Compare Yamaha Royal Star Classic Tour and Yamaha Drag Star Classic


Compare Yamaha Royal Star Classic Tour and Yamaha Drag Star Classic

Star and asterisk

How much cruiser does a person need? Two people who actually have a thing for speed go on a voyage of discovery.

Imagine you want to pursue the most beautiful thing in the world, riding a motorcycle on a sunny February day? and suddenly your boss gets wind of it. He wants with. Actually not bad, you think, because you get on very well with your superior. But the topic is: How many cruisers do people need? The new Yamaha Drag Star Classic and its big sister Royal Star Classic Tour are waiting for the test drive. And that’s where the dog is buried: The 600 DM racing driver Gegesch and Cruiser? of all things. Two worlds collide, one would think. “I really have to get out of the editorial office.” Who would deny his boss this wish, especially if he has already dressed in “cruiser-appropriate” clothes: lace-up jeans, half-shell helmet and the inevitable sunglasses, naturally mirrored.
To cruise: Travel at the most energy-saving speed possible, that’s what the dictionary says. That hits it pretty well. But doesn’t explain why cruisers go away like sliced ​​bread. The Yamaha Drag Star sold over 5000 times in 1997. A bestseller. At 13,790, the Classic version costs 1300 marks more than the normal version, but it will follow in their successful footsteps, that’s for sure. If only because the Classic looks a bit more similar to the great models from the USA. A fat-clad telescopic fork on which a huge lamp sits enthroned, thick fenders at the front and rear, made of sheet steel, of course, the license plate holder raised in proper style, memories of the Fat Boy from Milwaukee are inevitably awakened.
The Royal Star Classic Tour is much more independent. “Your Highness” does not need to borrow from the competition. At most the price: 28,490 marks for almost seven hundredweight heavy metal with leather panniers and a huge windshield, chrome in abundance ?? truly epoch-making dates. Designed for graceful travel in Gods own Country. And not so much for bumpy and winding Swabian country roads.
Still, in the editorial garage, Gegesch determinedly set course for the royal brummer. He wants a motorcycle with a lot of pressure from the lower rev range: 1300 cubic centimeters of displacement distributed over four V-shaped cylinders, full of over 100 Newton meters of maximum torque. What for the boss. And the little V2 stays for the editor.
Who already secretly laughs his sleeve after a short drive towards the Black Forest. The supposedly smaller and much weaker motorcycle is not on the losing side in a direct comparison. But on the contrary. At first, Gegesch has a hard time on the Royal Star, which he acknowledges with a shake of his head. Somewhat strange, the behavior of such a big ship. At least initially. The fat Royal Star often lurches around curves that it can make you feel very sick. This is probably one of the reasons why it remained at 75 hp, although its V4 engine in a modified form in the V-Max does almost twice as much. Dear Gegesch, that’s not a big hit. There’s no need to brake hard and bend to the maximum lean angle at the very last moment. Forget it. Just because of the stoppers. Anticipatory driving style and strong grip on the brake lever are urgently recommended? and a smooth driving style without any hectic as well. This is the only way it will bring you further if you have real fun. Always remember: the next motorway slip road or well-developed main road is sure to come. The king feels really at home there. Glide at 130 km / h and hardly a breeze stirs, thanks to the huge windshield. This then elicits a blissful grin from Gegesch. And what if the big front tire has its own way on the way there because of the overburdened telescopic fork on bumpy roads? He should. It’s around the corner, don’t worry. Even if the asphalt maltreats the huge running boards in almost every sloping position.
On the Drag Star Classic, this laudable facility is sorely missed in curves. Your shoemaker is happy for that, because the little one uses up heels? probably more than rear tires. With 40 hp and a mass of almost 240 kilograms, the Classic is not a lightweight. Breathtaking acceleration values? Nothing. Still no boring, the little V2. So amazingly lively up to 120 km / h, the 650 series even shows the rear of the displacement giant on winding passages. If only because their suspension set-up was much tighter. The all-round more successful vehicle. The Drag Star Classic is more agile and brakes as you would expect from a normal motorcycle. No matter how beautiful the bubbling of the Royal Star’s V4 engine, her V2 isn’t whispering either? and approved significantly less fuel.
But also compared to the Drag Star, who is currently working diligently towards the 30,000 kilometer mark in the MOTORRAD long-term test fleet, the “Classic” is clearly the better cruiser. It is easier to drive, can be turned more precisely in curves, despite the wider 130 mm front tire, with the Drag Star a 100 mm on a 19-inch rim is sufficient. Thanks to the more cranked handlebars, the seating position is also much more comfortable because it is more relaxed. And the mighty appearance is a welcome bonus.
The realization of the cruise day? There is a life beyond rebound and compression, after the desperate search for the best set-up of the 150 hp burner, the desperate hunt for the perfect lap times. Or just the fear of virginal knee sliders and the cheeky enduro rider who overtakes you on the outside of your home route. A cruiser takes this self-imposed pressure to succeed.
Gegesch wants to race again this year. Can’t let it go. But he definitely wants to come back to the next cruiser comparison. Okay boss. Only about the antique leather lace-up jeans, we should talk again.

Conclusion: Drag Star Classic

Congratulations, Yamaha. The Japanese have successfully topped up: The Classic costs a little more than the normal Drag Star, but it offers significantly more driving fun because it can be steered more precisely. Thanks to the redesigned saddle and the more cranked handlebars, it is more comfortable and enjoyable to drive through the country. The driving performance is always sufficient. And the visual appearance is also convincing. For that reason alone, it is by no means overshadowed by its big brother, the Royal Star.

Conclusion: Royal Star Tour Classic

A very special motorcycle, like a Royal Star Tour Classic. Sure, the driving behavior takes getting used to, especially on bad country roads, maneuvering needs to be learned because of the high weight and a strong hand is required for decent deceleration values. But at the latest on the motorway, the king exudes sovereignty. It is there that it shows its strengths: while you are gliding around with a good windbreak, listening to the incomparable sound of the V4, that has something too.

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