Bol d’Or – 20 minute penalty for the # 60 Honda! –

20 minutes penalty for Honda n ° 60 !

Bol d'Or - 20 minute penalty for the # 60 Honda! -

Dramatic change at 7.20 am: while in Superstock the n ° 95 Suzuki of Qatar Endurance reduced its delay on the n ° 60 Honda to come and take the lead in the category, Sebastien Charpentier was fined 20 minutes for non-compliance rest time…

Just before dawn, the Metiss n ° 45 drops at 6.15 am and gives up. JPP Racing Suzuki # 36 also crashed at 6.30am, then GMT # 94 Yamaha when it was a dozen seconds behind Yamaha Austria # 7. And even if a certain disappointment can be read on his face, Christophe Guyot does not shy away from his usual philosophy (see our video interview opposite).

It is now the Yamaha n ° 4 of Folch Endurance which has joined the n ° 7 and the Yamaha n ° 3 of Phase One Endurance, respectively third and fourth behind the untouchable Suzuki of SERT n ° 1 and 2.

Meanwhile, the # 11 Kawasaki of Team Kawasaki France climbs back to sixth position: after overtaking the # 60 Honda of Team Motorcycle Review, she comes back to the Yamaha armada.

Energy boost for the Honda n ° 55 ?

At the end of the 16th hour of racing, the n ° 55 Honda of National Motos 24th overall is the fastest in the race: it is the only one to run under the two-minute mark with a lap in 1’59, then 1 ‘ 58, then 1’57! Does National Moto’s Honda CBR 1000 still have ambitions? The team manager Bernard Fourcadet explains (see our video interview opposite).

Unfortunately, shortly after the Honda n ° 55 must return to the pits with the stroller.

Abandonment of the n ° 25 Honda of Igol Up Racing, when the n ° 1 Suzuki, still in the lead, completed its 500th lap at 7:22 am. The day is breaking on Magny-Cours…

20 minutes penalty for the Honda n ° 60 Moto Revue…

Dramatic change at 7.20 am: while in Superstock, the n ° 95 Suzuki of Qatar Endurance (9th overall) turns 2 to 3 seconds faster than the n ° 60 Honda of Motorcycle Review and gradually reduced its delay by one lap to come and take the head of the category, a decision of the international Jury orders "the rider’s team (white armband pilot) Sebastien Charpentier to stop for 20 minutes at his pit for non-compliance with article 1.15.3"of the endurance world championship !

The said article targets the maximum driving times and the minimum rest times, which must have been exceeded during the doubling of the stints of Sebastien Charpentier and Jean-Michel Bayle: "no rider is allowed to drive more than three consecutive hours", provides for Article 1.15.3."The rest period following each driving time is necessary for at least (…) two-thirds of the driving time for a race longer than 12 hours".

If this rule is not respected, the pilot "must stop at his stand and his machine must remain there for a period equal to the rest period not respected and no work can be done on the machine".

In the box of Honda n ° 60, the whole team seems resigned while waiting for the return of the motorcycle … "We were not careful, it was not to harm and we thought it was the right calculation to come back up well", we explain within the team Motorcycle Review.

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