Driving report Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport Big Bore


Driving report Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport Big Bore

The pure emptiness

If you look into the muffler of this special Dyna Glide, you won’t find anything. At least nothing that dampens sound. But the black Harley also embodies pure teaching in other ways.

It’s such a thing with the legal regulations. One is happy that they exist when the neighbor notices the poor condition of his ornamental lawn at eight on a Sunday morning. You get annoyed when the lack of willingness to perform and the non-existent acoustic presence of your Harley bitterly nudges you on every trip. Well, there are ways and means to give the Milwaukee Twins a helping hand. “Big Bore” is the keyword under which the German Harley branch has put a simple, black driving device on the wheels. Big Bore: Behind this is a conglomerate of stimulants, implanted in a Dyna Super Glide Sport (test MOTORRAD 24/1998) to show: That would be possible. Here is the subjunctive – you guessed it – because that’s the thing with the neighbor. Because if anyone should get the idea to start this Dyna Glide early Sunday morning in front of their home garage, even in the most conspiratorial street community there should be a fire under the roof.
This is mainly because the two-in-one system must have been a megaphone in its previous life. If it weren’t for the turns of the manifold, you could – with your ears plugged – watch the valves up and down, it is so empty – is it called a muffler? So, off to the racetrack! Harley or Davidson. Because even if the chassis of the Dyna Glide remained unchanged except for the steel braided brake lines and the footpegs are even further forward and higher than the original: The engine justifies the use on a closed route. Because it is as strong as it is loud. Because he goes through like an ox. Because it’s just fun.
Examples: From 60 to 100 km / h, the “Big Bore” needs 4.7 seconds in fifth and last gear, which is only half a second longer than a Kawasaki ZRX 1100 (4.0 seconds), but almost two seconds less than the normal Dyna Glide (6.5 sec). It does the sprint from zero to one hundred in an exciting 3.5 seconds. Exciting not because of the time – others can do that too and better – but because of the immense presence with which every meter is experienced. This engine pours out its power. 97 hp, which can already be guessed at when idling. He shakes, works, lives. The air filter housing massages the right calf, the front wheel dances to the beat. That is zest for action. And it stays that way, up the whole range of aisles. Up to just under the 200 barrier. Without hesitation, without hesitation, always with emphasis. No wonder, because 156 Newton meters at just under 4000 revolutions is a value that is normally found in the automotive sector. 125 Newton meters at 1500 revolutions would do credit to many a mid-range car. In any case, they actually make the gearbox superfluous on the Big Bore. And that’s the other, real side of this motorcycle. Regardless of the speed: The tension on the wire is acknowledged with the original type of propulsion. This is how it should be with every Harley. And so it is with this particular one.
D.This brings us to the end and the illegitimate part of this story. Because in order to drive the Dyna Glide to this unknown performance peak, extensive measures are necessary (see box). Measures that, as far as they have been carried out on the engine, have one thing in common: they are – in contrast to the strong but legal Buell models – just as prohibited as amphetamines for competitive athletes. Just easier to detect, at least in this dosage. And so most of the Harleys should continue to legally circulate. In terms of good neighborliness. But it’s a shame. In terms of pure teaching.

This is how Harley’s strongest gets stronger

In order to make the Dyna Super Glide Sport (price 29,900 marks) really strong with the new Twin Cam 88, extensive modifications are required. First there is the “Big Bore Kit”: cylinder bored out to 1549 cubic centimeters, special pistons (compression 10.25: 1), Screaming Eagle air filter. Price: 2069 marks. There is also a Screaming Eagle ignition system (limiter at 6200 revolutions) for 517 marks, as well as a 42 flat slide carburetor of the same name (previously 40 Keihin) for 958 marks. And then this exhaust: it says Harley-Davidson, there’s noise in it. In addition, it sits right around over the entire length of the manifold and on the silencer. If you still want it, you can get it for 1110 marks. In addition – and now comes the legal part – the Dyna Glide has a front spoiler (414 marks), a lamp cover (414 marks) and forward footrests (729 marks) as well as braided steel brake lines (310 marks). Then there is the wages at the friendly Harley dealer.

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