Business – Christophe Decultot aims for slight growth for Honda in France – Used HONDA

Christophe Decultot targets slight growth for Honda in France

Business - Christophe Decultot aims for slight growth for Honda in France - Used HONDA

With around fifty employees at headquarters and 204 points of sale representing 1,200 people, Honda Moto France intends to overcome the crisis by slightly increasing its volumes and market share, in particular thanks to more attractive prices..

Christophe Decultot, who took the reins of motorcycles at Honda in France in addition to his responsibilities in the automobile (read), envisages a recovery of the "post-crisis" market in the course of 2011 for motorized two-wheelers, but foresees a slight growth for Honda this year.

Christophe Decultot, quiet passion

Calm and calm at first glance, Christophe Decultot, who defines himself as "a fan", also doubles as a fierce competitor gifted with a good steering wheel: after having like everyone else tampering with his mob at 14 years old for"cross country around the family farm", he then tries"car stunts in the fields"then competed for ten years in the French karting championship, which he finished third in 1994. He then took part for seven years in the Fun Cup, a car endurance competition which he won three times and even became champion of the world! "No one knows the Fun Cup, but it’s still one of my personal pride", summarizes the new big boss who admits to be more at ease at the wheel than at the handlebars and who, if he does not have a personal motorcycle, circulates in VFR, CBF or scooter as soon as he has one. the occasion.

Despite a French market again assessed on the decline in 2010 (between -6 and -10% according to forecasts), Honda Moto (the new name of Honda Motor Europe South, the entity which brought together France, Spain and ‘Italy) is considering "slight growth in volumes"with a 4.3% increase in sales and a market share which would be around 14.5% at the end of the year (against 13.3% in 2009).

Honda France, now directly attached to Honda’s European headquarters in London, relies in particular on its small displacement (target + 12.8% against an expected decrease of -2.2% for its large cubes), more aggressive promotional prices and a more sustained commercial animation of the network.

Globally, despite declining sales in its three business areas (-5.9% in motorcycles, -3.3% in automobiles and -12.3% in gardening and marine equipment), Honda is pulling the fruit of its cost reduction and price increase policy implemented last year for "avoid disaster"(read).

The leader in motorized two-wheelers in the world thus posted a net profit after tax of 265 billion yen (2.1 billion euros) for its 2009 financial year ended March 31 (up + 93.4% compared to last year!), while Yamaha, in particular, showed a net loss of 216.1 billion yen in its 2009 financial year ended on December 31 (read and).

"Recommended promotional prices"

Without claiming victory too soon, Honda France is therefore approaching the season with more optimism than a year ago. The new VFR 1200 seems to be keeping its sales targets for the first months of the year (read in particular) and will be supported by its automatic version from June, "in a proportion of 20 to 30%", believes Christophe Decultot who refuses to deliver the slightest price range: appointment"may’s beginning" !

One thing is certain, however: the prices of the range will generally be revised downwards, with a grid of "recommended promotional prices"that dealers will choose to apply or not (see below).

Shibata president

In France for two years as vice president of the French subsidiary, after having worked in the Middle East and South Africa, Hiroaki Shibata became president on April 1. Passionate about tennis, Mr. Shibata started riding a motorcycle at the age of 16 on a 50 cm3 … Yamaha! He then discovers the joys of "CB400 to get to the university"and still rolls from time to time in"quietly growing". And if he admits to preferring"spend my weekends with my family and my children", he hopes "have time to ride more when I’m older".

The world number one and "challenger in France"is also counting on a more sustained commercial animation of the network with many open days, the continuation of the Dream label for dealers anxious to invest in their brand image, the maintenance of the French Cup (with seven events including the final at Bol d’Or) and a new, more selective formula for the 2010 Honda Days which will take place on four circuits: La Ferte Gaucher (77), Le Vigeant (86), Alès (30) and Haute-Saintonge (17).

Not to mention the launch in June of the highly anticipated PCX 125 scooter (read) at a bargain price of 2390 euros, nor that of the new Shadow 750 in May at a price of 6590 euros (read).

Finally Honda, which will present its novelties for 2011 at the next Milan Motor Show from November 2 to 7, 2010, assures that "all manufacturers"working hand in hand to revive the Mondial de Paris in 2011, with a show"cheaper but just as beautiful". To be continued … Stay connected !


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