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Change the air filter



Change the air filter

Change the air filter
Change the air filter

Fuel consumption too high? Rough engine run? A dirty air filter can be the cause.


Fuel consumption too high? Rough engine running? A dirty air filter can be the cause.

What the screwdriver needs:
Which tool is required to remove the air filter differs depending on the motorcycle. Some models do not require any tools at all, others require a lot of screwing. If the tool kit is complete, all parts such as the tank and side cover can be removed in order to access the air filter box. The spray oil used to clean the air filter box can also be used to lubricate cables or loosen stuck screws.

Change the air filter

1. To remove the air filter insert, the seat and tank usually have to give way. When removing the tank, don’t forget to turn off the fuel cock. This is only unnecessary with a membrane fuel tap. Now unscrew the cover of the air filter box and remove the air filter insert. Some air filters are accessible from the side.

Change the air filter

2. In the model shown, a protective grille is installed in front of the intake duct. Usually, however, the intake ducts are exposed and should be sealed with a rag after removing the air filter box to prevent dirt, screws or other small parts from getting into the intake duct. However, do not forget the rag later.

Change the air filter

3. Always clean the dry air filter from the inside out. The best way to do this is with compressed air – available at the nearest gas station. Otherwise, knock out the air filter element with the outside facing down on the edge of the table. However, only the coarse dirt can be removed in this way. Old, completely dirty air filters must be replaced.

Change the air filter

4th. Rub out the air filter housing with an oil-moistened cloth so that additional dirt particles stick to the housing wall. Before reassembly, it is essential to clear any clogged intake ducts. Also make sure that all seals on the air filter housing and on the cover are correctly seated.

Change the air filter

5. When inserting the cleaned or new air filter, it is essential to observe the installation direction. Once the air filter housing has been reassembled, check the intake manifold for correct seating or any cracks. If the engine draws in secondary air, this results in a leaner mixture and can lead to engine damage.

Change the air filter

6th. The often small space under the bench for additional tools or rags tempts you to use even the smallest storage space. Which often leads to clogged intake ducts and desperate troubleshooting. Too little intake air makes for one “Excessive grease”. Consequence: high fuel consumption, unwilling throttle response.

Change the air filter

There’s still that too!
The types of air filters used in motorcycle construction are dry or wet air filters. Wet air filters are almost always installed in enduros and off-road motorcycles. These have the advantage that they hold back the finest dust better and can be cleaned more often, which is necessary every 1000 to 2000 kilometers when used off-road or on dusty roads. The accessory trade offers special cleaning sets for cleaning wet air filters, which are not cheap, but can be used in many ways. It is cheaper to wash the wet air filter with a cold cleaner or, if necessary, with detergent, but never with petrol. Do not pour the dirty waste water down the drain because of the oil residues, but take it to the gas station or the environmental vehicle. Let the air filter dry well after cleaning or blow it out with compressed air. The dry air filter is now soaked evenly with a special air filter oil and reinstalled. Excess oil must be wrung out by hand.

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