Bol d’Or – Another crown for the SERT! –

One more crown for SERT !

Bol d'Or - Another crown for the SERT! -

SERT secures its fourth consecutive world title in endurance by securing another crushing victory at the Bol d’Or with the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 n ° 1 in the hands of the crew Vincent Philippe, Matthieu Lagrive and Julien Da Costa. Results.

After dominating the race from start to finish without ever having been really worried, Dominique Meliand’s Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT) imposed their two machines in the first two places of the 72nd Bol d’Or.

Behind the two Suzuki n ° 1 and 2 respectively first and second, the scratch podium is completed by the Yamaha R1 n ° 7 of Austria Racing Team piloted by Igor Jerman, Steve Martin and Gwen Giabbani which takes a remarkable third place. The three bikes regrouped a few minutes before the finish, to head wheel to wheel towards the podium.

The n ° 11 Kawasaki ZX10-R of Team Kawasaki France, which fell again without seriousness one hour from the finish, barely managed to keep its fourth place by leaving only a few moments later. On his handlebars, Ivan Silva, Julian Mazuecos and Erwan Nigon oscillated between second and eleventh position having set the fastest time in the race in 1’42.336.

Despite many adventures in Superstock, while for most of the race the first place in the category was contested between the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 n ° 95 of Qatar Endurance (leader of the FIM Superstock world cup) and Team Honda CBR 1000 n ° 60 Motorcycle Review, it is finally Suzuki n ° 72 that wins.

Honda n ° 60 Motorcycle Review by Jean-Michel Bayle, Sebastien Charpentier and Thierry Traccan, after having animated the race with his two peerless drivers and his sudden penalty in the early morning, finally finished in 17th place in the general classification.

The ranking of the top ten

  1. Suzuki n ° 1 of SERT

  2. Suzuki n ° 2 of SERT

  3. Yamaha n ° 7 of Austria Racing Team

  4. Kawasaki n ° 11 of Team Kawasaki France

  5. Yamaha n ° 3 of Phase One Endurance

  6. Yamaha GMT 94

  7. Yamaha n ° 4 of Folch Endurance

  8. Suzuki n ° 72 of the Junior Team Lycee Le Mans Sud

  9. Kawasaki n ° 8 from Bolliger Switzerland

  10. Honda n ° 21 from RMT 21 Racing

Congratulations to all the drivers, and thank you to all the crews who agreed to take a few minutes of their precious time to answer our questions during these 24 hours of racing. !

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