Driving report Boss Hoss 502


Driving report Boss Hoss 502


Driving Boss Hoss means having eight full-volume cubic capacity available. And with them you can really draw on unlimited resources.

Amazement, ecstasy or total incomprehension ?? Rarely does a motorcycle trigger so much emotion and attract so much attention as the new Boss Hoss. There is the family man who forgets his wife and children at the sight of the huge V8 bike, jumps out of the car and repeatedly squeezes a meaningful “booaaah” out of himself with increasing volume. Or the businessman who suddenly stops in the dense Cologne city traffic, winds down the window, wants to find out more about the unknown object and completely ignores the cheerfully honking queue behind him.
And the same questions keep coming up: Is it possible to keep this up? How hard is it How much power and displacement, how many cylinders? The pilot answers politely. 630 kilograms in weight, 8.2 liters displacement distributed over eight cylinders of a Chevrolet Big Block, 502 American horsepower. Whoa!
In fact, after the first Boss Hoss tested by MOTORRAD (issue 12/1996), the American manufacturer Boss Hoss added a large displacement with the 5.7-liter small block, namely two and a half liters. Power transmission is also fundamentally new. A torque converter now takes care of the disgusting engagement when starting off. In contrast to the first version tested, the driver can choose between two gears using the foot switch, and a reverse gear is added to help maneuver. But wait, the basic exercise is first of all to balance the monster while standing. And that’s not that difficult, provided you have some ground contact with your feet. Not a matter of course with the unloading bench. In addition, the driver should always stay in a vertical position. Even a slight incline causes the motorbike to wobble threateningly and the driver to sweat.
Then the big moment: When cold, the throttle grip is opened twice and fuel is injected vigorously via the accelerator pump of the Edelbrock carburetor, the starter button is pressed and an eerily beautiful orchestra begins to play the overture. The unadulterated, powerfully voiced babbling of a V8 big block from the sixties, when a Corvette was not only allowed to sip its lifeblood from full tanks, but also loudly communicate its digestion to the environment. In Good old Germany, the downdrafts will have to escape through two voluminous silencers after cleaning up a catalyst.
Finally the start. Accelerate, Boss Hoss leans vehemently to one side. The centrifugal masses of the longitudinal crankshaft are noticeable. When the throttle valve is opened, the full babbling turns into an angry hum. But only after a certain delay, due to the extremely soft converter design so desired by the Americans, does the Boss Hoss storm off like at the dragster meeting. Once the big block is in motion and the 2000 mark on the tachometer is exceeded, the herd of 502 Mustangs gallops across the prairie as if they were being chased to the horse butcher by the Dalton gang. The background noise is like a thundering hurricane. If only 400 of the many American horses on the test stand remain, that’s okay. Almost unrestrained, the huge machine rushes towards the speed limit of 6000 rpm on the motorway. High time to switch to second gear at 180 km / h and again a strong bow around the longitudinal axis.
Unimpressed, the V8 stomps on: Now at the latest, even the boldest rider is struggling with the chassis. From as little as 160 km / h, the Boss Hoss commutes on the slightest bump in the road and clearly shows that a good American show also includes rodeos. Vmax is of secondary importance, even if the speedometer needle quickly passes the last mark at 220 km / h and strives off.
But the Dickschiff also provides high entertainment value on the country road, when in a lopsided position ?? Leaning would be a little bragging? the footrest arms make deep furrows in the asphalt and the motorcycle moves towards the outside of the curve. If, on the other hand, you just let the folding footrests slide elegantly over the road, the Boss Hoss shows its graceful side. Even at walking pace, the clumsiness is gone, it looks downright light-footed. The 230 millimeter wide Avon on the rear wheel, which replaces the old car tire, obviously works wonders.
How about the comfort? Well, only when the road surface is perfectly flat. 50 millimeters of fork travel is quickly used up and then it goes back to like at a rodeo. But improvement is in sight. In the future, all Boss Hoss will receive an upside-down fork. The rear suspension also provides the pleasure of driving a stagecoach on the stony road to Laramie. Perhaps the suspension set-up was done by an American couple in king-size format?
There is also little good news to report about the Boss Hoss stoppers. Braking is cowardly, and cowardly riders have no place on the V8 racing car. The builders must have thought something like this when they designed the front braking system, which at best slows down moderately. When braking, the rider quickly gets used to always using the rear brake. Thanks to the long wheelbase of 207 centimeters and the low center of gravity, it can transfer a lot of braking power.
A.Real boss-hoss drivers who really permeate the maxim “Power to the people” ideologically, brake as rarely as possible anyway. Their motto is: Draw from all that is available, life without hectic, travel comfortably with Grandma to Wanne Eickel to the fair, and when it’s really urgent, just turn the throttle? wow! 15 to 25 liters per hundred kilometers just have to be worth this pleasure. And let’s be honest: there are motorcycles with great chassis and outstanding performance on every corner, the unique synthesis of tremendous thrust and overwhelming sound only from Boss Hoss.

Technical specifications

Engine: water-cooled eight-cylinder four-stroke 90-degree V-engine, crankshaft longitudinally, a central camshaft, two valves per cylinder, hydraulic valve lifters, bumpers, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, quadruple carburetor, uncontrolled catalytic converter. Bore x stroke 113.4 x 101.6 Displacement 8226 cm3 Compression 9.6: 1 Rated output 369 kW (502 PS) SAE power transmission: Hydraulic torque converter, two-speed gearbox with reverse gear, toothed belt Chassis: Double loop frame made of tubular steel, telescopic fork, double swing arm, two spring struts, double disc brake at the front, four-piston calipers, floating brake discs, rear disc brake, Four-piston caliper, aluminum wheels, tires 130 / 90-16; 230-70-15 Chassis data: wheelbase 2070 mm, dimensions and weights turning circle 9100 mm Weight with a full tank: approx. 630 kg Permissible total weight 850 kg Payload 220 kg Price from 110,000 MarkImporteur W&W Cycles Bremen GmbH Tel 0421/4171995

Used Boss Hoss motorcycles in Germany

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These mighty cruisers are rarities.

You don’t question the usefulness of a Boss Hoss motorcycle, you just enjoy. With their Chevrolet V8 engines, these cruisers are real displacement monsters and incomparable to anything else that can be bought on the market. Unfortunately, they are also rare. Here is a current overview of the used market: used Boss Hoss motorcycles in Germany.

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