Clothing, boots, gloves – BMW wants to develop its image as a manufacturer of motorcycle equipment – AirFlow2 helmet

BMW wants to develop its image as a manufacturer of motorcycle equipment

Clothing, boots, gloves - BMW wants to develop its image as a manufacturer of equipment for bikers - AirFlow2 helmet

Thanks to the S1000RR and F800R, the image of BMW Motorrad is no longer limited to the single Flat Twin equipping big and expensive road cars. The Bavarian brand now wants to highlight its “ Ride ” collection of motorcycle equipment… Presentations.

AirFlow2 helmet

At first glance, the BMW AirFlow 2 helmet looks more like a ski helmet than a motorcycle helmet! And this rather unusual look, the new BMW Motorrad jet owes it to very precise specifications….

In addition to its integrated neck bridle preventing the helmet from rotating during shocks (see previous page) which give it this elusive aspect at the neck, we note the presence of large gills on the left and right temples..

Indeed, "optimal ventilation has been one of the priority objectives", informs us of the Munich brand, and"creating a modern urban design, on which refined aluminum components as well as the interior display form the basis of an original look, was another".

"The AirFlow 2 helmet lives up to its name with highly efficient airflow developed through numerous numerical simulations followed by wind tunnel testing and ultimately road testing", reaffirm the Germans (always read the previous page).

"Air passing through many channels in the inner shell", BMW Motorrad announces excellent ventilation, and at the same time ensures a"accomplished aeroacoustics", its sound level remaining"below that of classic jet helmets".

The shell of the AirFlow 2 helmet – which comes in three sizes – is made of synthetic material reinforced with high-strength glass fibers (composite). The inner shell comprises four segments of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with differentiated density. BMW emphasizes that the interior trim is removable and washable.

For "maximum security"The AirFlow 2 has two cheek pads. For briefly putting it on, Site can ensure that the comfort is increased. MNC on the other hand did not attempt to dislodge the screen which" can be replaced easily and quickly".

With regard to the chinstrap, BMW has chosen the microlock system with a notched tongue, very similar to that of ski boots! According to the manufacturer, this solution combines "the advantages of double D-ring closures (variability) over those of conventional microlock closures (quick and uncomplicated ordering)".

Intended for a category of urban bikers and scooter riders, AirFlow 2 is pre-equipped for the BMW Motorrad intercom communication system. Finally, these colors are subtly matched to the brand’s new maxiscooters: solid night black, Lightgrey metallic, titanium gray metallic, matt magnesium metallic and matt cosmic blue metallic..

  • Sizes: 52/53 to 62/63

  • Solid color: 359 €

  • Matt and metallic colors: 389 €

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