British GP – [Video] Top 5 tightest finishes in MotoGP-GP500 –

[Video] Top 5 tightest finishes in MotoGP / GP500

British GP - [Video] Top 5 tightest finishes in MotoGP-GP500 -

The 2019 British GP saw one of the most breathtaking finishes in MotoGP history. The fourth, precisely. What are the Top 5 tightest finishes in the history of the premier class motorcycle Grand Prix? ? Video response….

MotoGP.Com has just published a video that lists the five most contested end of races in MotoGP. Site shares it with all of its "friends" on its Facebook page (). Here are the Top 5 of the most beautiful finishes in the premier category:

  • 0. Assen 1975: 0.0 s between Sheene and Agostini
  • Barry Sheene won the 1975 Dutch TT 0.0 second ahead of Giacomo Agostini! "The manual timing – limited to tenths of a second – was not precise enough to decide between the drivers," recalls the championship organizers. "This event thus remains the only one in the discipline to give an identical time to the first two drivers. Barry Sheene will however gain the victory visually, since the photo-finish did not exist either at that time".
  • 1. Brno 1996: 0.002 s between Criville and Doohan

    • Two weeks after beating Mick Doohan by half a second in Austria (on the A1 "Red Bull" Ring), Alex Criville won a second victory over his teammate in the Czech Republic. The Spaniard will win four races in a row (six in all) and the first premier class title for Spain in 1999, when Doohan retired…
    • 2.: 0.002 s between Elias and Rossi

      • This time we are witnessing Toni Elias’ only victory in MotoGP. The tiny delay that Valentino Rossi concedes to the Moto2 champion on the Portuguese finish line had a great consequence since these 2 thousandths of a second deprived the n ° 46 of the world title against the late Nicky Hayden….
      • 3. Phillip Island 2001: 0.013 s between Rossi and Biaggi

        • The one we then nicknamed "Valentinik" will score a finger It is a point of honor to win this Australian race to seal the title with its chief mechanic Burgess, two events before the end of the season. This is the last GP500 title awarded, but the first of Valentino Rossi’s seven premier class titles.
        • 4.: 0.013 s between Rins and Marquez

          • Alex Rins has officially become a MotoGP cracker, beating Marc Marquez at the 2019 British GP by 13 thousandths of a second. Even stronger: a lap earlier, n ° 42 passed the cell 1 thousandth of a second earlier than n ° 93 … and on its exterior ! .
          • 5.: 0.015 s between Stoner and Spies

            • Winner by KO against his compatriot Colin Edwards in the Netherlands earlier in the season, Ben Spies was defeated by champion Casey Stoner in this final in Valencia and will not win any more races. The n ° 11 remains one of the few drivers to have won in GP and WSBK, with Lucchinelli, Doohan, Kocinski, Biaggi, Checa, Bayliss, Vermeulen, and Melandri.
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