Catalog: Innovations 2006 (2nd part)


Catalog: Innovations 2006 (2nd part)
Suzuki Bandit 1200 S.

Catalog: New Items 2006 (Part 2)

Innovations 2006

Bandit 1200 / S
Everyone can be happy here. Own an “old” bandit
happy that the 2006 model hasn’t changed radically while buyers can enjoy a number of refinements. Especially in the sitting position, which can be adjusted to two heights and is ergonomically more favorable due to the narrower bench and the shorter tank. Nevertheless, the tank holds 20 liters. The new fairing of the S model moved closer to the driver, which promises less turbulence. A new 43 fork, the longer swing arm and thicker wheel axles at the front and rear are designed to improve driving stability. ABS on request for driving safety.
n In-line four-cylinder n 1157 cm3 n 98 HP n Price k. A..


Intruder M 1800 R
It may be unfair compared to the M 1800 R. But when studying
Anyone interested in technology asks themselves immediately about the engine data and details,
when this engine will appear in a kind of MT-01 from Suzuki
becomes. Because this newly created V-Twin also has that
Displacement almost no cruiser-typical features. No long-stroke design, no bumper-rocker arm anachronism.
Instead short stroke, two camshafts per cylinder head,
tight valve angles, in short: a good part of high-performance technology.
Suzuki has not yet announced what ultimately came out of it. There is no question that the appearance of the new Intruder deserves a powerful engine.
n V-twin cylinder n 1783 cm3
n performance k. A. n price k. A..


GSR 600
A naked bike with side panels.
Sounds paradoxical and yet there is one
a fitting short description of the GSR.
They load past the cylinder heads
Frame profiles wide, crowned by
Covers with integrated indicators that create a harmonious transition
to form the tank. Here and at the stern
with the raised silencers and the framed taillights, most echoes of the B-King can be found, with whose help the GSR the Honda Hornet 600 and Yamaha FZ6
To poach buyers. That’s what she is for
Also equipped with an engine, because the “old” 600 four-cylinder traditionally has a lot of torque in the middle range and has been modified again in this regard.
n in-line four-cylinder n 599 cm3
n 98 hp n price k. A..


GSX-R 750
Because the MV Agusta F4 750 S is only built to order for at least 200 copies, the GSX-R 750 is now the very last 750 Mohican among the super athletes. Nice that Suzuki
sticks to her undaunted and gives her the same new developments as the other GSX-R. Your engine has two constructional differences compared to the 600: The valve diameters have not increased, the exhaust valves have even become smaller. And the 750 has a small balancer shaft.
n inline four-cylinder n 750 cm3 n approx. 150 hp n price k. A..


GSX-R 600
As in the story about the new
Suzuki engines already indicated: The
old 600s could be put to the test by
MOTORCYCLE never repro its rated power-
duck The new one, it can be assumed, will smooth the account balance again. But
That is not the only reason why the 600 series Suzuki should-
Pilots much better in the coming year
be put. Type and design of the
Frame, for example, or the swing arm look extremely stable? if you look closely, you will see many elements of MotoGP-
Discover motorcycles on this 600 series.
n in-line four-cylinder n 599 cm3
n approx. 123 hp n price k. A..

The little ones before

When an engine with the same displacement is narrower, shorter, lower and on top of that
becomes lighter, with a larger flywheel mass and increased performance, then its designers have made enormous progress. This is what happened with the completely redesigned engine of the GSX-R 600 and the analog unit of the GSX-R 750. The
Incidentally, they are by no means scaled down 1000cc four-cylinders. On the contrary, as can be seen with Yamaha, Honda or Triumph, the little ones set the pace for development.
They are the first series-production engines from Suzuki whose gear shafts were arranged one above the other, saving a full 54 millimeters in length. The cylinders integrated in the housing also contribute to this. So not only the location of the center of gravity and the
Weight distribution optimized, but a longer swing arm could also be used, which in turn improves the traction of the rear tire.
There was less scope for reducing the width; The Suzuki engineers were able to gain 16 millimeters by moving the cylinders closer together while maintaining the same bore and placing an alternator, only 9.5 millimeters wide, on the left crankshaft stub. Since the combustion chambers are also closer together, and the outer inlet ducts were also turned slightly inwards, eight millimeters of the width of the throttle valve bodies could be omitted. These were immediately used to make the airbox, tank and fairing narrower.
Because the titanium valves and the ducts in the cylinder head increased in diameter, he had to
The valve angle should be made even tighter so that the intake channels could be kept as straight as possible. But what makes the cylinder head grow in height. Still lost
the complete engine 20 millimeters in height; probably also thanks to the forged pistons with whole
short cut out piston shirts. Construction as a constant limit value observation.
What did it bring? It was between 120 and 125 hp for the 600, around 150 hp for the 750
behind closed hands. That would be modest in view of the 120 and 148 hp of the predecessor-
models. But there was a lot of brochure tuning in this information.


Ulysses XB12X
One third Enduro, one third Supermoto, one third Racer ??
this is how MOTORRAD characterized the Buell Ulysses in the top test
(MOTORRAD 20/2005). And was impressed by the precise steering and the lush road holding on curvy and undulating slopes. The Ulysses only showed noticeable swaying at a higher speed. The speed-oriented characteristics of the V2 were surprising. The most important thing about the Ulysses: The combination of a handy chassis and a motor packed with a flywheel gives it its very own charm.
n V-twin cylinder n 1203 cm3
n 101 hp n 11499 euros plus Nk.


Lightning Long XB12Ss
Buells live from being different. But sometimes they are a little too different, for example in terms of things
Chassis geometry. They are often perceived as too short, too steep and therefore a bit too wobbly with the less than ideal tires. This is remedied by the long Lightning with moderate geometry, which the frame and swing arm of the Ulysses XB12S X
makes use of. A first driving report reassures all Buell fans who are already afraid of
had too much normalcy. The Lightning Long remains a little more stable on the straights compared to the standard model, but needs it in curves
still an energetic leading hand, certified MOTORRAD in the driving report.
n V-twin cylinder
n 1203 cm3 n 101 hp
n 11,249 euros plus Nk.


Ducati is adjusting its range of sports touring products. Instead of ST4 and
In the future, the ST3 will only be available as the ST3 S. It is not yet
officially confirmed, but rumor has it that it will all be outfitted-
Get features of the former top model ST4 S. At first
The optional Brembo ABS should be mentioned
the practical Ohlins spring preload adjustable by handwheel-
Suspension strut and the fully adjustable fork. The water-cooled V2 with
992 cc displacement and three-valve cylinder heads presses energetically
107 hp ?? hardly anyone will get the heavier old Desmoquattro-
Missing the ST4 engine.
n V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3
n 107 hp n around 11,250 euros


Monster S4R Testastretta
MOTORRAD shouldn’t even know about this motorcycle
is presented. Therefore it is not certain whether the model name is correct. But it is built, without a doubt, the Monster S4R with the 998-
Four-valve Testastretta engine. That has a certain logic, because that
The monster’s chassis always worked better the less weight the engines carried around the cylinder heads. Quite
good with the air-cooled two-valve valves, at most mediocre with
the previous massive Desmoquattro from the 996. The Testastretta thus promises great driving characteristics including an estimated 125 hp
with plenty of torque and impeccable smoothness.
n V-twin cylinder n 998 cm3 n power n. Price n.a..


Monster S2R 1000
A predictable motorcycle. Still nice that the Monster S2R,
which with the beautiful tubular single-sided swing arm, now gets the 1000 engine installed. Compared to the smaller, more easy-turning
800 series, the 1000 series two-valve engine with double ignition impresses with the
greater “wuppdicity” of acceleration. No wonder if it is close
100 Nm torque. In addition, the S2R 1000 has a fully adjustable fork and four-piston brake calipers at the front instead of the double-piston floating calipers of the 800 series. A hand brake pump is also new
adjustable lever. Especially in red with the white stripe
this monster looks like the epitome of a Ducati.
n V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3 n 95 hp n 10045 euros


Paul Smart 1000
limited edition
It was a surprise for everyone, Paul Smart’s win at
200 mile race in Imola in 1972. With a motorcycle that was only finished shortly before the race and still such a potent one-
zial developed that it became the basis of the legendary 750 SS. At
this small miracle is reminiscent of the Paul Smart 1000, which is built as one of three Sportclassic models in a limited edition of 2000 copies. A distinctive appearance, in silver with a metallic green frame, sprung with the Ohlins, which have already been praised hundreds of times-
Divide. For 14,550 euros, however, the cheap doubles wouldn’t have it-
Piston floating calipers must be the front brake.
n V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3 n 92 hp n 14,550 euros


Sport 1000
Nobody would be surprised if the Sport 1000 were more successful than the regular Ducati Supersport models. Because thanks to the styling borrowed from the Sport 750 from 1973, it makes it much more impressive and
More pleasantly clear what it’s actually about: original, sporty country road driving with a puristic motorcycle. Of course from
requires his driver to sit in a crouched position over the long tank that is too low on the handlebars. A bit like racing cycling, only that the drive is taken care of by a 92 hp 1000 cc. You already guessed it, the two-valve all-purpose rifle from Ducati pulls on the chain once more.
n V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3 n 92 hp n 11,245 euros


Moto Guzzi
1200 GT
Much is right about this computer retouching, but not everything. Because a real photo from
Manufacturer is not yet available. Perhaps not even the model name is correct, but what is behind it is sure to come: a touring machine based on the Breva 1100, the
provides the chassis and the drive, whereby the two-cylinder itself was enlarged to 1200 cm3 in order to be able to elicit more torque from it. A full fairing with adjustable
Disc protects against wind and weather, shelves for the lower legs also serve
Sitting comfort and protection from the engine’s waste heat. Like the Breva, this is also
Touring machine available with ABS on request.
n V-twin cylinder n 1200 cm3 n power k. A. n price k. A..


Moto Guzzi
An imposing appearance and yet delicate, a modern motorcycle that is nonetheless linked to its own tradition without interruption. Like the first V7, it is driven by a transversely installed two-valve V2, air-cooled, with a valve train via bumpers
and rocker arms. But he has the best manners, pleases with impeccable load change behavior and calm power development. The six-speed gearbox is very easy to shift,
the cardan drive impresses with its extensive freedom of reaction. Even the handling of the
A 250-kilo chunk is surprisingly simple. And the polished stainless steel exhaust manifolds are a show.
n V-twin cylinder n 1064 cm3
n 88 hp
n 11990 euros

MZ 1000 ST

1000 ST
ST stands for Super Traveler and designates one
MZ 1000 S trimmed more for touring suitability. The in-line two-cylinder had to deliver four hp,
However, it gained three newton meters of torque and an overall fuller curve. Thanks to the wide handlebars and lower footrests that are offset to the front, you can sit comfortably on the touring motorcycle, which also applies to the passenger thanks to the padded bench. For an extra charge of 500 euros, two 40-liter cases and a top case can be used
plenty of storage space for two people. At full
However, loading increases the risk of handlebar slapping. The ST received one for prophylaxis
Steering damper as standard.
n in-line twin cylinders n 999 cm3
n 113 hp n 10,490 euros plus Nk.


SXV / RXV 450/550
Aprilia boasts with its own engines. As a prototype in the Super-
moto factory machine, recognizable by the red cylinder cover, the 450 has even won world championship honors. The 77-degree V2 engines
with 450 and 550 cm3 displacement are so small and light that you can get them
could be carried away under the arm. During an appointment with the factory-
rennern (MOTORRAD 3/2005) the two-cylinder shone with enormous
Freedom of rotation and consistent characteristics. As competition machines, the Supermoto SXV and the Enduro RXV can initially only be approved for the road with reduced power; from mid-2006 they should
be homologated with full performance. All that’s missing is a small super sports car like the RS 250.
n V-twin cylinder n 450/550 cm3 n Power n. A. n price k. A..

Twice as radical

No manufacturer has dared to take such a radical approach: namely, an extremely
to construct compact two-cylinder, the
the usual in off-road and supermoto sport
Single cylinder can stand up. For this purpose, the technicians pulled out all the stops and built an extremely small, light engine in two displacement variants with 450 and 550 cm3.
The cylinder angle is 77 degrees so is
On the one hand, there is enough space for the intake ducts; on the other hand, there is no need for a balance shaft as a vibration killer. The cylinders
are built into the crankcase, too
that saves space and weight. The valve control
was copied from Honda, where the principle is called Unicam. Only one camshaft controls
the four titanium valves. The inlet valves are
operated via bucket tappets, the exhaust valves via a fork rocker arm. That makes a lot
compact cylinder heads. And despite only one
individual camshafts, high speeds are possible with sharp valve timing. Aprilia gives 13,000 revolutions for the 450 version
as a speed limit.
Mixture preparation via injection is also pioneering. So far, only a few small manufacturers in the off-road sector have experimented with injections. Whereby, for example, Gas Gas with a 450cc sports enduro has proven that this technology can also function smoothly off the road. One
Another advantage of modern engine management is that the current Euro 2 emissions standard can be complied with without catalytic converters.
In contrast to the sports singles, the
Aprilia-V2 only started electrically, a kick starter is not provided at all. Nevertheless, the Aprilia 450er should only just exceed a Honda CRF engine in weight. The previous races of the Aprilia V2 were very different. While he was flopping in motocross, the SXV 450 was able to do so thanks to its soft, high-traction characteristics and high peak performance
have already won a world title in the Supermoto.


Tuono 1000 R
Anyone familiar with the current RSV 1000 R thought they knew what the new Tuono would look like.
And still got a surprise. The bare offshoot of the
Super athlete has taken over numerous parts of her, the view from the two headlights
however, framed by a small black mask and a tiny disc, it is unique and irresistible. If you want to enjoy the newly gained virtues of the engine, the increased power, the higher torque and, above all, the smooth power delivery, then you have to
but tear loose? and drive. Also in November
the RSV 1000 R will be presented with a revised engine.
n V-twin cylinder n 998 cm3 n 133 hp n 11,100 euros


Tuono 1000 R
Anyone familiar with the current RSV 1000 R thought they knew what the new Tuono would look like.
And still got a surprise. The bare offshoot of the
Super athlete has taken over numerous parts of her, the view from the two headlights
however, framed by a small black mask and a tiny disc, it is unique and irresistible. If you want to enjoy the newly gained virtues of the engine, the increased power, the higher torque and, above all, the smooth power delivery, then you have to
but tear loose? and drive. Also in November
the RSV 1000 R will be presented with a revised engine.
n V-twin cylinder n 998 cm3 n 133 hp n 11,100 euros


Pegaso 650 Trail
From the street to the ?? easy ?? Terrain: One year after the Pegaso 650 Strada, Aprilia introduces the Pegaso with studded tires
650 trail ahead. At the front it rolls on a 19-inch wire-spoke wheel with an aluminum rim, at the rear on a 3.00 x 17-inch wheel of the same design. Experience has shown that the narrower enduro tires have exemplary cornering behavior, 170 millimeters
Front and rear suspension travel ensures comfort even on rough terrain. The 48 hp single cylinder comes from
the Yamaha XT 660 models; it remains unchanged compared to Pegaso Strada. In the MOTORCYCLE-
Endurance tests have shown this engine to be extremely reliable over a period of almost 50,000 kilometers.
n single cylinder n 660 cm3 n 48 hp n 6551 Euro plus Nk.


Street Glide
Technically, the Street Glide represents
an Electra Glide with shortened, air-assisted rear shock absorbers. New on it, like on all Harleys with the 1449-V2, are a clutch that requires less manual effort, a stronger oil pump and the
Cylinder heads with modified injection. This should lead to a further improvement in the actually excellent throttle response. The “style of unadorned functionality”,
that Harley gave to this tourer,
is apparently a standard, extremely luxurious audio system from Harman /
Kardon not against. For that too
this works without frills, is provided by an extra powerful alternator.
n V-twin cylinder n 1449 cm3
n 71 hp n 21 460 euros plus Nk.


Dyna Street Bob
Something about Harley typology? This motorcycle is part of the Dyna range, which began in 1971. At that time, what was previously only created by private screwdriver artists in series emerged for the first time:
Custom bikes with long forks, large, narrow front wheels and wide rear tires. The Street Bob, whose abbreviation begins with FX for “factory experimental” like all Dynas, cultivates the art of omission. She renounces
the pillion seat, a second brake disc in front, large headlights or even
Luggage transport options. However, not on anything relevant to driving dynamics,
a new six-speed gearbox, a new swing arm or the 49er fork.
n V-twin cylinder n 1449 cm3
n 73 hp n 12 865 euros plus Nk.


Heritage Softail
It just plays the historical rigid frame with unsprung rear wheel,
in fact it has a swing arm with two well-hidden spring struts ?? this is the secret of the Softail range. What a new entry-
model gets. With economical equipment, voluminous tires and fenders as well as running boards ensure a bulky appearance. In the Softail-
The two-cylinder is rigidly bolted to the chassis, which is why the
Version with two balancer shafts, marked with “B” for
»Balancer«. Like all Harley Big Twins, it benefits from the modifi-
adorned cylinder heads, the new injection and the more powerful oil pump.
n V-twin cylinder n 1449 cm3 n 71 hp n 17 295 euros plus Nk.


Dyna 35th Anniversary
Super glide
How good that the Dyna story started with Street Bob
very briefly outlined. This explains the name of this machine by itself; it celebrates the birthday of the Dyna model-
family. As a result, the paintwork of the anniversary model, of which only 300 are coming to Europe, goes back to
the first Dyna, the FX Super Glide. Just like the numerous chrome parts, the large speedometer on the tank or the ribbed one
Seat cover. The 1449-V2 performs in the birthday super
Glide 73 HP ?? two more than in the other model series, which he brings to the road with the help of the new six-speed transmission. That too is reserved for the Dynas.
n V-twin cylinder n 1449 cm3
n 73 hp n 15 890 euros plus Nk.


Night Rod
It’s very simple: the V-Rod, the first-born motorcycle in the VRSC series with a water-cooled V2,
has a deeply welded rear frame and carries the driver’s footrests at the front. In contrast to the Street Rod, whose rear end has been set higher and whose footrests are arranged in the middle. The Night Rod in turn combines the low rear frame of the V-Rod ?? the chassis geometry is also the same? with centrally placed footrests. This lowers the seat height to 660 millimeters, the seating position is similar to that of the Street Rod. If you really want to stretch your legs forward,
there are additional notches, but without shift and brake levers.
n V-twin cylinder
n 1131 cm3
n 120 hp
n 16,995 euros
plus. Nk.

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