Driving report Buell Lightning Super TT


Driving report Buell Lightning Super TT
Photos: Ratering, Mainx

Driving report Buell Lightning Super TT

Well whitish

Knowing well that Buell drivers rebuild their machines individually, the Americans deliver the new STT exclusively in white ?? so that the owner can spice them up with color.

In the beginning there was the whole normal Buell Lightning, the original, short, crisp ?? meanwhile there is also a long, a low, a transparent version, furthermore the high-legged Ulysses and last but not least the half-covered Firebolt. Anyone who thinks that the modular system has been exhausted will be taught by the imaginative Americans immediately. Because now comes the Super TT, or XB12STT for short? and only in neutral white. The youngest offspring is basically the cross between a Ulysses with shortened suspension travel and a CityX, whose handlebars, rear and shield she has inherited. The STT is supplied with a solo bench as standard. For this, it is equipped with large side covers, which are not dissimilar to the start number plates. According to the will of their builders, however, numbers should by no means find their place there. Buell market research has found out that Buell buyers like to further individualize their thunder bolt with an airbrush finish. A white background creates ideal conditions for a bright play of colors. For a hefty 500 euros surcharge, the STT is available with a pillion kit (footrests plus extra seat with straps), but then the side number plates have to be omitted.

The longer suspension travel makes the STT higher, smaller pilots could have difficulties with the steadfastness. The range of accessories includes a flatter bench for such cases. When turning on the road, the STT looks unwieldy, especially since the steering angle is limited. When driving, the impression is quickly reversed, the machine then reacts very directly to steering commands without appearing as wobbly as some Buell of earlier years.

Which clearly has to do with the new tires: Instead of the previous Dunlop version, all Buells are now fitted exclusively with Pirelli rubbers. Scorpion Sync for STT and Ulysses, Diablo in specification T for everyone else. This decision was just as correct as it was overdue. Because whoever grabs the bull by the horns in memory of the extremely stubborn old versions, especially on the brakes, reaps wild dangles. In terms of neutrality, steering behavior, set-up torque and driving stability, the STT and the Pirellis are on par with the competition and therefore at the limit of what can be achieved with the chassis geometry, which is radically designed for handling. The stability in the upper speed range is quite decent for Buell standards, and the new tires also have a positive effect in this regard.

The longer spring travel compared to the basic model brings only a little more comfort, since the basic set-up is tight. Bumpy roads are still not the strength of the American roadster, ironed asphalt is more suited to it. The higher center of gravity reinforces the already existing tendency to lift the rear when braking. Which is why it is advisable to slide a little backwards on the rather hard bench before performing more severe maneuvers. Contemporaries with long thighs have to do this anyway, otherwise the knees will not fit into the bulges of the frame, but will hit the edges. Which is uncomfortable in the long run.

It is undoubtedly more pleasant to listen to the two-cylinder at work. Because the new, now amply perforated airbox cover, the pounding, puffing, rattling and shaking of the rustic V2 is also acoustically appealing. The archaic engine delivers 110 Nm to the bony gearbox, whereby the miserably long overall ratio hides the steam quite well. Like all Buells, it still lacks a catalytic converter and the Euro 3 emissions standard, something that Buell doesn’t like to talk about. In 2008, the legislator definitely required clean machines.

But the STT is not only a typical Buell in terms of pollutant emissions. She does everything possible to evade the usual test criteria. Anyone who likes technically perfect and balanced bikes is definitely wrong here. But if you understand motorcycling as a holistic event for all the senses and if a checked shirt looks better than the Boss pants, the Buell can be a real main prize.

Technical specifications

Air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 45-degree V-engine, four underlying, gear-driven camshafts, bumpers, rocker arms, two valves per cylinder, dry sump lubrication, injection, Ø 49 mm, five-speed gearbox, toothed belt.
Bore x stroke 88.9 x 96.8 mm
Cubic capacity 1203 cm3
Compression ratio 10.0: 1
rated capacity
75 kW (101 hp) at 6600 rpm
Max. Torque 110 Nm at 6000 rpm

landing gear
Bridge frame made of aluminum, upside-down fork, Ø 43 mm, adjustable spring base, compression and rebound damping, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, suspension strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base, compression and rebound damping, internal disc brake at the front, Ø 375 mm, six-piston fixed caliper , Rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, single-piston floating caliper.
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17

mass and weight
Wheelbase 1365 mm, seat height 798 mm, weight with a full tank approx. 216 kg, tank capacity 16.7 liters.

Two year guarantee
Color white
Price excluding additional costs 10,999 euros

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