Deviating tire sizes: Manufacturer approvals are no longer sufficient

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Deviating tire sizes: Manufacturer approvals are no longer sufficient


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Deviating tire sizes: Manufacturer approvals are no longer sufficient

Different tire sizes
Manufacturer approvals are no longer sufficient

Sizes that deviate from the tire dimensions entered in the papers are no longer permitted, even with the approval of the tire manufacturer.

That says a new regulation of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Michael Schumann,

Uli Baumann


The now im Traffic Journal The new regulation published states that in future tire sizes that are either smaller or larger than those entered in the registration certificate will no longer be permitted even if the tire manufacturer has issued a valid approval for the respective motorcycle model.

Other tire sizes must be entered

In order to prevent the operating permit from expiring in such a case, the installation of tires of different sizes must be assessed and registered by a testing organization such as TuV, Dekra or GTu. The regulation applies to all tires manufactured from 2020 onwards and to all tires from 2025 onwards.

So far, it has been quite common, especially for sports motorcycles, to use a size that harmonizes better with the motorcycle such as 180/55 instead of the registered rear tire dimension 170/60 – with approval from the tire manufacturer and therefore tolerance by TuV, police, etc..

Petition against new regulations

There is resistance to this practice, which many motorcyclists perceive as a rip-off. Jorg Settemeyer, motorcycle tour organizer from Limburg / Lahn, started an online petition at the beginning of February and is collecting signatures against the regulation. Those who claim that the release practice should remain as it was will find the petition here. The online petition against the expiry of the operating license despite a valid tire release runs until the end of March. The goal is at least 50,000 signatures.

New documents from the tire manufacturers

In future, tire manufacturers will subdivide their certificates into “service information” and “manufacturer certificates”. “The service information serves as proof of the suitability of a tire combination for motorcycles with EU type approval if the tire size or type is entered in the vehicle documents. These tires are therefore not subject to registration. Tire options with different tire sizes or types will in future be documented in the newly defined manufacturer’s certificate, which the tire manufacturers create after technical testing and dynamic driving tests. However, the manufacturer’s certificate does not guarantee that the specified tires will be accepted by the technical services and entered in the vehicle documents.

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