Deussen-Ducati 1040 in the test at TunerGP 2015

Deussen-Ducati 1040 in the test at TunerGP 2015

Miraculous change

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Once upon a time there was a good Ducati 848. A little too good for its owner after his buddies all upgraded to Panigale. It became the Deussen-Ducati 1040.

Folks, I can tell you: hard times are behind me. What did I have to endure after my owner decided to tune me. I was always loyal to him. Okay, maybe I’m not the absolute best when it comes to some action. You know what I mean. But Daniel and I were happy, a real dream team. Until his buddies showed up with their dressed up chicks. As they are called: 1199 Panigale. Completely arrogant. They probably think they are better. I praise my name: D.ucati 848. Sure, real, unaffected. 

Deussen-Ducati 1040 in the test at TunerGP 2015

Miraculous change

Easy 11,500 beats per minute

What can I say, I feel great as a Deussen-Ducati 1040! I can now easily manage 11,500 beats per minute, a thousand more than before. In addition, the measuring device from the PS boys certifies the power of 163 horses. There are a mere 134 in my baptismal certificate from 2009. Mario and Daniel did a really good job. 

The PS students think so too. As a Deussen-Ducati 1040, I would deliver my power very evenly and easily, they praise. Daniel played a big part in this. After all, his main job is as an electronics engineer for an engine developer. At home he put me on a roller dynamometer and turned my engine up again and again. In between he typed something into his computer. That was really exhausting. In the end I was allowed to go out on the street. Daniel mumbled something about "Fine-tuning via Lambda", but I didn’t care. Finally let off steam! The PS boys think I would now run a little rougher than my untouched sisters. Daniel doesn’t care. He loves me for who I am and says that the others are too boring for him. How sweet!

You don’t beat a lady over bumps

The guys from PS also have something to complain about. As a Deussen-Ducati 1040, I sometimes stir my handlebars violently, they think. It’s your own fault! You don’t brutally beat a lady over bumps and step on the gear lever as if you wanted to ram a spade into dry earth. Callous dumbbells! Well, then I’ll just go to a suspension specialist again. Daniel knows someone there. Maybe he’ll also make it a little easier for me to turn in and drive closer lines. One tester didn’t like my low rear wheel braking torque when turning in either. Daniel can easily adjust that on my slipper clutch from the accessories. 

The guys think the grip is great. Daniel stretched a fat 200 mm slick on a light 5.5-inch forged wheel. He stole that from a Hypermotard 1100 S along with the front rim. Hi, hi, hi, it’s all mine now. This also makes me weigh less. With a full tank, I only weigh 174 kilos. Without fuel, I can even achieve a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per kilo.

The combination of dashboard and camera is the roar

Ouch, not so tight! The PS guys pull on the brake lever as if they wanted to crush granite with their bare hands. That is necessary so that I can delay properly. Daniel gave me an adjustable brake pump and other pads. Maybe I should think about other calipers and more toxic brake pads.

The testers are absolutely thrilled with my AIM dashboard. Like other systems, it has a lap timer and recording. The highlight is the connected camera. It movies the runway and later shows my pilot super interesting data on the video: the exact route point thanks to GPS, engine speed, throttle position, speed, gear, lap time and interventions by traction control. Daniel spent a total of 1,800 euros on this. Because I’m worth it to him, he says. He is so nice. 

6 data and measured values


Power of displacement: thanks to 1040 cubic meters, the Deussen Ducati is about to soar. You don’t feel the small dent between 4000 and 5000 rpm while driving.

174 kg with a full tank
front / rear 51.1 / 48.9%

163 hp

Remodeling costs
approx. 20,000 euros

Deussen Engines

Daniel Deussen

Daniel Deussen

Beurener Strasse 1
88682 Salem

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