Concept comparison Yamaha TDM vs. BMW R 1150 RT, Honda Hornet and Triumph Tiger


Concept comparison Yamaha TDM vs. BMW R 1150 RT, Honda Hornet and Triumph Tiger

Concept comparison Yamaha TDM vs. BMW R 1150 RT, Honda Hornet and Triumph Tiger

Three in one?

One for all ?? or all nothing? Yamaha has built a new TDM. And again the world is faced with the question: what is this motorcycle actually trying to tell us?

Do you know Heinz-Barbel Bade? No? Anyway, he probably doesn’t know you either. Doesn’t matter either. In any case, Heinz-Barbel has a problem. Not with his name, it has even grown over the years. But ?? and that’s the point: unfortunately only internally. From the outside, Heinz-Barbel is a bit short: 1.63 meters ½. Which wouldn’t be really bad if Bath hadn’t set it in his head to become a major tourist.
In a shocking letter to the editor, he described the shame of the little man who is repeatedly thrown back down to earth: when getting on, when stopping, when turning. Finally, H.-B. move its radius of action beyond the national border in order to even get a demonstration machine. But even there, the dealers are now nailing up their garages when they hear the telltale rattle of its 700-year-old DT 250. Two-stroke enduro. Tiny.
The man needed a perspective. Urgent. Resolutely, I threw myself in front of my PC: “Dear Mr. Bathtub, forget about the pig buckets.” Stop. Bad beginning. Clear. Again: “Dear Heinz-Barbel, you are not alone.” Yes, that sounds good. “I know this devastating feeling … (Laberlaber) … but tell me,” do you know the new TDM? It looks huge and somewhat like Enduro, but it is so deep that even yours truly (1.58 five) has the blessing of simultaneous two-sided ground contact. “
Don’t lie, Schulzi, warns my conscience. You can’t even get two toes off at once. Right. But feels like it. The recently aluminum-framed two-cylinder Yamaha is fairly well balanced and has slimmed down nicely around the waist. In addition, the bathtub is five centimeters longer than me, which is fine.
Just ?? whether the TDM really has any big game-like traits à la Triumph Tiger? Doesn’t it look more like a freshly cloned insect? And thereby conceal the good breeder who is in truth in her? Now it’s getting complicated. “But don’t panic, Heinz-Barbel, we’ll get that under control.” With a casual little role play. Everything has already been arranged: Tiger, Honda Hornet 900 and BMW R 1150 RT are just waiting for your cue.
First act, Grand Tourisme: TDM meets R 1150 RT. Clear case, one might think. Already in terms of appearance: The Yamaha embodies the young, dynamic globetrotter, at home and popular on all streets of the world, while the Bavarian boxer performs epic bourgeois caravan ballads. The weight control of the two two-cylinder units also speaks for this distribution of roles: 223 kilos on one side, 281 on the other. Oh yes, the BMW is dragging its equipment. Cardan, integral ABS, main stand, couch set and a truly Olympic fairing with electrically adjustable window ?? something comes together. Not least pecuniary. Such an R 1150 RT costs the pretty little fortune of 14195 euros. Without heated grips and hifidelity. Case, double socket and adjustable seat height are standard. The TDM is comparatively poor: luggage rack and hook, done. Makes 9750 euros.
“I want to be completely honest here, Bathtub: As a rule, I don’t like Bavarian cosiness. The RT, however, turned my head to a certain extent. «Not because of the caravan number: Never, never would I have thought possible with what enthusiasm this battleship throws itself into life. You sit amazingly close to the handlebars and swivel the thing around the corner with a matter of course that makes you forget all the derailments of the Bavarian engine factory: third-class gearbox, vibrations, quirky constant speed jolt and that sharp “Let me” when you pull the cable properly. Not an issue at all? as long as the supply of wide curved radii lasts. Always stay in the flow and on the torque wave. Enjoy the stable side position, the smooth change of lean angle, the sovereign suspension ensemble. How did Bayern manage that? Only when the gas is taken out or switched on do you notice: Yikes ?? it’s a boxer after all. He stumbles!
And releases the ring for the 900 Yamaha. However, it wavers in the first lap. Mainly because of her unwillingly coordinated forehand: Significantly too soft, she brings way too much movement into play and sometimes messes up the targeted line. On the other hand, the fork reacts stubbornly to short bumps and when braking again sinks to such an extent that any feeling for the front wheel is lost. That’s why things are not particularly good anyway. Because of this strangely rearward-facing seating position. You sit in the nirvana of the rear engine room, shaken by the unyielding strut, and the handlebars are so damned far away. “So far, Brother Barbel, that your arm’s length is probably just enough for the tight turn around.”
But it is agile, the Yamaha. Very casual to deal with. Much handier than its 850 predecessor, not least thanks to the lighter bikes. Incidentally, the TDM has lost an impressive 25 pounds in total. And with all the love for the BMW R 1150 RT: In direct comparison with the 900, the boxer does seem to strive for dynamism.
Just ?? who cares at this point? Grand Tourisme was the theme. The pain-free readers remember. And from a strictly tourist point of view, the TDM is clearly at a disadvantage: the seat is hard in the long run, the space for the passenger is too tight, and the payload of 201 kilograms for a touring motorcycle is sharply at the limit. Wind and weather protection completely lubricate. While on the BMW, when it gets uncomfortable outside, you turn up the radio, heating and windshield, on the Yamaha you have no choice but to defend yourself from the elements. Pure motorcycling ?? without a net and a false bottom. In good and bad days.
So naked bike? No. Stop. Don’t jump to conclusions now. A naked bike like this usually has a lot more engine. In which ?? what does normal mean at TDM? So let’s see how the second act goes on.
TDM meets Honda Hornet: a very special encounter. Both protagonists are styled extremely unconventionally. The Hornet announced in MOTORRAD 4/2002 that it had the naked bike scene firmly under control: Winner on points over the Kawasaki ZRX 1200, Suzuki 1200 Bandit and Yamaha XJR 1300. The only criticism worth mentioning: a slight twitch of the handlebars and one A fork that is a little too soft. She doesn’t have to be ashamed of the latter in front of the Yamaha. Especially since the emphasis is on “something”. The former comes to light when you accelerate hard on badly prepared asphalt. Not insidious, however. Anyone who is not completely at it with gross motor skills can feel it right from the start? and also feels that the driver actually has a right to twitch at this point. Because as the hornet accelerates, that’s breath taking.
Four cylinders, real 109 hp, 11.5 seconds from zero to 200! “Buckle up, Heinz-Barbel, something’s going on.” In its earlier life, this engine fired none other than the CBR 900 RR, born in 1998. For its use in the Hornet, however, it was modified and its peak performance was cut. Of course, the hornet of the TDM still drives around completely unleashed. Even more extreme than expected, as the Yamaha engine only brings 80 of the promised 86 hp. It was still able to impress the boxer, but the five-valve engine looks burned out compared to the lively, high-performance Honda quad that is always ready to turn and thrust. Not really sparkling. Although it operates with modern technology, and has even been granted injection, the twin cannot deny its origins from the 80s. He started with the little loved XTZ 750 Super Tenere. The load change reactions are also tradition? no TDM without this plague, which is particularly annoying in the narrow Winkelwerk.
This is exactly where the Hornet is in top form. Thanks to their incredibly easy handling. Another proof for the theory of relativity. “You have to imagine it like this, Heinz: In the beginning there is the BMW and the amazement. Then you get on the Yamaha? oops, motorcycling can be so easy. And if you had switched to the Honda, you would probably be lying in the corner by now. Because of the brute use of force. The Hornet doesn’t need you, it will find its way on its own. «Hooks and hooks that make one dizzy. Fresh, cheeky, downright bold. Only the shortest line is good enough. Hornet, that’s the thorn in the flesh of all superbikers. Only yesterday got another one. Mimed the Fogarty at the pass so as not to be canned, but the hornet passed. They say there was a shopping bag on her handlebars and Foggy lit his knee sliders.
Need a breather at the TDM? It can go that fast. Just complained about the uneventful character and now let yourself be pampered by the calm and the friendly bubbling. Alright ?? After all, it was announced that you do not understand this Yamaha immediately. In any case, it has little to do with a naked bike like a Honda Hornet. She loves the big, more extravagant gestures. Works more like analog, the hornet digital.
Ok ?? So all that remains is the enduro: “With a little luck, bathtub, your future will be carved after the third act.”
TDM meets Triumph Tiger 955i ?? a very, very big big enduro. “And up, Heinz, Barbel, so high up that you get dizzy looking down.” Aaah, adjustable seat height. Class! Put it down until it stops. Crap: still 84 centimeters. But that alone is not the problem: the bank is too wide. At least for people like Barbel and me. However, it is absolutely fascinating how easily this dream of a motorcycle can be balanced on one toe. Feels like the tigers are on car tires.
And this impression continues when you drive off. The Englishwoman reacts terribly tough to steering movements. Not enough air in the tires? Nope. Steering head bearings too tight? N / A ?? maybe a little bit. So a 1/8 turn solved. It’s already going better. But good is different. However, over time you get used to the feeling. Just give in a bit weird, the tigers? so what? Also drives pretty wide arcs…
“No, Heinz, I’m not kidding, the Triumph is really moving so strangely. As if the British had hidden a huge steering damper somewhere and turned it off. ”The change in lean angle, on the other hand, works easily in an Enduro style. In broad strokes you swing from curve to curve, enjoying the smooth up and down of the suspension elements, the stately seating position behind the wide handlebars and the knowledge that you could turn off into the terrain at any time.
Theoretically, that works with the Yamaha? just like any other motorcycle. It’s just not fun. Because neither the tires nor the rock-hard rear shock absorber are suitable for it. Quite apart from the fact that the suspension travel is generous, but still too short for off-roading. “Still, Bathtub, we’re really close. In normal street life, a TDM doesn’t drive much differently than a Tiger. And: not worse! «Okay ?? you may have a better grip on the Triumph because the handlebars are closer to hand. But the Yamaha reaches into full braking when it comes to braking: with the four-piston system from the R1! On the other hand, the Tiger brake looks downright blunt. And otherwise?
Klar, the engine. This three-cylinder from Hinckley is inimitable: sounds better, comes better. Feels a lot like a turbine: no vibrations, no disruptive load changes ?? nothing but steady, gentle thrust. And thirst? Not even more than the Yamaha. As long as it is civilized. However, you can tempt the tigers to drink. In continuous running at 160 km / h, it draws in a good eight liters of super. A house like that has quite a high air resistance.
“We shouldn’t go into any further details at this point, Heinz-Barbel. Otherwise everything will be talked to death again. Now just try the Yamaha out. ??

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Concept comparison Yamaha TDM vs. BMW R 1150 RT, Honda Hornet and Triumph Tiger

Concept comparison Yamaha TDM vs. BMW R 1150 RT, Honda Hornet and Triumph Tiger
Three in one?

Virtue becomes a necessity

“He who brings a lot will bring something to some.” Good old Goethe, eh? Has really understood something about motorcycles. Basically, the new Yamaha TDM 900 struggles with the same problem as any other egg-laying woolly milk sow: its virtue is in dire straits. Instead of nodding approvingly, the common world sharpens the knife and first dissects the unusual being thoroughly. To finally find with satisfaction that it cannot do this and that and that. Of course, you need clues (who likes to buy a pig in a poke? And it should be noted that the Yamaha is not convincing in some points. But one must not forget that there is no other motorcycle that voluntarily stretches itself according to so many standards. Seen in this way, things could have been presented in a completely different way, based on the fresh and cheerful motto: “Look what it can do!” Comes almost as powerful as a Triumph Tiger and invites you to handle it at an appropriate seat height 223 kilos of machine. Brakes like an athlete, conveys great open-world feelings and does not go bad for 80 hp. In general (the engine: injection, engine management, regulated catalytic converter, SLS. The load change reactions are glitch, right. And the coordination of the Suspension elements don’t work either, but other bikes also struggle with such problems, which are far less effective.

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