Clothing – Gasoline Coolmax LT motorcycle jeans by All One –

Motorcycle jeans Gasoline Coolmax LT by All One

Clothing - Gasoline Coolmax LT motorcycle jeans by All One -

All One (Dafy Moto brand) is launching jeans for bikers that are comfortable and protective enough to travel on a motorcycle or scooter and face everyday life: the Gasoline Coolmax LT. Presentation.

Classic straight cut and denim blue color for this Gasoline Coolmax LT which combines the comfort of cotton (50%), the breathable qualities of Coolmax fibers (30%) and the strength of Cordura nylons (20%). All One also adds practical elastic tabs to slide under the soles for better support..

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Available from XS to XXXL, these motorcycle jeans also offer four main pockets and a little extra space in the right pocket specific to all jeans: the famous "Watch pocket" whose origin dates back to the 19th century to slip pocket watches. (no, it’s not the hood pocket!).

Protection is not neglected with homologated reinforcements on the hips and above the knees, moreover adjustable to two heights to adapt to the length of the legs. These Gasoline Coolmax LT motorcycle jeans are priced at 113.99 euros (108.29 euros for members of). 

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