Configurator for tuned and approved Vespas

Vespa configurator from Scooter & service

Approved upgraded with up to 32 HP

More power, good chassis and decent brakes, and all of this is also subject to approval – that is the basis of Scooter Vespa tuning & Service. Regardless of whether it is your own Vespa, small tuning series or commissioned work.

Vespas are beautiful. And if they are old Vespas, almost everyone likes to look. Now imagine, such a chic vintage Vespa gets up to five times the power, a completely new chassis including a new fork and decent disc brakes. Sounds expensive? It is. But also a really nice thing for Vespa fans. Mainly because most of the projects are eligible in the end.

Vespa conversion kit from 2,390 euros

If you want to lean on your own Vespa, it starts at 2,390 euros. The conversion kit includes, among other things, sheet metal work on the body: There are six configurations to choose from for the rear and the side panels, there are two suggestions and three different handlebars for the front and fenders. The raw style paintwork, which is available in many colors, is particularly eye-catching. Individual color requests can also be implemented. The fun costs 900 euros extra, which means that the conversion kit would then be 3,290 euros. If you don’t have your own Vespa, you can also use an original, brand-new Piaggio body. Cost: 800 euros.

Vespa small series "Superlow Series"

Scooter and Service

Service Superlow Series model in Vespa Sprint design and paintwork in "Audi tent gray matt".

In addition to the conversion kit, Scooter & Service but also their own, very fine Vespa small series – the Superlow Series. All conversions are based on a normal Vespa PX. The customer selects engine setups, components and style in the configurator, the delivery time is around 60 working days. It starts with a base price of a proud 12,500 euros. As with the conversion kit, the customer either brings the body with them or pays 800 euros extra for the original and brand-new Piaggio body.

22, 26, 27, 29 or 32 HP power

In addition to the solutions for the rear, side panels, fenders, front and handlebars, which are also offered in the conversion kit, the Superlow Series also has to do with engine power: 221, 244 or 260 cm³ displacement as well as 22, 26, 27, 29 or Vespa buyers can select 32 hp in the configurator. The 22 PS version is included in the base price, the other variants cost between 300 and 800 euros extra. The luxury version comes for 4,990 euros and is called "BFA Motori 306ccm". Anyone who has their engine housing plus add-on parts powder-coated increases the price by a further 600 euros.

Scooter and Service

Ready-to-paint body conversion of a Superlow Series model based on a Vespa PX body.

Modern disc brakes

The extra power also needs to be properly tamed, which is why the front drum brake gives way to a radially hinged 4-piston brake system. Here, too, there are several options: The Nissin brake pump is part of the basic equipment of the Superlow Series, while the Magura version costs 299 euros. There are three brake discs to choose from, the axle mount and brake calliper are only available in black or silver.

All-round new chassis

All performance – including braking – is only really fun if the chassis is set up for it. This is why there are four shock absorbers for the front and four rear to choose from in the Vespa tuner’s configurator. At the bottom, a 3-inch wide tire kit for the rear or a 4-inch version is available for the Vespa of the Superlow Series, with the Continental Twist in the dimension 100/80 being drawn on at the front.

Scooter and Service

Superlow Series model in the 50s style: Vintage Rawstyle paintwork and in-house development, CNC-manufactured motorcycle stub handlebars.

The Vespa configurator from Scooter & But service offers even more: whether indicators, taillights, benches, speedometers, choke levers, throttle or headlights – there are few or no limits to the Vespa upgrade. In addition to the many raw style paint finishes, the configurator also suggests colors such as "Giallo Prototipo", "Audi tent gray matt" and "BMW Frozen Gray Metallic matt".

Most elaborate Vespa conversion "Project PS 240"

By far the most complex Vespa conversion from Scooter & Service is the Vespa PS 240 project. For this, a PX frame was connected to a GS rear. The flatter steering head angle of the PX body should lead to significantly better straight-line stability and also offer the possibility of lowering the Cosa Superlow fork again without the fender hitting the frame or cascade. The GS rear, on the other hand, is significantly shorter compared to the PX or Sprint models, which gives the PS 240 a "smallframe" look. The 4-piston radial brake in conjunction with a floating Stage 6 brake disc and the Magura radial brake pump with twelve mm pistons ensure deceleration. Thanks to the high-quality and fully adjustable shock absorbers at the front and rear, new worlds should open up to the dedicated Vespa pilot.

Scooter and Service

Vespa "PS 240" with a water-cooled 250 cm³ Husqvarna cylinder is the most complex Vespa conversion from Scooter to date & service.

On the drive side, this version uses a water-cooled Husqvarna WR 250 cm³ motocross cylinder, which was adapted to a Vespa engine with the help of a specially developed reinforcement structure and the crankshaft made for this purpose. Connecting rods, carburettors and exhausts are also custom-made. On the in-house test bench, the Vespa PS 240 pressed 41.4 hp at 7,842 rpm and 37.9 Nm maximum torque at 7,445 rpm.

Vespa 250N with 52 hp

Even more power is possible: with 52 hp, the Vespa 250N was from Scooter & Service head "Wolle" launched the first Vespa with over 50 HP in 2007, generated by a 250 cm³ Husqvarna single cylinder.

Who is behind Scooter & service?

Armed with a small loan and two tool cases, Wolfgang "Wolle" Riehn founded Scooter in 2000 in a small eight square meter shop in downtown Hamburg & Service. The first renovation projects and in-house developments emerged and the small shop was soon bursting at the seams. Meanwhile, "wool" is with his scooter & Service has moved twice and is at home on 600 square meters in Bispingen, which is around 60 kilometers south of Hamburg.

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