Clothing, boots, gloves – A smart jacket against the rain –

A smart jacket against the rain

Clothing, boots, gloves - A smart jacket against the rain -

The young company Xtream Wearther founded by Fabrice Medlege will be offering from December 6 a clever line of jackets incorporating retractable leggings against the rain. Simple, but you had to think about it !

At first glance, it’s a motorcycle jacket like any other: neither heavier nor lighter, neither prettier nor uglier, except perhaps this logo a little too visible on the prototype that we tested..

But the main innovation of Xtream Wearther jackets lies in the patented device Lex System, which offers the presence of protective leggings against the rain: folded inside the jacket, they unfold on the front of the legs and are fixed with the help of scratches to protect against the rain. Simple, but original and a priori effective !

The same removable rain protection device is also provided for the buttocks, avoiding contact with a wet saddle, as well as "for the lower abdomen", explain modestly the young designers. Here again, it is about a retractable apron which makes it possible not to make wet the crotch.

In use, the Lex System It certainly takes a bit of practice to effectively deploy the leggings without getting excited. However, they fold up inside the jacket much more easily than one might imagine. For weather reasons beyond our control, it was not possible for us to test the product in "long-term" rain conditions. But after having suffered a few cold showers in the Paris region, the system seems just as effective as a classic rain suit..

Manufactured in Pakistan on behalf of the French company Xtream Wearther, an SARL with a capital of 20,000 euros domiciled in Grigny (Essonne), the jackets fitted with the Lex System should be available from December 6 in the main stores in the Paris region (Japauto, Pons, Dafy Moto, Moto Expert, Suzuki and Kawasaki Grande Armee) at around 200 euros.

Three models will be available for all styles of bikers and scooterists – including a sober three-quarter jacket for the executives and a stunt-style jacket for the djeunz – with the same characteristics: exterior in Cordura, central zip protected by a double central anti-flap. air vent, velvet collar and removable winter fleece collar, Wide collar designed to avoid constrictions due to the thickness of the scarves and neck warmers, removable winter lining in aluminum fiber protecting the bust and arms, interior jacket in REISSA (cousin of GoreTex), flexible preformed shoulder protectors, inner anti-air belt, 3M Scotchlite reflective bands and lines CE standard, 100% waterproof zippers and zip with anti-jamming system of the zip, three wallet pockets interior + 1 mobile pocket, anti-float straps on the arms and adjustment straps on the wrists and waist.


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