Driving report MV Agusta Brutale Oro


Driving report MV Agusta Brutale Oro

Beloved sin

You will sin. Promised. Will raid your bank account, adore filigree welds and neglect your friends. The MV Agusta Brutale is coming. MOTORRAD was allowed to be seduced on a trial basis.

A dream came true. If he were human, he would have irresistible charm, would be extremely well built, above average intelligent and would have the charisma of a top model. Someone who gets attention anywhere in the world. Which shines in discussions as well as in the swimming pool. And transfers this shine to you. In your eyes, in your soul.
In the present case, this dream come true is purely mechanical and is called MV Agusta Brutale Oro. And the man who makes these dreams come true is Massimo Tamburini, the luminary of Italian motorcycle construction. His masterpiece, the MV Agusta F4, released two years ago, was praised by multitudes of journalists, testers and motorcycle fans all over the world. Praised the confident driving experience, the design, the workmanship and technology. A new star had risen in the motorcycle sky.
The Brutale, almost identical to the F4 in terms of engine and chassis, goes one better. If the curious glances of technology lovers are not denied by a full fairing, the extravagantly shaped headlights, the instrumentation and the superbike handlebars open a whole new door into the realm of naked bikes. On the one hand by its price of 56,719 marks for the Oro model, on the other hand by an almost endless marriage of detailed solutions and noble materials. The spectrum ranges from magnesium rocker arms and wheels to instrument panels made of carbon fiber. Every weld seam just like a textbook. No holder, almost not a millimeter of the Brutale that has not been lovingly styled, milled and deburred. The paintwork also seems out of this world. One is afraid of every fly whose body could shatter on this work of art, deface it, stain it. The Brutale is one of the few bikes that deserves a place of honor in a showcase ex works. An object that degrades the best films and the best books to trivialities, captivating the viewer with sheer presence.
The fascination is all the greater when the bottom hugs the seat bench, the right thumb pushes the dainty choke aside and operates the starter. The 127 horses brought to life. Let them run through a voluminous stainless steel labyrinth under the engine, then release them into the open from two short end pots on the right side of the Brutale. Fanfares of Power. Bassy, ​​grumpy, hissy. The call to the racetrack. Her ancestry from the athlete F4 cannot deny the brutal. That becomes clear at the pit exit in Imola.
Extremely tightly tuned for a naked woman, she literally sucks on the asphalt of the legendary racetrack, lies as full and stable as a container ship on the ocean. A credit to the mighty, 50 millimeter thick upside-down fork from Showa and the Sachs shock absorber. The wide adjustment range of both components is self-evident. The overall gear ratio is shorter than that of the F4, provides catapult-like acceleration from all kinds of arcs. And it also enables the Brutale to turn in the range of maximum power at 12500 rpm despite the air resistance. Mathematically, it is therefore over 250 km / h.
The digital speedometer shows almost as much at the end of the home straight. Then there is a quick left turn. Two six-piston pliers from Nissin bite into the 310 millimeter discs with a clear pressure point, reducing the speed to exactly what the eyes can detect in order to let the body and motorcycle surf through the meandering as one unit. The Brutale moves in time with the racetrack. 179 kilograms dry weight grooves casually, precisely, handy and absolutely neutral through curves of all kinds. And that quickly and stable. The wide handlebars and the light magnesium rims contribute to the outstanding handiness and also reduce the steering forces, the wide 190 mm rear tire the slip.
That is also necessary. The water-cooled four-cylinder seems a bit tired for a 750 cc below 7000 rpm, but above it it literally explodes. Turns greedily, with little vibration and easily in the highest spheres. Unfortunately, the hard load change reactions are annoying, but hardly dilute the choice of line. The Brutale lets the driver’s adrenaline level rise sharply and gives him the feeling that life is a race. And he the winner.
Zu This kind of incomparable sensation of pleasure while riding a motorcycle certainly also contributes to the awareness that you are only one of 300 lucky people worldwide. MV Agusta limited the Brutale Oro to this number. The start of production is planned for September. A comparatively inexpensive variant of the naked bike with less expensive materials, but no less fascinating aura, will only be available from winter onwards. For around 27,000 marks, the Italian creator is then ready to seduce even the iron-saving Otton normal earners. So that dreams don’t just stay dreams.

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