Driving report Aprilia RXV 550


Driving report Aprilia RXV 550

Second level

With the first super-light sports two-cylinder, Aprilia caused a lot of unrest in the off-road camp. MOTORRAD was able to test a pre-production model of the RXV 450 at the end of 2005 (see issue 25/2005). Now, at the start of series production, there was also the opportunity to drive the bigger sister, the RXV 550. It differs only in nuances from the 450. The bore and stroke were changed from 76 x 49.5 millimeters to 80 x 55 millimeters to increase the displacement.
The suction diameter grew from 38
to 40 millimeters. This results in a
slightly higher peak performance, namely 58 instead of 52 hp. However, the more decisive factor is the difference in the torque curve; in the lower speed range, the larger engine should deliver considerably more pressure to the rear wheel.
The chassis is on both machines-
nen identical. With a weight of 126 kilograms with a full tank, even die-hard single fans listen up. The frame is cleverly composed of a light metal unit around the swing arm mounting and a tubular steel part in the steering head area. They also came up with new ideas for the exhaust system: The silencer is located in the rear of the frame and also serves as part of the inner wing. In addition to the mass concentration in the center of the vehicle, this benefits the dimensions in the rear area, because there is no longer a voluminous, laterally protruding silencer. And where nothing protrudes, nothing can dent in a slip? clever.
The R.XV 550 despite
its powerful 58 hp in the open sport version initially surprising
unspectacular. In a positive sense. Because even at low speeds, the engine pushes clean and easily controllable. No violent tearing of the chain, no uncontrolled bursts of strength disturb the balancing act between traction and sliding on loose or wet surfaces. The ergonomics hardly reveal that a two-cylinder is crouching under the tank. But as soon as there is enough traction and
if you open the throttle wide, the power dwarf shows what it’s really made of: with
Man and machine then rush forward with impressive vehemence, so that the front wheel rises with enthusiasm. The Aprilia maintains the silky smooth running of the engine and the good controllability even during maximum sprinting thanks to the enormously wide speed range, which is only put to an end by the limiter at 11500 tours. The RXV 550
the widest usable speed range in the large four-stroke class.
And the chassis was almost in a class of its own on this first off-road excursion of the series machine. The Marzocchi fork offers that combination of gentle response and progression in deep compression that committed enduro riders want. The hindquarters are guided by a sensitive Sachs shock absorber that effectively supports the use of the engine, which promotes traction. But no light without shadow. And this is how the RXV works in tight turns? typical for enduro special stages ?? noticeably heavy on the front wheel and likes to push something beyond the local residents. Is it because of the unusually heavy weight on the front wheel or the larger rotating masses? In addition, the one that cannot be washed out and therefore fits intensi-
For off-road use, quite expensive paper air filters under the flip-up tank are not for competitive orientation. Only a direct comparison will show whether the RXV can keep up with the large single four-stroke engines
The performance variant offered ex works is not fish, not meat. To ride a 20 hp enduro, you will hardly put this high-tech bike in the garage. And if you want to use the RXV 550 on the road, you want full power or at least
a lot of it. Pure-bred sports drivers who only need a license for regulatory reasons would prefer a low-insurance ten-hp variant. Nobody will be really happy with the official, rather half-hearted 20 hp version. zdr

Technical data – Aprilia RXV 550

Engine: water-cooled 77-degree two-cylinder four-stroke engine, one overhead camshaft, injection, five-speed gearbox, chain.
Bore x stroke 80.0 x 55.0 mm
Cubic capacity 553 cm3
Compression 12.1: 1
Rated power TÜV version
15 kW (20 PS) at 6000 rpm
Rated output of the sports version 43 kW (58 PS) at k. A..

Chassis: composite frame made of steel and aluminum, upside-down fork, Ø 45 mm, central spring strut with lever system, steering head angle 63 degrees, caster 112 mm, front disc brake, Ø 270 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm.
Tires 90/90 x 21; 140/80 x 18

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1495 mm, seat height 996 mm, weight with a full tank of 126 kg, payload 181 kg, tank capacity 7.8 liters

Two-year warranty in TÜV version;
Sports version two years warranty

Price including ancillary costs 8998 euros

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