Driving Report Harley-Davidson Roadster

Driving Report Harley-Davidson Roadster

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Driving Report Harley-Davidson Roadster-roadster6

Driving Report: Harley-Davidson Roadster: The art of omitted

Harley-Davidson crowns his Sportster series with the new Roadster variant, which is particularly reduced and thereby also sporting.

Who calls itself one of the extremely popular "Fourty-Eight" his own, feels a huge difference: "I would like to have this chassis in my motorcycle," it spontaneously discovered with the brand-familiar colleagues. Exterior license plate The new chassis quality for a Harley Sportster is an upside-down telegable on the front, but are also the rear spring elements as well as extra designed light metal cast wheels designed for this model. The new spring elements associated with a slightly more trend for one with up to 31 degrees noticeably greater oblique freedom, so that this sports version makes its name significantly more honor than her sisters.

67 hp at 5500 tours

Engine, frame and 12.5 liter tank in its characteristic sportsman form also correspond to the basic principle of this series in the new Roadster. 1202 Cubic centimeters is the displacement of the Langhuber, 49 kW / 67 hp the performance yield. At which speed (5500 tours) the maximum power is obtained, one can easily recognize, because unusually the round central instrument is inhabited on the handlebar from an unmistakable tachometer. Of course, due to the performance characteristics of the 45 ° -V2, it is not all too often in this region; Thanks to the 97 Newton meter torque – they are only available at 4250 rpm – stayed in the last 1000 tours during the first test over almost 300 kilometers of the last 1000 tours. If you hardly lose power, but avoids the considerable vibration of the Grand Piston Engines For this engine higher speeds.

Driving Report Harley-Davidson Roadster-report

Harley-Davidson The Roadster is a member of Harley-Davidsons introduced Dark Custom Family

Who believes the 1200 guaranteed powerful pressure already in the speed cellar, will soon be taught by a better thing: who wants to be a lot on the way, must switch a lot to keep the speed meter at least as possible between 3000 and 4500 revolutions. Fortunately, neither switches nor domes difficult; Both components work precisely and smoothly. Of course, in dense city traffic, it is not so rare disengagement at low speed. Who lies relaxed cruises, which is well served: from 1500 rpm, the V2 takes clean gas and is also rather cultivated.

A Harley is not a racer

In fact, the Roadster can be enjoyably swiftly control curves, as long as this does not achieve this hairpin level. You just have to pack the bull on the horns (ie take the handlebar strongly in hand), then a short pulse is sufficient and even the relatively narrow frosted roadster takes the desired inclination. Curves surrounds them almost stoic until the researcher driver is then reminded through loud scratching footrests that even this Harley is not a racer. The improved struts as well as the upside-down fork with progressive springs do their job properly; short, but hard shocks do not like both – and the driver’s hands or. Bonnets equally little. The three-slice brake system with standard ABS fulfills your service inconspicuous.

Driving Report Harley-Davidson Roadster-Harley-Davidsons introduced Dark Custom Family

Harley-Davidson The display with speed and gear indicator, which is located below the tachometer, is only readable in the full-turning sun or in the dark

The Roadster is a member of Harley-Davidsons introduced Dark Custom Family. Underneath, motorcycles are to be understood, which on the one hand no longer have when you really need to drive, but on the other hand, however, allowing many optical changes. The accessory sales of Customizing parts flourishes across series. Since Harley has left everything in the roadster, which does not seem to be unnecessary, there is not much to describe equipment side: Prima function the self-returning turn signals, very well solved is the control logic of the handlebar switch. The keyless (Keyless) start system, used for the first time in a sportster, also works astrein.

Fail: Read instruments badly

However, the design of the new central instrument: The display with speed and gear indicator, which is located below the tachometer, is only readable in the full-turning sun or in the dark, otherwise it just refuses because of the low contrast of the inverse numbers on a dark reason simply the information extension. An even greater nuisance are the driver’s footpegsFirstly, you lack a feather that preserves you before the unintentional folding, secondly they protrude exactly to that place so far outward that it always needs the highest concentration when stopping to place the foot safely on the ground. A few times that would almost went wrong. In addition, because of the slanted outwardly "fear nipples", they are always hanging with the boots, which this is just as little like the driver. Overall a clear misconception – The Harley testifiers were never in Stop & Go traffic on the road?

With a price of – depending on painting – 12.705 to 13.285 Euro does not require Harley-Davidson not little money for a bike that can be offered in this configuration only this year, because it is not homologated after the new Euro-4 emission standard, but still after the 31. December 2016 expiring Euro 3. For the driver / buyer, this does not have to be a disadvantage: because nobody still knows outside the engine company in Milwaukee, whether the new homologation costs not performance – and if so, how many of the 67 hp so far left.

Technical data Harley Davidson XL1200CX Roadster

Engine: Air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke V-motor (45 °), 1.202 CCM displacement, 49 kW / 67 hp at 5.500 / min., 97 Nm at 4.250 / min; Injection, 6 gears, timing belt.

Landing gear: Double sliding steel tube frame; Front 4.3 cm USD telegabel, 11.4 cm spring path; Rear steel twine swingarm, two struts, preload adjustable, 8.1 cm spring travel; Light metal cast rims; Tire 120/70 R 19 (front) and 150/70 R 18 (rear). 30 cm double disc brake front, 26 cm Single disc brake rear.

Assistance Systems: SECTION.

Mass and weight: Wheelbase 1.505 m, seat height 78.5 cm, weight ready to drive 259 kg; Tank capacity 12.5 l.

Price: from 12.705 euros

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Driving Report Harley-Davidson Roadster-Harley-Davidsons introduced Dark Custom Family

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