BMW R 1250 GS 2021: facelift and special edition

BMW R 1250 GS facelift for 2021

Success boxer in the Hummel look

BMW has revised its bestseller R 1250 GS for model year 2021 in the basic version and as an adventure. The highlight is the black and yellow special model for the 40th GS anniversary.

The BMW R. The 1250 GS enjoys unbroken popularity with boxer fans. But because you shouldn’t rest on your laurels, BMW made the bestseller even better in many details. And because the GS is celebrating its 40th birthday, there is also a very special fat bumblebee – a GS in black and yellow "40 Years GS"-Editing.

Extended standard equipment

Let’s plow through the press release from BMW and take a look at the innovations: In future, all GS will have the DTC traction control and the new Eco driving mode as standard. The Integral ABS Pro is always on board. Since smartphones are now standard driver equipment, BMW counters as standard with a 5V USB charging socket in addition to the familiar 12V power source. Oh yes, the LED indicators have also been redesigned. And if you choose the short rally seat, you will also receive a new stainless steel luggage rack.


More "Per" for BMW R 1250 GS 2021

BMW wouldn’t be BMW and the GS wouldn’t be the GS if it weren’t for an endless list of optional extras. And that becomes even more extensive with the facelift. Who at "Adaptive headlights" Checks the box, receives a full LED headlight that turns into the curve depending on the lean angle. The start-up assistant "Hill Start Control" receives a Pro extension for a surcharge, which should further increase the ease of starting.


"Per" is also the name of the new option for the driving modes. With the new driving mode preselection, the driver can put an individual selection of driving modes on the driving mode button. Engine drag torque control (MSR) is also a new component of Driving Modes Pro. It can be used to avoid unstable driving conditions that can arise in overrun mode or when downshifting due to excessive brake slip on the rear wheel. Heated seats for the driver and front passenger can be used against cold bums for an extra charge. A handlebar raised by 30 millimeters – also subject to a surcharge – improves the seating position. And if you want to satisfy increased off-road ambitions with the normal BMW R 1250 GS, you can use the Enduro special equipment package. Then crash bars, off-road tires, a handlebar riser and a differently tuned suspension migrate to the bike.

BMW celebrates 40 years of GS

In terms of the color concept, BMW uses the basic color Light White Uni for the R 1250 GS model year 2021, or Ice Gray Uni for the Adventure. The style variants Style Triple Black and Style Rallye are also available. BMW is honoring the 40th birthday of the BMW GS models with the "40 Years GS"-Version, in a black and yellow color scheme.

The new GS prices

The prices for the R 1250 GS models start at 16,580 euros for the basic version. The R 1250 GS Style Rallye starts at 17,580 euros, the 40-year edition is available from 18,570 euros. If you are into adventure, you have to calculate 18,130 euros for the basic version. As a style rally, the Adventure costs from 18,900 euros, the edition version is priced at 19,880 euros. According to BMW, delivery to dealers has already started. The first bikes should therefore be available from October 2020.


BMW is making the bestseller even better, enriching the standard equipment and expanding the options. A BMW R 1250 GS with everything will offer even more from model year 2021.

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