Driving report Piaggio MP3 125-250


Driving report Piaggio MP3 125/250

You shall be three wheels

For the first time in recent history, a large-scale manufacturer of two-wheelers is attempting a tricycle. An original gag or an idea with practical utility?

Usually people complete their three-wheeler phase at kindergarten age and are henceforth able to drive single-track vehicles. Individual fates such as team and trike drivers may apply as rule-confirming exceptions.
With the MP3 undertakes Piaggio was the first large-scale manufacturer to seriously attempt to combine the maneuverability of a two-wheeler with the stability of a three-wheeler
connect to. In simplified terms, it works
This is how it works: The two front wheels each turn on a pushed short swing arm, which is guided independently of each other by four aluminum links like a parallelogram. The entire front axle construction is held as a module, which in principle can be screwed to any steering head. From then on it is a normal scooter. Despite its inconspicuous design, the MP3 is even noticeable in Rome, where the first driving appointment took place. The reactions of the audience range from approving nods to laughter. Which is why a solid character is helpful when driving MP3s.
Because the two front wheels are parallel
can tilt, the three-wheel scooter would simply tip over like any two-wheeler. Nevertheless, the MP3 does not need a main stand when parking, and the driver can keep his feet on the running boards when stopping at traffic lights without the tricycle falling over: when the vehicle is stationary, the construction can be locked in any position at the push of a button. The blockade is automatically released from five km / h and you can tilt, up to 40 degrees are possible. As an alternative and for maintenance and repair work, a main stand is still available as standard.
When driving, apart from a certain inertia when turning, you don’t notice anything of the tricycle construction, the response behavior, suspension comfort and steering behavior are better than with the conventional front wheel guides of most scooters. Because the MP3 is even narrower than one
Vespa GT, meandering between the columns of cars is no headache. No gravel, traces of oil, manhole covers and wet road markings either. The MP3 makes its way as if on rails and twitches the handlebars briefly if the single-track vehicle is already in the greatest danger of falling. Thanks to three braked wheels, very short braking distances can be achieved even on poor ground.
Incidentally, impending adversity is always heralded in the form of slipping wheels; so whoever falls with the MP3 will
find it difficult to refute the charge of gross negligence. Which also defines the target group: people who previously thought a two-wheeler was too unsafe. You have to be patient until autumn.

Technical data – Piaggio MP3 125/250 tricycle

Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead, chain-driven camshaft, four valves, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, carburetor (injection), catalytic converter, centrifugal clutch and variator.

Bore x stroke 57.0 x 48.6 (72.0 x 60.0) mm
Cubic capacity 124 (244) cm3
Compression ratio 12.0 (10.5): 1

Rated output 11.0 kW [15 PS] at 9250 rpm
(16.5 kW [22.5 PS] at 8250 rpm)
Max. Torque 12.0 Nm at 8500 rpm
(21.0 Nm at 6750 rpm)

landing gear
Tubular steel frame, two pushed short swing arms, guided by four aluminum handlebars like a parallelogram,
Spring travel 85 mm, drive unit swing arm with two spring struts at the rear, spring travel 110 mm, two disc brakes
front, Ø 240 mm, two-piston fixed caliper, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, two-piston fixed caliper.

Tires 120 / 70-12; 130 / 70-12
mass and weight
Wheelbase 1490 mm, seat height 780 mm, weight with a full tank approx. 215 kg, tank capacity 12 liters.

Two year guarantee

Colors red, blue, gray, black

Price including additional costs around 4700 euros (5300 euros)

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