Bol d’Or – 9:00 am: the Yamaha GMT n ° 94 went on the offensive! –

9:00 am: the GMT Yamaha # 94 goes on the offensive !

Bol d'Or - 9:00 am: the Yamaha GMT n ° 94 went on the offensive! -

7 tiny seconds separate the Yamaha n ° 94 from the head machine! Since early morning, the Yamaha R1 n ° 94 has been gradually reducing its delay on the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 n ° 2. No change of leader in other categories. The tension is growing !

At 6.35 am, the Suzuki n ° 134 from ABG Performance seemed to have problems, it was idling on the track … Result: a broken valve, the bike could however start again after repair (audio interview with Pascal Alluard, the team manager ).

At the same time, the # 95 Kawasaki of the Qatar Endurance Racing Team announces its retirement, after numerous stalls throughout the night….

At 7.20 am, the gap between the leader, the No. 2 Suzuki and his chaser, the No. 94 GMT Yamaha, was 45 seconds. The cat-and-mouse game continues, but the Suzuki seems to handle the situation well. Until when ? At 7:37 am, the gap drops below the 40 second mark.

Behind, follow a dozen laps behind the Suzuki n ° 1 of SERT and the Yamaha R1 n ° 3 of the Phase One Endurance team. Then we find in fifth place the first surviving Kawasaki n ° 8, ahead of the Yamaha R1 n ° 99 of Acropolis Moto Expert then the Honda n ° 55 National Motos in seventh place.

At the same time, Anthony Delhalle brings the Suzuki n ° 72 back to the pits in slow motion, following a fall (see the two video sequences).

At 8:00 am sharp, the gap between the No. 2 Suzuki driven by German Max Neukirchner and the No. 94 GMT Yamaha drops to 28 seconds as the sun sets us up for a glorious day. 5 minutes later, the gap has narrowed again by 5 seconds.

At 8:25 am, Arnaud Larose fell with the Yamaha R1 n ° 41 and had to bring it back to the pits. Ten minutes later, coming out of the water tower bend, the No. 9 Yamaha crashed. The rider immediately gets up and brings the motorcycle back to the pit.

At 9:00 am, the # 38 Endurance Moto Yamaha R1 is still leading the Blockbuster category, and the # 72 Suzuki LMS Junior Team Suzuki in the Superstock category. No change either in the open category led by the Metiss n ° 45. In the Superbike category, 22 seconds still separate the No. 94 Yamaha from the No. 2 Suzuki at the head of the Bol d´Or.


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