardan shaft alignment, which seems unusual.

The new

The BMW engine developers were finally able to break with tradition. Now the Munich-based company is building the four-in-line-
cylinder transverse to the direction of travel and
integrate the gearbox into the engine-
housing. This saves length and weight. In order to also achieve the lowest possible overall height, the cylinder-
bench tilted forward at an angle of 60 degrees. The very short stroke-
laid four-cylinder rotates as 1200 to 11500 / min, which suggests an output of 160 to 170 hp.
A ram air system supplies the mighty air filter box with freshness
Intake air, which at high speed is likely to be responsible for a performance-enhancing dynamic pressure effect. A new injection leads the engine? naturally equipped with a three-way catalytic converter and secondary air system ?? the fuel too.
The camshaft drive is interesting: a toothed chain drives on the right
Side only the exhaust camshaft, gears then set the intake camshaft in rotation. The valve is controlled via rocker arms. The crankshaft, with the right crank web as the primary gear, rotates
forward and drives the high Ge-
drive input shaft with the clutch. The transmission output shaft is placed diagonally below, near the pivot point of the swing arm. The cardan shaft with two universal joints runs very poorly. The four-cylinder takes the alternator and the starter piggyback. This in turn saves overall width.
The new K-BMW is also impressive
a technology offensive. It shouldn’t actually be called K anymore. The name is currently still a secret.

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