Comparison test of naked bikes

Comparison test of naked bikes


Buell or Triple, Guzzi or Buell. Three extroverted companions are up for debate. All just a purgatory of vanities ?? or real reason to want?

Love at first sight: does it really exist? What is there in any case is desire at first sight? triggered by purely external features that make the pulse beat faster, turn on by body and shape language. Characteristics are suggested, qualities assumed, only because of the sensational and also unusual appearance. At this moment, nobody thinks of a lifelong relationship, almost everyone else thinks of everything else.
Triumph Speed ​​Triple, Buell X1 Lightning and Moto Guzzi V11 Sport undoubtedly belong to the "eye-catcher" category. They stand out, regardless of the situation, polarize through design and technology, guarantee such a high-profile appearance, in short: they have something exotic, albeit for different reasons.
For example the Guzzi: The new one should build on the old Guzzi times. And above all to more successful ones. Back then the Twins from Mandello del Lario were part of the street scene, today the light green V11 attracts at least as much attention as a well-preserved V7 from 1971. Plenty of engine then as now, that promises temperament. The rest: reserved, classic, without concealing the considerable proportions. This is how an expensive tailor-made costume fits.
The Buell is different: this huge Milwaukee two-pot looks like Pamela Anderson in a swimsuit in filigree cane. Bold proportions that stand out, especially since the X1 in the bright orange color variant embodies the basic attitude, underlined by the metallic blue eyeshadow of the frame.
Restraint is also not the job of the Speed ​​Triple. Nevertheless, it is different again. The little black dress sits like a tight bodice, emphasizes the trained fitness, makes every muscle game visible. In addition, the captivating look, the crisp frame in metallic silver. Not for shy natures, but none of the three candidates will be shortlisted anyway. Extroverted bikers, on the other hand, do. For the sole reason that none of the three motorcycles are simply gliding. Looking different means driving differently here.
The Speed ​​Triple, for example, comes straight to the point like no other. Without long foreplay, tough, immediate ?? and always disciplined. She does not tolerate sloppiness? neither with yourself nor with the driver. Ascend, start ?? the three-cylinder is there at the first push of a button because the injection knows what it is doing ?? and take a stand. With an upright torso, but knees bent tightly, not constrained, but concentrated, even if the tank edges pinch a bit. There is no time to really annoy, because there is propulsion without delay. The black woman seems to foresee every twitch of the throttle, her engine responds so immediately, regardless of the speed. In addition, there is a drive train that nips every game in the bud, and a bone-dry transmission with short shift travel. In combination with the fully adjustable, but still tight spring elements even when the damping is turned up far, crystal-clear lines can be drawn on the asphalt without disturbing load changes or rocking. Or maybe not. When the right hand pulls the lever instead of the wire. Or rather, apply it gently, because just as consistent as the Triumph in its entirety is its brake in particular. Simply razor-sharp, in terms of effect and dosage. Not for cocky blanks who reach into the lever with their paws. It doesn’t offer that, just as inexperienced gas tearing open in first gear. The former is punished with a headstand, with the latter she stands on her hind legs.
In contrast to the V11. Their manners correspond to their appearance. Non-binding, more distant ?? on detours to the goal. This applies conditionally to the more than 100 cubic centimeters larger V2, which also accelerates spontaneously on the way to maximum speed, but is much more likely to lose breath. And with the buttery smooth six-speed gearbox, you can shift precisely over long distances. That is true ?? judging by the triumph ?? absolutely for the chassis, held together by the traditional backbone made of square steel profiles. Anyone who hits the wrong note here will not be happy. Because the Guzzi punishes fidgeting and hectic hustle and bustle on the throttle and gear lever with very unaristocratic load change reactions that quickly ruin the bottom line. Because she considers fast bends and higher freeway speeds to be beneath her dignity and draws attention to them with very specific commuting. Because even if you suddenly leave this speed range, the Brembo stoppers have an unclear pressure point. No question about it, this Guzzi needs to be understood. If you can do that, if you stick to clear agreements, you can spend more than an amusing tea time with her. Drive cleanly, in one stroke around the corner, the right gear and the right speed ready beforehand: That is convincing, then the V11 purrs, is much more manageable than the Speed ​​Triple and X1 and every Guzzi in front of it and offers despite lower handlebar stubs because of their softer ones Spring elements are even more comfortable, even if the vibrations beyond 5000 rpm are not very ladylike. But it is by no means more sporty – as the addition in the name indicates. This reference may refer to a well-tended round of golf.
That would be exactly the wrong environment for the Buell. She is how she dresses, drives how she looks. American, straightforward, straightforward ?? but also prone to exaggeration. With a big heart in the right place. Anyone who feels this pulse beat at the first rendezvous, inevitably swings to the beat at the traffic lights, feels pressed to their chest and gains confidence. Until he realizes that there must have been boundless optimism in the translation of the well-functioning five-speed gearbox, despite the Harley-Twin’s 94 hp. The overall gear ratio, which is too long, has an effect in every gear, which is impressively documented in the miserable pulling power and the slipping clutch when starting off. This is also a shame, because beyond 4000 rpm the annoying vibrations while driving disappear, but this speed is rarely reached on the country road, because even at 150 k / mh the speedometer only has 3800 rpm. And because, apart from that, the Buell leaves a thoroughly serious impression that one does not trust the garish shell. It is stable up to top speed, both on winding roads and on the motorway. It shines with its toothed belt secondary drive due to the non-existent load change reactions and a gathered, but by no means uncomfortable sitting position. Despite the solo disc (340 mm), it brakes slightly worse at the front than the Guzzi and much worse than the Triumph, but it is definitely sufficient for domestic use. What really bothers is the stucky fork, which lacks sensitivity, and a penetrating shock absorber. Then there is awkwardness in dealing with two people. Although namely the arrangement of the bench and footrests ?? as with the other two? is quite inviting, the Buell’s mono strut reaches its limits so quickly that any passengers flee from the hard blows.
This is not really tragic because neither Speed ​​Triple nor V11 or X1 are candidates for a lifelong connection with sackcloth. Rather, it is about fun, intimate hours for two or the tour of scene get-togethers on mild summer nights. People like to pull out the wallet, charge, spend: The cheapest thing is the Buell, whose poor translation has a positive effect on drinking habits, especially on the motorway. Most expensive in all respects: the classic Dame V11, which, thanks to its large 22-liter tank, shows stamina, while the Speed ​​Triple shines with the lowest consumption on country roads. And ?? considered in absolute terms ?? offers the most value for the money. No matter if top speed, acceleration, pulling power. It is in a class of its own in this trio, outclasses the two two-cylinder units. Simply dominant.
Und a good reason to choose the Triumph, which also offers the lowest cost price. In addition, it was the only one that made it through the test laps without a defect, while the exhaust system of the X1 was unable to cope with the vibrations and the Guzzi tachometer sometimes went crazy. Marginalia, indeed. But only if longed for doesn’t turn into love. And none of the three are safe from that.

3rd place – Buell X1 Lightning

3rd placeKnapp, scarcer, Buell: The engine wears its trappings like hot pants, the polished rims look like stilettos. Of course, she is not stingy with stimuli. But there is more to it than that. A stable chassis, for example, even if the strut located under the engine in particular occasionally bottomed out when the car was moving at a brisk pace. The fact that the temperament also falls by the wayside is due to the unsuccessful gear ratio. The heartbeat, on the other hand, is inimitable. And that alone is worth a sin.

2nd place – Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

2nd placeThis lady knows how to sell. She knows how attractive she is and her deep voice flatters every driver’s heart. But there is hardly a light without a shadow. The lack of driving stability, the violent load change reactions and the not entirely successful coordination of fork and shock absorber odd the pleasure. The lady still has to work on herself, because her ancestors did not know this weakness. But also not the striking handiness and the unproblematic transmission.

1st place – Triumph Speed ​​Triple

1st placeNot a gram too much, well-trained, always on the go: With the Speed ​​Triple you don’t joke, but accept the challenge. The reward: an almost perfect motorcycle with an inimitable character. Like no other, she manages to convey the experience of motorcycling. Just the engine? a stunner. Regardless of whether it is in terms of sound or performance. Under these circumstances, people are happy to accept a loss of comfort – and even the new, round silencer that looks suspiciously like Japan.

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