Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop

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Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop



Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop

Horror stories from the workshop
What good is cheap tools

Order to the author of the MOTORRAD workshop Franz Josef Schermer: Show us the tops and flops on your workbench. Which tools did you use to ruin your fingers, which equipment are you guarding like a treasure of gold?? Schermer counters: I dumped this lousy tool a long time ago. But do you know the story of Tussi on Tour?

Franz Josef Schermer


The evening could have been so nice, because in Pedro’s Spanish restaurant “La Guitarra” flamenco was the order of the day. But the dancer was somehow prevented, so Pedro played alone. And like a Spanish torero, I leaned slightly melancholy at the bar and came into contact with a nice kindergarten teacher named Gesine, who told me that she had just bought a motorcycle because, first of all, she had been “29 plus” for a few years and was therefore im best age at which women finally have to fulfill their dream of “child or bike”. Second, she had a steady guy who would only be interested in football. And third, she would have always loved Harleys. In the course of the evening we drank more Rioja Rose, drove our thoughts along Route 66 and, last but not least, I even told her about Angel Delgadillo’s legendary hair salon in Seligman, Arizona – the top address of all barber shops on Route 66.Sine was deeply impressed.

Sometime later she boarded her Sporty with a brisk leg swing, heaved it off the side stand, switched the ignition switch to “On” and pressed the starter head – but the jarring V2 did not want to start: “I have it right away, I know it. That’s why I have my toolbox with me, ”she muttered and fished it out of a leather handbag. When I saw what it showed, I almost passed out: a really pink plastic case called “Tussi on Tour”, inside of which a horror part waited next to the other one that was waiting for his screwhead to kill and screwdriver hands.

We so-called “professionals” shouldn’t laugh, but we can be sad. Because what Gesine bought some time ago in an East Frisian shop as a serious “tool case with 88 parts really cheap” is floating around in many motorcycle hobby workshops as basic equipment for committed mechanics: “Was once a super special price campaign in the hardware store.” Sometimes you also hear: “ From the Internet, I just had to bid for the price. ”The stuff is so bad that it’s not even worth melting down. The experienced screwdriver can only shake his head at the sight and shout desperately: “No, please don’t buy cheap tools! You can’t do a good job with bad tools! ”Add this little horror balance from my cabinet of curiosities.

Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop


Picture one: You are lost here.

Just look at the frayed brush once Picture one on. 1a goods from the hardware store. Bottom shelf. And thus also the bottom drawer. You couldn’t even remove Loctite residue from a few screws and the brush was gone. 

Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop


Image two: Demolition engineer at work.

on Picture two the twelve-nut has burst. Just like that, when loosening a “slightly” too tight figure eight nut. Admittedly, a little rust was also involved, but such a nut should be able to withstand 50 Newton meters without bursting with a loud bang. 

Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop


Photo three: The head thing – use the tool correctly.

But: Even if you don’t have bad tools in the workshop – you can also fail with good tools if you use them in an amateurish way. Frequently observed: an incorrectly inserted slotted or Phillips screwdriver (Picture three). Only when the tip fits correctly into the head of the screw can it be opened or properly tightened. The small electrician’s screwdrivers are often used to open all kinds of slotted screws, and the result is always: screw tight, slit screwed up, blade broken.

Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop


Image four: six or twelve point? The eternal lyre.

It is also not possible to turn a spoke nipple with a normal open-end wrench. There are extra nipple wrenches for this in steps of half a millimeter wrench size. If there is no other way, you can use two normal open-end wrenches as a makeshift to tighten the nipple. The question of whether screw heads should be turned better with a hexagon or twelve-point wrench is already higher screwdriver latin and is also discussed in detail and controversially at Pedro’s Bar: Let’s take a look Picture four where one of the hexagonal bolts commonly used today is shown. It has bevelled sides and rounded corners so that the nuts of the pneumatic screwdrivers installed on the assembly line in the factory slide on better. You don’t tackle such a screw in your garage at home with a twelve-point. It has to be a precision hexagon socket, but by no means an open-end wrench.

Cheap tools: horror stories from the workshop


Image five: a bike, dozens of screw versions.

Of course, the potpourri of a cladding screw connection as in Picture five To see: All the screws and rivets with which the fairing parts of a 2004 Yamaha R6 are fastened or held together have no uniform heads. Precision tools are also required for this, which cannot be screwed with an electrician’s screwdriver and water pump pliers!

Many of today’s machines, especially BMWs, have Torx screws. A decent Torx box is needed for this. Don’t be alarmed if the seller calls out “109 euros” on the recommended Hazet box. The effort pays off easily with the offered, almost indestructible quality.

With this in mind, we wish you all the best for the new motorcycle season. Gesine has now understood it too. Her pink trunk is now somewhere in the ditch. Not exactly on Route 66, but maybe on the B14. If you find it, bring it to Stuttgart and hand it in at the next flamenco evening at “La Guitarra”, host Pedro will serve you an Osborne in a preheated glass. At my expense.

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