Clothing, boots, gloves – Esquad presents its new products 2009 –

Esquad presents its new products 2009

Clothing, boots, gloves - Esquad presents its new products 2009 -

It was during the JPMS 2009 that Esquad decided to unveil its new products for 2009. On the program for the French brand: a softer armalith, new Armadigo pants and a new line called Warning. Presentation…

It is on its stand at the JPMS in Lyon that the Esquad brand invited professionals to discover its latest products, available from March. And the first good news concerns the Armalith, this famous fiber which makes the jeans and the jackets of the range "The Legendary Armalith Apparel" so resistant….

Indeed, during our test of the E-Stein pants, we criticized it for excessive rigidity and too rough to the touch (read our).

Devilishly effective in the event of a fall (a video shot during the 2008 JPMS testifies to this on the page of the same test), the pants of this first collection therefore lacked in terms of comfort compared to jeans lined with kevlar or leather pants..

Now it seems that Esquad found the solution by using for its products "a new armalith having undergone numerous treatments to be more flexible and more comfortable to wear", announces the French brand.

Naturally, Pierre-Henry Servajean and his team would have succeeded in preserving all the properties of their product: "the number of technical fibers does not change and the level of protection remains the same", they attest.

Another novelty this year, a range "Armadigo"makes its appearance with its first representative: the Bootcut."It is in fact the new armalith that we have immersed in an indigo blue color bath, and which gives that vintage touch.", explains Audrey Nugue, the press officer.

The appearance of these new pants is therefore even closer to that of regular jeans and will age in the same way. "With time and washes, the indigo color will fade for a trendy vintage effect", predicts Esquad. When will an Armadigo" Stone washed " ?

Unlike the "legendary" 100% Armalith range, this Bootcut is armed with Armadigo in the places most exposed to the fall. The crotch, for example, is made of simple Denim. Thanks to this, E-Squad claims that its Bootcut will be displayed at "a more affordable price than for jeans while Armalith".

However, the Stein model – one of the 100% Armalith – is available on the online store at the same advertised price as the Boot Cut: 250 €. It is therefore the style and not the price that will decide the undecided ones.

Esquad is taking advantage of this change of year to inaugurate its new visual identity: a white E – with easily identifiable appendage – on a red background. Likewise, a hologram patch appears inside the pants: "very soon it will allow buyers to verify the authenticity of their jeans", directly on the Internet via a serial number.

Focused on new technologies, Esquad will also offer a hoodie called "Hoodie Jacket". Innovation this time: the hood protects against electromagnetic radiation – WiFi in particular – likely to be harmful to health.

Closer to the requirements of the rider, the "Warning Armalith Free" line also includes the "Track Jacket". A sweatshirt "with a bioceramic membrane for intelligent regulation of body temperature"…

Thanks to this membrane, the Track Jacket would be waterproof, breathable and effective against drafts. In addition, this jacket is reversible: "black for a modern "urban wear" style (cotton, editor’s note), it can be transformed into a neon red high visibility vest (in polyamide, NDLR), in case of emergency on the road".

A "multifunction" product therefore, whose effectiveness has interest in being bluffing in order to legitimize its price: 200 € all the same. To test therefore !

In this same "Warning" collection, Esquad offers teeshirts that also have technical added value: "vintage polo shirts and t-shirts are made of fabric impregnated with PCM thermolecules (NASA patented technology) for better thermal comfort", specifies the manufacturer.

Finally, the only exception to the Hi-Tech rule at Esquad: the Japan Denim jeans, "high density "old fashioned" weave", intended for a wider audience than the JPMS. Esquad does not go into more detail. And neither does Site !

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