Driving report Norton C652 International


Driving report Norton C652 International

Silver lining

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the traditional brand, the NortonC652 International appears on the horizon. Can the color of the rumbling single be interpreted as a good omen?

The Norton brand has had to endure many unsuccessful attempts at resuscitation. The way for a comeback should also be paved with the C652 International, which will be launched in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Norton fans can finally clamp a silver machine with the legendary lettering on the tank between their legs and walk in the footsteps of Geoff Duke and Mike Hailwood.

The retro bike, built in 1998, has already achieved one thing: despite, or perhaps because of, its petite appearance, it is causing a stir. However, the reactions are different: “What, is that the one that looks like a MZ with an F650 engine?” Asks colleague Johnny Riegsinger disrespectfully, while veteran fan Siegfried “Fred” Guttner regrets that the new Inter has more than 500 cubic, “otherwise you could make a nice comparison with the Manx”. It would certainly be exciting to see how a modern, soft-washed civilian version sets itself up against the British single-cylinder veteran.
After all, the new one is not bad on paper: The Rotax four-valve engine from the BMW F650 mobilizes 48 hp, the hand-made Tigcraft tubular steel frame and the 43-inch Ceriani fork, unceremoniously declared as a traditional »Roadholder« by a badge, promise superior stability . Cast-iron traditionalists may roll their eyes in agony at the English-continental mix of parts, but wait: Norton has had good experiences with third-party engines before. After all, it was a Peugeot engine that drove a Norton to its first TT victory in the two-cylinder class in 1907.
Thanks to the high-volume ingredients, handling the Norton turns out to be a pleasure without regrets. Even in exile in England, the Bayern single wakes up immediately after a frosty night and thunders away with satisfaction after a short choke phase. The robust expressions of life from the beautiful two-pipe exhaust system in the style of Norton Commando provide the necessary character. Friends of well-groomed single-cylinder blows are drawn to the corners of their mouths behind their earlobes. According to international initiator Joachim »Jo« Seifert, the head of Norton Deutschland GmbH, it is (unfortunately) a pre-production model – the production version should be significantly quieter
Fortunately, Seifert has practiced understatement when choosing the tire width. The Norton can be directed playfully with minimal effort on the narrow tubular handlebar. The fun factor is maximized by the sitting position behind the hand-ironed aluminum tank and the sheer unlimited freedom of inclination. It quickly becomes clear which are the prime disciplines of the exclusive Briton, namely swinging over narrow country roads, accompanied by the sonorous banging single beat, or looking for curves on Sunday mornings. No wonder, the frame layout corresponds to the successful S.o.S. racing machines. Even the brakes do not spoil the game when cornering, but the fork twists a little as soon as the Brembo four-piston caliper bites the front 320 disc. The lag is severe, but the pressure point should be more precisely defined. If you like it, you can still pursue your play instinct, the forehand is adjustable in compression and rebound damping, the Koni shock absorber in spring preload and compression.
Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the new Inter is the silver lining on the horizon longed for by Norton fans. What is certain is that the price of 21,000 marks will ensure exclusivity, with the feeling of inhaling a whiff of motorcycle history, completely free of charge.
KIn short, Jo Seifert has put on its wheels a neatly crafted, unapristic motorcycle for small series relationships, which, despite a mighty helping of rustic charm, lacks any dodgy handicraft shop stench. And the best thing is: You can choose the chassis number according to your year of birth. Try that with a Japanese…

Norton: a brand with tradition

Models such as Manx, Commando and International, as well as legendary drivers such as Geoff Duke, Mike Hailwood, Phil Read and Steve Hislop: All of this stands for the 100-year Norton tradition, during which, in addition to 38 TT victories, three brand world championships in a row and at least Ten runners-up in the 500cc class were won. The history of Norton is as eventful as it is ambivalent. Several changes of ownership, but also sporting successes, are a common thread running through the history of the English motorcycle manufacturer. In 1898 James Lansdowne Norton founded the Norton Manufacturing Company in Birmingham, and in 1902 the first motorcycles were produced. As early as 1907, a Norton with a Peugeot engine won the first TT in the two-cylinder class on the Isle of Man. The first “International”, a series version of the single-cylinder factory racer with ohc engine, appeared in 1932. After the bankruptcy in 1966, things were on the up again two years later thanks to the “Commando”; between 1968 and 1977 around 55,000 were built . 1978 Norton Motors Limited is re-established and is looking for a new start with motorcycles with Wankel engines. Although this phase was crowned in 1992 by Steve Hislop’s victory in the Senior TT on the F1 Wankel Superbike, there was no commercial success. A year earlier, the German Jo Seifert had secured the rights to the Norton name on the continent before the Norton bankruptcy estate went to a Canadian group in 1992.In November 1997, Seifert initially offered 100 copies of the C652SM as a special Carrying the chassis numbers 1898 to 1998, alluding to the company’s 100th anniversary.

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