Driving report Triumph Speed ​​Triple (2004)

Driving report Triumph Speed ​​Triple (2004)

Fine tuning: Speed ​​Triple from LSL

On the autobahn, in fast-forward mode, hard shoulder and roadside green mutate into a narrow noise of color in the chrome lamp. The flat iron pulls its course completely calmly. After all, there are over 263 things on the digital speedometer.

Makes a real 240. More than enough, without any wind protection.

That it is missing is not bad, because the “Café Racer Speed ​​Triple” from the tuning company L.SL is the most fun on country roads. So, the powder-coated frame and tank clamped between the thighs, the feet placed a little higher and further back because of the filigree LSL notches. And bent over with dignity: LSL handlebar conversions usually turn super sports pilots into upright people. Here it’s the other way around, the »Tour-Match« handlebar stubs transform the streetfighter into an athlete.

Even without a wide handlebar that promotes handling, the 220 kilogram Speed ​​Triple waves creamy through the maze of curves. The explanation? New triple clamps reduce the fork offset from 40 to 30 millimeters, the level of current super athletes. Thus, the wheelbase shrinks and the caster increases. The non-slip Bridgestone rubbers BT 012 in a Supersport compound fall slightly in an inclined position, but stand up in the same position when you grip the standard front brake.
The overall chassis package achieves a good compromise between stability and easy handling. Especially since a wide tubular handlebar can be mounted with adapters. Attention: The changed geometry limits the steering stop. There is an impressive 6.90 meter turning circle
the result, it gets stuck. But not the suspension comfort, the fully adjustable Wilbers shock absorber with red spring reacts sensitively to the road relief.

The info box only reveals the most important items from the considerable renovation work down to the last detail. The lines were slim and lean, from front to back. Instead of the double headlights, the milled lamp holders carry a single clear glass headlight. The highlight, however, is a gently rounded rear in the style of the legendary T 509.

Underneath, an underseat exhaust system lounges seductively. On the right, it reveals an undisturbed view of the rear wheel resting in the single-sided swing arm. On the left, a carbon cover refines the eccentric clamping fist. This is how the technology really comes into its own.

The stainless steel mufflers sound robust, not excessively loud. You have earned your ABE. The technically unchanged 120 PS triple grumbles wonderfully in push mode, which is addicting. Or is that more because the LSL-Triumph likes to lift the front wheel?


Complete vehicle: 17990 euros; Rear conversion painted black: 829 euros;
Seat cushion (T 509): 389 euros; Engine spoiler painted silver: 269 euros; Carbon fenders: 159 euros; LSL triple clamps: 599 euros; Handlebar stub Tour-Match: 259 euros; Lamp holder: 120 euros;
Clear glass headlights: 100 euros; Underseat stainless steel exhaust system: 1530 euros; Wilbers shock absorber: 615 euros;
milled footrest system: 319 euros;
Passenger peg bracket: 120 euros;
Crash pads: 50 euros; Aluminum chain guard with carbon rail: 80 euros

LSL-Motorradtechnik GmbH, 47809
Krefeld-Oppum, phone 02151/55590, www.lsl-motorradtechnik.de

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