Custom Works Zon Stealth Crow: I was a BMW K1600 B

Custom Works Zon Stealth Crow

I was a BMW K1600 B

The Japanese customizer Custom Works Zon grabbed a BMW K1600 excavator and built a veritable custom bike from it.

D.he Japanese customizer Custom Works Zon has also been a household name among European customers since the presentation of the Departed study on the new big boxer from BMW. With the Stealth Crow, which has now been presented, which again spans a large BMW engine, the Japanese are pushing on another spectacular project.

Can be completely retrofitted

The approach to the Stealth Crow was simple. The conversion should be completely reversible, so that every customer can restore their K1600 to the standard condition and the conversion can also be offered as a complete kit. It’s hard to believe when you look at the Stealth Crow.

As with the production bike, the visual focus is at the top at the front. New carbon fiber laminate panels that look like a monocoque stretch from the round headlights at the front to the driver’s seat and down to the fairing keel. White lines on the visible carbon mat structure are reminiscent of old BMW models. The rear wheel is allowed to present itself freely, only a license plate arm, which integrates the rear light and the indicators in a minimal form, starting from the swing arm pushes into the picture.

Six-cylinder remains untouched

The original cockpit instrument was integrated into the dummy fuel tank in front of the driver. The filler neck sits behind the driver. An M-shaped tubular handlebar was mounted on the upper fork bridge. The mirrors moved to the ends of the handlebars.

Custom Works Zon

The 1,649 cc in-line six-cylinder with 160 hp and 175 Nm torque was taken over unchanged. He is allowed to exhale through two short rear silencers that open out on the left and right in front of the rear wheel. For the sake of appearance, the front fork and the entire cardan drive were polished to a high gloss.

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