Driving report Aprilia RST 1000 Futura

Driving report Aprilia RST 1000 Futura

The future

Aprilia’s future began with the RSV mille. But its bearish V2 engine can do more: it inspires a touring athlete who is called the RST 1000 Futura and will be fun for everyone who likes to travel comfortably and quickly.

Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Laverda.
All under one roof. Tradition and modernity united. Italy’s avant-garde in the motorcycle industry, Ivano Beggio, created a company that is looking to the future with power. With a thick financial cushion behind you? in 1999 more than 310,000 scooters were sold all over the world ?? Aprilia first built the Mille’s Supersport series. Then the hardly less sporty Falco drove up. And now the next litter: a touring athlete.
RST 1000 Futura, the sleek, angular motorcycle that combines Italian chic with practical, tangible benefits. Piedro Irru, the designer, has
did not hesitate to use the mirror in-
integrated blinkers like the feelers of a grasshopper to spread far from the fairing. So that you can see better whether the Honda VFR driver can keep up. How the creative man has managed to fit a bench that reaches the size of grandpa’s TV armchair without looking bulky is amazing.
Covered with gray, corrugated plastic, so long that the driver can even do it
can take his mother-in-law with you without getting too close. So broad that a two-day trip to Sicily is just about possible.
You can also fly there. A silver futura from the hands of
Aprilia presentation teams take over the ascent to snow-white Mount Etna
tackle whose throat dark gray sulfur fumes escape. The Futura leaves time for a look at the volcano. A motorcycle that hardly gets used to
demands. Because you are sitting in Abraham’s lap. Notch position, handlebar width,
-height and offset ?? Perfect. The 60-degree V2 starts up at a slightly increased speed. The engine management control unit automatically regulates idling. The engine acts very gently, does not vibrate and, above all, can hardly be heard. A powerful front silencer under the engine, in which an uncontrolled catalytic converter is housed, does a great job, supported by another damper that is located under the seat? all made of stainless steel. This creates space for luggage cases that could not be tried here and today.
Why has it always been said that a disguise can’t look classy and still offer plenty of wind protection? The Futura bowl with the wide and sufficiently high pane succeeds. At least up to 200 km / h on the
sicilian highway. Thanks to the 113 hp V-engine, the Aprilia is certainly much faster, but the Policia Stradale doesn’t like that. Speaking of the engine: It comes from the penultimate Mille generation, but has been significantly modified. An electronic Sagem injection instead of the Nippon Denso with new injection nozzles now delivers the fuel, the two cylinders have a different ignition map.
Spontaneously, at least for two-cylinder ratios, the thousand-footer reacts to the commands of the throttle hand, willingly increases speed from 1500 rpm without jerking. At most, the play in the drive train disturbs when you are looking for the right speed for the curve and open and close the gas. The V2 pushes powerfully and evenly up to the nominal speed
from 9250 rpm. The road to Etna winds uphill with a decent gradient, which Futura likes and needs speeds: 5000 and above. She doesn’t quite have the thump of a Mille R, but she doesn’t need it either.
Pretty light-footed. No balancing and lifting. Comfortable. Nothing rumbles or stumbles. The duo of Showa fork and Sachs shock absorber finds the right compromise on bumps and cracks in tar: not too wobbly, not too tight. Would be even nicer. After all, the chassis also comes from the RSV mille:
Aluminum bridge frame, stable, light and minimally adapted in geometry to the new application. Four millimeters
longer steering tube, fork five millimeters in front, modified engine mount. The gives a stable impression
Upside-down fork with 43 millimeter thick sliding tubes, the suspension strut responds sensitively, the base of which is convenient thanks to hydraulics with a rotary knob
can be adjusted. If the social partner agrees. The single-sided swing arm is new, as are the cast aluminum wheels. Five filigree double spokes are designed to reduce the wheels’ moment of inertia. Look good in any box.
Downhill, long curves, wide switchbacks. The Aprilia fires down the slopes like a super sports car, only more comfortably. Now there is nothing facing the volcano. More like a ride on the volcano. Well, the front brake isn’t exactly snappy, but rather gently tuned, but it works satisfactorily. The back stamps with a high frequency. If there is an accompaniment, it should fit. The RST straightens up a little when you turn on the brakes. Perhaps it’s because of the tires, Michelin Pilot Sport, which have excellent grip.
The new Aprilia can do a lot, but it also costs a lot: almost 24,000 marks. Yet
tIt should become yours when ABS and regulated catalytic converters are added next year. Why doesn’t the Futura already have it today??

Technical data – Aprilia RST 1000 Futura

Engine: Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 60-degree V-engine, transverse crankshaft, two balance shafts, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, dry sump lubrication, electronic intake manifold injection, Ø 51 mm, engine management, double ignition, uncontrolled catalytic converter , Electric starter, three-phase alternator 470 W, battery 12 V / 12 Ah, bore x stroke 97 x 67.5 mm, displacement 998 cm3, compression ratio 11.4: 1, nominal output (ECE) 83 kW (113 hp) at 9250 rpm, max . Torque 96 Nm (9.8 kpm) at 7250 rpm Power transmission: primary drive via gear wheels, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, secondary ratio 43:16. Chassis: bridge frame made of aluminum profiles, bolted frame rear made of steel, upside down fork, guide tube diameter 43 mm, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, single-sided swing arm made of aluminum profiles, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, four-piston calipers, floating brake discs, Ø 300 mm, rear disc brake, two-piston caliper, Ø 255 mm. Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17 Chassis data: wheelbase 1435 mm, steering head angle 64 degrees, caster 102 mm, spring travel f / h 120/120 mm. Dimensions and weights: L / W / H 2170/740/1220 mm, seat height 820 mm, dry weight 226 kg, tank capacity / reserve 21/5 liters.Warranty for two years with unlimited kilometers.Colors: silver, blue, red .Basic price including VAT and ancillary costs of 23,999 marks

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