Comparison test of naked bikes BMW R 1150 R Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Voxan Scrambler

Comparison test of naked bikes BMW R 1150 R Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Voxan Scrambler

There are three of us

Born out of tradition and self-confidence, three very individual Euro-Bikes roll for comparison: an all-rounder, an athlete and a joker.

The step from survival to freedom struggle was fluid and almost conspiratorial. But now the world is amazed by a whole range of cheeky and technically sophisticated motorcycles made in Europe, and Nippon’s manufacturers, who a few years ago still graciously smiling rulers of all sales statistics, are amazed: Heartbreakers from Bologna, Mattighofen or Munich go away like hot cakes.

Especially on this side of supersport, there are more and more European bikes that are given that certain something with a mild dose of courage. Three undisguised Big Twins from BMW, Moto Guzzi and Voxan may prove this: The French newcomer presents the world’s first 1000cc scrambler, Italy’s traditional forge is polishing up old values ​​and shapes, and Bavaria’s engine factory sends off a provocatively packaged all-rounder. The nominal power of 81 to 91 hp is on a comparable level, the prices of around 20,000 marks unfortunately also.

The rendezvous on the MOTORRAD test track begins with a stretch of the motorway. However, the full throttle stage has to be interrupted after a few kilometers because its steering damper, closed eight clicks, seduces Guzzi to commute. When fully open, the V11 drives up to 190 km / h as unmoved in a straight line as befits a Le Mans heiress, over which it commutes easily. Still stronger than the Voxan, which despite its ultra-wide handlebars scratches the 200 mark with astonishing stability. Then the upright pilot, who is hanging in the hurricane, is fed up with the almost straight arrow BMW and the V11.

To the next discipline ?? Highway consumption ?? the trio meets again and climbs the Swabian Alb at a moderate pace. Voxan likes that. There she can show off the amazing smoothness of her four-valve V-engine, whose power output can be smoothly metered, which comes out nicely from the cellar, which never loses its appetite and hardly vibrates. In certain speed regions even Bavaria’s champion boxer shakes more, but the 1150 is also one of the cultivated. And to the strong ones: Above 3000 revs it clicks off like a razor, half throttle is enough to unhook the scrambler and embarrass the sport. Their noticeably, but not unpleasantly vibrating, two-valve valve always takes its time to pass through the power hole between 3500 and 4500 rpm. As usual, a Guzzi wants to be turned so that it can really hit the top third of its performance band. But that comes later, she completes the consumption trot with a smooth and easily controllable performance, but protests around the back and swallows a full 6.2 liters. Too much, and with 5.7 liters the BMW is just in the tolerable range? MOTORRAD already had more economical models.

We the other hand, the constant jerking of this 1150 R hardly deserves its name, it just twitches very quietly at constant, low speeds. Even less so with the V-engines, which are also supplied by electronically controlled injection systems. Unfortunately, BMW alone uses the modern engine management to install a regulated catalytic converter, Guzzi and Voxan have to do without any exhaust gas cleaning.

With full tanks it goes into the cornering area, deeper and deeper. Fast, even curves. Long arches with waves. Serpentines of patched asphalt. Then again well-kept changing passages. The BMW is at home. You can’t. Its modern chassis seems to have grown together with the respective ground, it turns in obediently, stoically stays on course, only reacts to bumps with a slight tendency to pitch. Its spring base has been increased by means of a handwheel, which makes it more manageable. The rebound stages were closed by one and a half turns with a screwdriver at the front and rear so that it does not wobble. An almost ideal compromise between comfort and firmness.

The V 11 Sport can do this with its multi-adjustable suspension. If you still demand more, you will be rewarded for it: if you sort gears and gas correctly, you can experience how it hisses cleanly through bends under tension, if you select your line with foresight, the engine overturning torque and cardan reactions are outwitted , the moderate positioning during lean angle braking is alien to you, because it slows down before turning. He can do it, and that is still one of the most beautiful moments of happiness that motorcycles convey. Experts are not irritated by a brief twitch in the central tube frame when the V 11 crosses hard bumps in fast corners.

On the Voxan everyone can. You have to get it right first, because this motorcycle is anything but boring. But drives well, so well. With a soft, appealing fork that offers the very sporty pilot too little damping and spring progression, but easily carries the rest of the world over every dent while maintaining its management tasks. With an acceptable, horizontally installed shock absorber at the rear, which guarantees a good grip even on tarred stain carpets with slightly closed rebound damping. In terms of handiness, it surpasses BMW and, above all, Moto Guzzi by far, its bridge frame, made of the huge steel tubes peeking out from under the tank, always guarantees a safe driving experience in fast passages. There is never any hesitation to challenge the lively 72-degree twin.

The handlebars, which are softly mounted in rubber, require a bit of getting used to, as they successfully absorb vibrations, but move noticeably, making it difficult to find traces of road robbers. Real robbers would also want crisper brakes. The double-piston calipers from Nissin grip the two front discs too gently. The exact pressure point is missing, even if the performance is still good enough even in two-person operation. Braking is more fun with the Guzzi even when the vehicle is stationary: A delicious fitting with a round expansion tank and a beautiful master cylinder invites you to grab a hand. The four-piston pliers bite very directly, but require strong hand strength if they are to go further. What quietly cheers today’s BMW drivers: Once they have got used to their servo-assisted and ABS-secured stop system, they can do everything with one or two fingers at most. Even if he did without ABS, which few R 1150 R customers do, he would still get the best retarders in this field with the normal Evo brakes.

The best transport option is also from Munich. Almost as standard. In any case, the appropriately set landing gear is the least likely to be impressed by a passenger and the boarder is by far the most comfortable. But he can only hold on properly if his driver has ordered the luggage system. The large and well-shaped handles are attached to the straps. In turn, every Scrambler has had this since birth, the distance between the bench and notches fits perfectly, the tight, short seat, on the other hand, is more tempting to go on excursions than on vacation tours. And the guzzisti? Will probably stay solo, because behind its well-contoured individual seat it only reached the emergency stalls, because on top of that the beautiful and powerful sounding mufflers drove the passenger pegs too far up and finally there is no reasonable handle.

Anyone who feels called to be a lone rider should be smaller than 1.75 meters if possible. Long-legged people can’t get their knees into the tank bulges, after a long tour their knees pinch because their legs have to be bent sharply. Sensitive natures will also find fault with the BMW, which also buys its astonishing freedom from lean angles with high notches, i.e. narrow flexion angles. And on the Voxan, the tightly padded driver’s seat rises a little too steeply backwards. Everyone thinks rump is stupid.

But if you want to cry, you should buy a mobile upholstered suite. OKAY? So let’s go to the kickback track. No bench in the world will help anyway. Fast, very fast over patches and dents, fast and with a light front wheel out of the corners. When braking, the Voxan fork punctures briefly. Otherwise no major complaints about the spring elements. They’re not super athletes. The Guzzi twitches the steering, so ?? there he is again ?? turned the damper back on. Eight clicks, logo, and now it is on its way. Even better than the Voxan, which at the exit of a curve, when opening the gas quickly, cannot hide its weight distribution, which is heavy on the rear wheel. The most calm, and no one is any longer surprised, is the BMW. Almost like a rail vehicle.

Quickly to the measuring section. Circling pylons and securing the knowledge gained. BMW and Voxan offer the most freedom from lean angles, but because the cylinders on the R hit hard at some point and then, the French woman gets one more point. At the Guzzi, the side stand mounted far in front had already scratched on the country road, now it is unmistakably pounding the asphalt.

Continue to the autobahn, drive another consumption. The 100. Time for reflection: the common denominator of the three test subjects is fun. Lots and lots of carefree. That’s why they all get a MOTORRAD recommendation for their future life. The world needs such motorcycles made of real shot and grain. In which easy going nothing soft-washed adheres and sports challenges the machinist and allrounds get by without gusto.

M.orgen is still a test day. Luckily: once again listen to the grim suction noise of the Guzzi. Lure the BMW out of the speed cellar. Scramble through tight curves with the Voxan. Experience at a high level that there are many ways to freedom on two wheels.

Comparison test of naked bikes BMW R 1150 R Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Voxan Scrambler

There are three of us

3rd place – Moto Guzi V11 Sport

Who says athletes need a bowl? The characteristics of the engine, the sitting posture, everything suggests a brisk pace on the Guzzi, and that’s why the V11 is rightly named. Your intake snorkeling, the impact of your flywheel when upshifting, the details ?? lots of timelessly beautiful joys, and hopefully long-lasting thanks to Aprilia’s quality control.

2nd place – Voxan Scrambler

The idea is over thirty years old, and anyone who can still remember Scramblers from Ducati or Honda will regret that the motorcycle world had to wait so long for a successor. The Voxan takes on the legacy very nonchalantly: super handling, very easy handling, courage to other lines. And it complements the concept with a powerful, cheerful engine.

1st place – BMW R 1150 R.

Suppose a VW Polo would be sensitive. Then there would be no decent motorcycles. Then the R 1150 R would be a pleasure object that bundles as many two-wheeler pleasures as possible. That sounds almost reasonable again and may be one reason why this BMW is selling well. The others: ABS as an option, a great range of accessories and ?? in series – G-Kat and sheer driving pleasure.

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