Driving report MBS 656


Driving report MBS 656

the highlight

It weighs 168 kilograms, has 125 hp and the most radical version is almost 100,000 marks expensive. MOTORRAD did the first laps with the MBS 656. Fully comprehensive insurance, of course.

Stop before you turn the page: you don’t have to have the MBS 656
buy now, just look at it, and it costs nothing. Except for the sixty-five for the magazine. But it’s worth it. Because every part,
every screw, every curve and edge of the feather-light carbon fiber work of art is the fascinating result of pure handcraft. For years, Heiko Heinemeyer, head of the motorcycle workshop MBS-Motorcycle, was deeply absorbed? or better obsessed? into a concept from which he expects the absolute kick. Not the sheer force of massive displacement, but the most successful compromise between performance and weight
guarantee the much touted drivability of his extreme athlete. Cost what it may.
Only the best material is good for the inventor from Stroit in Lower Saxony
enough to get his idea off the ground. Heinemeyer uses the engine of the Kawasaki ZZ-R 600 as a basis
is wrapped around a self-constructed bridge frame made of chromolybdenum steel tubing. Eleven kilograms light and stiff enough to keep the 125 hp in check, the distinctive cane underscores the MBS fasting regimen visually.
With a razor-sharp fit and gap dimensions that would delight even VW boss Piëch
the feather-light carbon fiber components in the chassis. Nice for the screwdriver: the tank and airbox are laminated in one piece,
can therefore be slipped onto the milled base of the four 36 mm equal pressure carburettors, which is framed with a sealing strip, in next to no time and without fiddling. A smart solution that the Grob-
serial manufacturers should take a closer look.
Exclusive BBS wheels made of forged, high-strength magnesium, white power spring elements, well thought-out milled parts from the accessories supplier ABM and matt, shiny titanium screws complete the whole thing into a solid, but also sinfully expensive high-tech bundle.
Maiden voyage. Between the Christmas tree and the banquet, Heiko H. completed the first MBS-656 prototype in busy night shifts, and a few days later the brand new bullet rolled out of the box in Calafat, Spain. The new year starts great. With kid gloves on the first laps, strained scanning of the basic functions, working out front and rear coordination, optimizing the balance, perfectly arranging seat cushions, handlebars and levers, the first day goes by in a flash. The result creates satisfied faces in the evening in box number nine.
New day New luck. Little slept, but from excitement and un-
Patience kicked off the covers, the test pilot stuck five to nine-
ready in his racing suit. Now that everything fits, the driver has put together his very own individual package from the umpteen setting options, Heiko Heinemeyer’s vision shows itself in pure dynamism. Fully filled with 20 liters of fuel, it weighs 168 kilograms, and the MBS rips it out of the corners. Only slightly out of tune when idling, the Kawasaki four-cylinder climbs the speed ladder without weaknesses or dips.
From 8000 rpm, 100 of the 125 hp are ready. With a shrill sound and powerful thrust, it goes straight forward up to 13500 rpm, before the next gear is pushed through without twitching or hesitation, with full throttle and without the clutch. The excellent CTS automatic gearshift makes it possible and also ensures that the Yamaha YZF-R1, which has been refurbished by MBS, gets to grips with the sprint. A little lurching with that
With a tendency to headstand, the light and short MBS does not give a noticeable advantage on the brakes over the big bikes, but works seconds later
on the sticky and good-natured Pirelli Supercorsa as a matter of course in relentless inclines. The MBS 656 circles along the curbs neatly on the accelerator and takes the shortest route where other powerbikes get off track.
Violently incited changes in the lean angle-
Even in the tricky chicanes, the MBS is an easier exercise, albeit not quite as easy as the weight information suggests. Finally, the relatively large rotating masses of the wide four-cylinder crankshaft noticeably braced themselves against the change of course. The MBS, on the other hand, does not know of scary handlebar banging or annoying tilting in curves. In terms of handling, the 656 can be classified between a 600cc super sports racing machine and a 250cc production racer. No more and no less. Because “drivability” was at the top of the specification sheet, and accordingly, designer Heiko Heinemeyer designed the steering geometry to be moderate. With a steering head angle of 66.5 degrees and 92 millimeters of caster, the MBS tends to stay on the safe, i.e. more stable, side.
Nothing changes about that when the racer is kidnapped on the miserable Spanish country roads. Bumps, potholes, bumps, the 656 takes it easy despite the taut suspension design. In fact, only 100 of the 105 millimeters will be
Used suspension travel, but the MBS only hits the handlebars to some extent, keeps the wheels clean on the asphalt, springs and dampens as it should be. Not comfortable, but for a race-
Street legal motorcycle that’s fine.
The only question is: who should pay for it? Ex-racing driver Heinemeyer sees things realistically: »The current prototype is our high-end version,
Intermediate stages with simpler components are quite feasible. No question. ”Only on the engine base of the
ZHe holds on to Z-R 600. Because only that fits perfectly into his frame concept from the engine breakpoints. And after the MBS fresh cell treatment, the power pack, which has been reamed to 656 cm3 and meticulously revised using Honda CBR 600 pistons, is guaranteed not to lack performance.

Technical data – MBS 656

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, wet sump lubrication, four Keihin constant pressure carburettors, Ø 36 mm, electric starter. Bore x stroke 67 x 46.6 Displacement 657 cm3 Compression ratio 12.8: 1 Power 92 kW (125 PS) at 12500 rpm Max. Torque 75 Nm (7.6 kpm) at 10,000 rpm Power transmission: primary drive via gear wheels, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain. Chassis: Bridge frame made of tubular steel, engine supporting, up-side-down fork, guide tube diameter 43 mm, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, two-arm swing arm, central suspension strut operated via rocker arm and push rods, adjustable spring base and length, rebound and compression damping, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, eight-piston pliers, disc brake at the rear, Ø 190 mm , Braking two-piston caliper, forged BBS magnesium wheels, front 3.50 x 17, rear 5.50 x 17; Pirelli Supercorsa tires, front 120/70 ZR 17, rear 180/55 ZR 17, chassis data: wheelbase 1380 mm, steering head angle 66.5 degrees, caster 92 mm, spring travel front / rear 105/105 mm, weight with a full tank of 168 kilograms. 50,000 euros (around 97,800 marks) Manufacturer: MBS Motorcycle GmbH, Dannhof 1, 37574 Einbeck-Stroit, phone 05565/859

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